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Freja Without Borders


Freja Beha Erichsen After a long break from the fashion spotlight, Freja Beha Erichsen is making quite the comeback. In addition to returning to the runway—ICYMI, she opened Nicolas Ghesquière’s first show for Louis Vuitton at Paris fashion week—Erichsen has teamed up with Zadig & Voltaire to design a new capsule collection. A first look at the simple, androgynous line debuts exclusively here. “I wanted to do something very wearable that was in the spirit of Zadig & Voltaire,” Erichsen told “Since I had previously done jeans and pants [through a collaboration with Mother Denim], I thought it made sense to focus on a few tees, jackets, and a bag.”

The tissue-thin shirts, distressed jackets, and leather duffels are marked with an “F” (for Freja) and “87″ (for her year of birth). They embody Erichsen’s effortless, minimal style—but this isn’t just about copping her look. Forty percent of the profits will be donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres (aka Doctors Without Borders), an independent association that provides medical assistance to populations in need around the world. The collection imagery, lensed by Terry Richardson, debuts exclusively here.

Zadig & Voltaire

Erichsen has traveled extensively with MSF, most recently to Kenya. “It was incredible to see the amount of lives they touch,” she said. “Meeting with the passionate staff and patients was a truly incredible and humbling experience. I feel very lucky to be able to make these collaborations and approach a subject like this from my perspective and hopefully raise some awareness about wonderful organizations like MSF.”

Erichsen certainly has a lot on her plate right now, and we couldn’t help but inquire about her next move. But her lips were sealed. “One never knows what the future brings. I think that’s the exciting part of it all,” she said. “But you might see more ideas to benefit MSF.”

The Freja Meets Zadig & Voltaire collection will be available in Zadig & Voltaire stores and at this April.

Photos: Terry Richardson; Courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire 

EXCLUSIVE: Zadig & Voltaire Sets a Stateside Expansion


Freja for Zadig & Voltaire

Let’s be serious: Most of us stateside fashionphiles secretly (or in my case, not-so-secretly) wish we were un petit peu français. Well, this spring, Paris-based Zadig & Voltaire will both satiate and capitalize on our cultural envy by bowing five new U.S. stores. Having first opened in the States in 2009, the brand, best known for its edgy men’s and women’s basics with a twist, will add five locations—one in Miami, one in D.C., one in Chicago, and two in Los Angeles—to its existing five American outposts, four of which are in New York and one of which is in L.A. Thierry Gillier, Zadig & Voltaire’s founder, reports that the brand does about 15 percent of its sales in the U.S. “We wanted to take our U.S. expansion slowly—we opened one shop, then another, and we were lucky to get the corner in the Mark Hotel on Madison Avenue [in 2012]. But now we have some very confident American customers, so we are moving further into the market,” explained Gillier when asked why he decided to grow his U.S. presence. Another factor was that he wanted to scoop up prime retail real estate before it’s all gone. “Three years ago on Mercer Street [where Zadig & Voltaire has a boutique], there were only a few stores. Now you can’t get a space. It’s the same everywhere.” Gillier told that in its latest U.S. push, Zadig & Voltaire rented the last available shop on L.A.’s Rodeo Drive—not too shabby.

Set to bow between April and June, each of the five forthcoming stores will have a city-specific design. L.A.’s locations, for example, will boast a “white concept.” But the new shops aren’t all that Zadig & Voltaire has in the pipeline. At the end of March, the brand will launch the second edition of its Style Sans Frontières capsule, the proceeds of which go toward Doctors Without Borders. This season’s muse and collaborator is model Freja Beha Erichsen, who also happens to be the star of Zadig & Voltaire’s Terry Richardson-lensed Spring ’14 campaign (above).

Asked his thoughts on why Zadig & Voltaire is popular in the U.S., Gillier offered, “I think Americans have a little French in their hearts—and the design is a bit different from what American brands are giving them.” He’s got us pegged. Vive la France!

Photo: Terry Richardson, Courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire