August 20 2014

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EXCLUSIVE: Daria Werbowy Turns On the Glam for DVF


Daria for DVF

Could Daria Werbowy be fashion’s foremost chameleon? The Ukrainian-Canadian catwalker has inspired envy with her deliciously undone turns for Céline since 2011—some have gone so far as to deem her a doppelgänger for creative director Phoebe Philo. AG’s latest imagery, meanwhile, saw her stripped down, beachy cool, and nearly makeup-free in the brand’s beloved denim. And let’s not forget her recent Warhol-esque selfies for Equipment or her WSJ. September issue cover. Also on her busy autumn agenda? A third season as the face of Diane von Furstenberg. For the brand’s Fall campaign, shot on location at the Waldorf Astoria by Mikael Jansson (who earlier this year lensed Werbowy for The Last Magazine) and styled by Edward Enninful, Werbowy channels more than a bit of Diane circa her Studio 54 days. “This campaign is really all about the woman,” offered von Furstenberg. “She knows who she is. She is a free spirit even when all eyes are on her.” From her flowing tresses to (what else?) her gold wrap gown, Werbowy’s serving up the chic, take-no-prisoners sex appeal with which DVF is synonymous—paparazzi optional.

The campaign debuts here, exclusively on

Photo: Mikael Jansson for Diane von Furstenberg

Tim Coppens, Liya Kebede, and More Join the CFDA


cfda-sizedEvery spring, the Council of Fashion Designers of America admits a new crop of designer members. They apply to the program like any other job: résumé, portfolio, and letters of recommendation. This year, 30 new members have been chosen, including Jonathan Simkhai, Lemlem’s Liya Kebede, Tim Coppens, Veronica Beard’s Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard, and Edun’s Danielle Sherman. The membership total is now 478.

“These designers are not just uniquely talented, but they also represent, through their businesses, an important contribution to American economy and job creation,” said Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA, in a statement. In addition to hosting the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York each year, the CFDA offers programs that support professional development and scholarships in fashion design, like the CFDA Fashion Incubator and the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, among several others.

In other CFDA news, the board voted for CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg to extend her stay through 2016. Von Furstenberg has been president since 2006. “The board’s unanimous decision to ask Diane to stay on as president is a testament to the great growth the CFDA has had under her leadership,” Kolb said. “An additional two years will make it a decade of Diane with the time spent on strengthening the board and organizational development.”

The full list of new members is below:

Linda Balti, AMOUR VERT
Raan Parton, APOLIS
Shea Parton, APOLIS
Arielle Shapiro, ARI DEIN
Ashley Pittman, ASHLEY PITTMAN
Doug Burkman, BURKMAN BROS
Carlos Campos, CARLOS CAMPOS
Clare Vivier, CLARE VIVIER
Danielle Sherman, EDUN
Eva Zuckerman, EVA FEHREN
Jonathan Simkhai, JONATHAN SIMKHAI
Jussara Lee, JUSSARA LEE
Barbara McReynolds, L.A. EYEWORKS
Gai Gherardi, L.A. EYEWORKS
Liya Kebede, LEMLEM
Kristy Caylor, MAIYET
Marc Alary, MARC ALARY
Paige Novick, PAIGE NOVICK
Ruthie Davis, RUTHIE DAVIS
Virginie Promeyrat, SELIMA DESIGN
Sharon Khazzam, SHARON KHAZZAM
Johnny Talbot, TALBOT RUNHOF
Tim Coppens, TIM COPPENS
Ulla Johnson, ULLA JOHNSON
Veronica Miele Beard, VERONICA BEARD
Veronica Swanson Beard, VERONICA BEARD
Cynthia Sakai, VITA FEDE
Whitney Pozgay, WHIT

Photo: Courtesy of CFDA

Can Net-a-Porter Make Google Glass Cool? Alison Loehnis Thinks So


Glass 1
Glass Wearables are no longer a hypothetical. They’re here. They’re happening. And now, they’re available at Net-a-Porter. This week, the luxury e-tailer officially began selling DVF Made for Glass, a collection of men’s and women’s smart specs and shades that Diane von Furstenberg (who sent Google Glass down her Spring ’13 runway) has created in collaboration with Google. “Our eyes were on a few different products,” said Net-a-Porter president Alison Loehnis. “But when Diane partnered with Google Glass two years ago, it was amazing. It was the perfect balance of fashion and technology.” Net-a-Porter is the first independent online retailer to sell Glass, and according to Loehnis, this particular project has been in the works for about a year.

