April 19 2014

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Introducing Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s High-Voltage Furniture Line


Perhaps it’s not surprising that Alexandra von Furstenberg launched a collection of neon signed and numbered limited-edition acrylic furniture in early 2008 and less than a year later, fluorescents—highlighter pink bandage dresses at Narciso Rodriguez, shocking orange furs at Michael Kors, etc.—were all over the Fall runways. After all, as Diane von Furstenberg’s daughter-in-law, she contributed to that label’s late nineties/early oughties renaissance, and as the youngest of the three Miller sisters, she’s always had an enviable closet, which these days happens to be filled with Balenciaga and Balmain. Her current L.A. home base aside, she’s a fashion influencer. But just as quickly as she landed on the next big thing, the furniture designer has moved on to something else. “The second collection had to be black,” she said of the nine-piece Voltage line, which includes this showstopper of a coffee table, along with a new range of tabletop accessories like trays and nut bowls. Von Furstenberg swears she isn’t getting back into the dress business anytime soon, preferring instead to expand her burgeoning furniture line into a lifestyle company. Acrylic bedroom set, anyone? It’s probably only a matter of time before those are back in fashion, too.

Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Von Furstenberg

Blasblog From Moscow: Meet The City’s Other Chic Entrepreneur


It’s no secret that I’m a major fan of Dasha Zhukova, the Moscow-born, California-raised beauty who has founded a museum, launched a fashion label, and was recently named the new editor of Pop—all before the age of 28. Here in Moscow, I’ve met another Russian stunner who’s a master at multitasking (and, like Zhukova, has a closet full of Balmain). Meet Aizel Trudel. The daughter of a Russian diplomat, Trudel grew up all over the world and developed an obsession with fashion that she’s put to good use: She now operates a collection of stores in Moscow, including two Louboutin shops, two Diane von Furstenberg stores, the Marc Jacobs boutique and another for Marc by Marc, a J. Mendel location, and five Aizel stores of her own, which were the first to stock the likes of Proenza Schouler and Balmain in Russia. And it looks like that’s just the beginning.
How did you get into the fashion business?

I was the head of PR and advertising for a company here in Moscow that worked with Donna Karan, Christian Lacroix, Thierry Mugler, and a slew of other brands, but when I turned 25 I wanted a change. A few years ago my friend Santiago Gonzalez and I went to a party at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, and as I was going down the escalator I saw Christian Louboutin with Diane von Furstenberg going up the other way. I realized that was my chance to meet him, so I ran up the escalator to catch him and started shouting “Christian!” That was the start of our great friendship and business relationship. It was a fruitful meeting because it introduced me to DVF as well.
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A Stella McCartney Lesson In Green Design


Last night, the National Resources Defense Council held its 11th annual Forces for Nature Benefit, honoring the environmental leadership of Stella McCartney and Discovery Communications president and CEO David Zaslav. The event was emceed by Alec Baldwin, and Paul McCartney, Graydon Carter, Diane von Furstenberg, and Seth Meyers were in the crowd. When we caught up with Stella McCartney before an organically grown, sustainably harvested dinner accompanied by organic and biodynamic wine donated from the Lapostolle winery, we asked how she thought eco-friendly design has been affected by the recession. “I think design in general changes,” she said. “You have to try a bit harder and buckle down and concentrate, which is good! I think it’s healthy. But I’m very much a believer that just because something is slightly more environmental you shouldn’t have to think any differently in the way you design.” Case in the point, her up-to-there synthetic leather boots, which were the talk of the green carpet. When we wondered how high the boots actually went, Stella jokingly pointed to the neckline of her purple sweetheart dress.

Photo: Joe Schildhorn /

Anna Sui’s Mid-Lifetime Achievement Award


Truth be told, there was something confounding about Monday’s announcement by the CFDA that Anna Sui would be receiving this year’s Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award. While Sui herself seems a touch young for those kinds of laurels, there’s also the tricky matter of her aesthetics. Sui has drunk from the fountain of youth: The designer has drawn on a seemingly endless reserve of youthful whimsy, youthful exuberance, and youthful nerve since launching her label in 1980. Even at their most fashionably sophisticated, Anna Sui collections are always fun. But as the CFDA’s award recognizes, Sui has managed to pack a lifetime’s worth of accomplishment into her decades at the dress form. She has leveraged her rock ‘n’ roll sensibility into bags, beauty, and shoes and has taken her brand fantastically global without ever losing her independence or her cool. Here, Sui talks to about getting a little help from her superfriends, giving a little love to the Garment Center, and the music.

How much of a surprise was the CFDA news to you? I mean, I’m sure there’s always a satisfying shock to finding out that you’re receiving an award like this, but I wonder if it’s one of those things where you kind of knew your turn would be rolling around soon.

Oh, God no. It was a total, total surprise. I had no idea why Diane von Furstenberg was calling me Sunday. I work in such an isolated way—it’s my business and I built it myself, plugging away on my own terms, and I guess I always felt like people just kind of looked and me and thought, ‘Oh, well, there she is doing her kooky thing.’ So this is—honestly—an amazing honor. I mean, these are my peers recognizing me. It’s huge. Continue Reading “Anna Sui’s Mid-Lifetime Achievement Award” »

Snorkeling For Inspiration At DVF’s Post-Show Dinner


One of many fans at Diane von Furstenberg’s post-show dinner Sunday night, Rachel Zoe recalled when the designer first told her that “Nomad” was the theme of her show. “I’m like, Wait, I feel like that’s you,” she said. “Traveling all the time and always looking gorgeous and glamorous.” That night, though, the evening’s hostess was parked on a banquette with husband Barry Diller, lounging elegantly while a busy scene swirled around her. A video of the show played on a big screen, waiters trucked Indochine entrées to and fro, and a crew from MTV’s The City filmed Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo in full fashion week party swing. Casting occasional glances up at the screen, von Furstenberg explained the collection’s idée fixe: “Wherever she goes, she belongs. And the clothes are real. Her clothes are her friends.” She’d been especially inspired by a trip she and her husband took to the Red Sea. “Barry dives and I snorkel,” she said, then added, “I’m a nomad, no matter what.”