Net-a-Porter’s shoppers are discerning, and considering the website’s selection of high-fashion wares, they have pretty great taste. But will the woman who’s filling her shopping bag with Alexander McQueen dresses, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, and Givenchy handbags buy Google Glass, a product that most would argue has yet to reach its aesthetic peak? “We really think [Google Glass] complements what we already have on the site. Our customers want things first. They embrace newness across all categories,” Loehnis said. As for the specs’ appearance (how does one make camera-embellished frames elegant?), Loehnis thinks Glass is getting there. “They’ve evolved so much from the original product,” she said of DVF Made for Glass, which comes in a range of colors and slim styles. “It’s a hybrid—we look at it as an accessory that’s also a technology piece.” She does, however, admit that Google’s smart shades serve a very different purpose than fashion frames. They’re not a replacement, but a supplement, so don’t fret—Net-a-Porter will still stock your favorite Prada and Chloé sunnies.

I’ve been pretty hard on wearable tech. And I’m still not sold on the idea of being connected to everyone and everything all day via a face computer. But the fact of the matter is, the wearables market is expanding (Apple announced its forthcoming smart watch last week, and yesterday, Google discussed its own line of watches, dubbed Android Wear), and Net-a-Porter’s embrace of Glass lends it a certain fashion cachet. Brands often see NAP as the holy grail of retailers, not only because of its outreach but because of its ability to make products instantly covetable. It’s still early days, but NAP is confident the glasses will sell—and sell well. Though it’s worth noting that for Glass’ $1,800 price tag you could buy a Miu Miu tote, a Rick Owens dress, or two pairs of Nicholas Kirkwood pumps instead.

Google Glass

During our conversation at Net-a-Porter’s New York headquarters, Loehnis made a smart comparison, likening the wearables of now to the tech cases of yore. “If you look back at the accessories market, years ago no one was making tech cases. It was like, you’ve got this new device, but where can you put it? It became quite a big deal when the industry created a whole category around this,” she said. “Technology is part of our world. It’s integrated seamlessly into our lives, so I would imagine that most people—not everyone—but most people are considering [wearable tech]. In meeting rooms around the world, I suspect these conversations are happening.”

And she’s probably (OK, certainly) right. But I had to ask Loehnis how she’ll go about converting Net-a-Porter addicts who are otherwise tech-phobic, like myself, to click buy. “To be honest, our customers tend to be ahead of the pack. I don’t think it will take a huge amount of convincing. And you don’t need to think about Google Glass as a continuous news feed. It can be used in a very targeted way,” she explained when I expressed my concern about being unable to escape the Internet. “For instance, earlier, we were talking about cooking. I think it’s the cutest idea that you could be sitting there making brownies with your children, and you might say, ‘Oh, how do I do this?’ and you can just look it up. So if you’re saying you would find it daunting, I’d say that you’re in control of how you’re using them.” I suppose in this particular baking scenario, Google Glass would help avoid a touchscreen or keyboard or—gasp! —cookbook marred by flour.

Soon enough, you might be able to get more than DVF’s Glass styles at the online shopping destination. Said Loehnis: “I think the [Google Glass] take-up will be very strong, and [wearables] are something we’re looking to develop. So watch this space!” We will—maybe even through Google Glass.

Photos: Via

Net-a-Porter Embraces Google Glass


DVF Google Glass

It’s happening. Fashion is fully embracing wearable tech. Today, Net-a-Porter and Mr Porter announced that, come June 23, they will be selling a range of DVF-designed Google Glasses on their websites for $1,700 a pop. If you’ll remember, von Furstenberg sent a gaggle of Google Glasses down her Spring ’13 runway, and at her Resort presentation today, she was sporting the latest style. (She’s pictured here with’s Nicole Phelps.)

Net-a-Porter’s luxury his-and-hers shopping platforms are the first third-party retailers to sell the high-fashion face computers. “We are thrilled to offer Glass to our tech-savvy customers who are true leaders and innovators in style and lifestyle,” said Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet. Will loyal customers actually add Google’s smart frames to their shopping carts along with their Kenzo frocks and Kirkwood heels? Only time will tell.

DVF x Google
DVF x Google

Photo: Marina Larroude; Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

DVF Teams Up with E! for a New Reality Show


dvfDVF is headed to the small screen. Diane von Furstenberg, who recently celebrated forty years in business, has teamed up with E! to launch The DVF Project, a reality show in which girls will interview for a global brand ambassador spot over the course of a few weeks. Contestants will have to work every major DVF event, including New York fashion week. “I am so thrilled to partner with E! and to grant young women the opportunity to become the women they want to be!” von Furstenberg said.

“There is a magical, somewhat Willy Wonka aspect to the world Diane wants to create with this show. That is if Willy Wonka were a fabulous, glamorous fashion icon willing to share her secrets with talented young women dedicated to learning them,” E!’s Jeff Olde told WWD. So who will get a golden ticket? An Airdate is still TBD, but you can expect to tune in at the end of 2014.

Photo:Yannis Vlamos/