August 30 2014

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The 100 Faces Of 2010, Illustrated


Casting director Douglas Perrett has made his name not only on the shows he casts (Jeremy Scott and Robert Geller among them) but also on his voracious appetite for the extracurriculars of the fashion world—tweeting (at @COACD), blogging (at, and, for the second year in a row, gifting: His agency’s limited-edition, homemade client gifts, from T-shirts to straight-boy calendars, are anxiously awaited by those in the know.

This year’s, which is arriving at certain key addresses now, is a doozy: an oversized poster, illustrated by Andrea Mary Marshall, starring the hundred models COACD deems the catwalkers of the year. The mix includes “a lot of the Meisel girls, the iconic girls” like Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell, as well as plenty of Victoria’s Secret girls. And, while Perrett says, “It’s definitely more of a commercial mix for us,” no shortage of editorial favorites, like Eniko Mihalik, Kinga Rajzak, and Martha Streck (above). (The toughest to illustrate? Catherine McNeil, says Marshall.)

The poster is printed in an edition of 500, all of which, at the moment, are earmarked for clients and friends. (If you want one, stay tuned—there’s a chance there’ll be a second printing for sale.) But, Perrett says, the first run is gift-only by design. “I’ve been really fascinated by the culture of gifts,” he says. “When I first started we got caramel popcorn—I thought we’d made it. Little did I know the big dogs were getting free trips and designer clothes. So this was our take on it. [Especially] since the recession, how do we make something that has our stamp on it, that’s special? People really respond to that.” As for the gift’s final destination? With almost every girl smoking a cigarette and most sporting cartoony bare breasts, it’s not exactly the thing for your office wall. “My dream is in 20 years that these posters end up in bathrooms in houses in upstate New York,” Perrett says with a laugh. “Or a dentist’s office.”

Illustration: Andrea Mary Marshall/Courtesy of COACD

Mind The Gap


She’s got the gap-toothed simper, blond tresses, and sexy curves to be the next Lara Stone, but Ashley Smith needs no comparisons to boost her super-in-the-making status. The 19-year-old Texan parlayed some potent pre-season buzz—she caught the eye of André Saraiva back in June—into key castings at Balenciaga and Chanel during fashion month. Now she’s shooting with Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia and set to be the new face of Alexander Wang’s T line. Not too shabby. Did Smith sell her soul to the devil for the privilege? Maybe not, but she models as if she did in photographer Kathy Lo’s new book, Kiss, loosely based on the German deal-with-the-devil legend of Faust. Lo, a rising photographer who’s shot for The Journal (where she was also photo director), spends her days in the studio of Douglas Perrett, the casting director behind COACD. (He cast Kiss, which stars, besides Smith, male models Aris Sayd and Erik Johnson.) The book launches tomorrow at Salon Shizen, which co-published it in addition to doing the models’ hair and makeup. And for the party, the salonistes will also be offering hair styling and makeup to attendees in preparation for Halloween.

Kiss launches tomorrow from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at Salon Shizen, 627 E. 6th St., NYC. To RSVP, e-mail

Photo: Kathy Lo

‘Zine And Heard


Douglas Perrett—the casting guru behind COACD and its addictive model blog—spends fashion week casting shows like Richard Geller and N. Hoolywood. But he finds time, somehow, to put out his own nineties-throwback zine, Male Model Madness. (In its own words: “Wedged under the industry’s mattress since 2006.”) Photographers like Thomas Dozol, Sharif Hamza, and Sebastian Kim all contribute to the latest issue, which includes both professional runway walkers and street-cast dudes like Wolfe (above), whom Kim shot with some friends in Tompkins Square Park. Perrett and co-founders Kathy Lo and David Covell celebrate the mag’s third issue at Blind Barber in the East Village tonight, where in celebration of Fashion’s Night Out, stylists will be giving free trims. And starting at 9, they’ll be auctioning off dates with a few choice male models to the highest bidder. Gentlemen and ladies, to your paddles.

Photo: Sebastian Kim

Blasblog: 2010′s Calendar Girls, Er, Guys


A straight guy in fashion is rare thing indeed, but casting director and blogger Douglas Perrett managed to round up 13 of them—just enough, naturally, for a pinup calendar of months (plus one for the cover). Under his Confessions of a Casting Director umbrella, he and collaborator Kathy Lo shot the hetero fashion photographers for “Straight Shooter,” a 2010 “malendar” available at Opening Ceremony in NYC and L.A. (You can also order it on the COACD Web site.) “Being a hot photographer is an insider prerequisite, like dating models, living on airplanes, or hanging out with rappers,” Perrett explains. The guys—recognizable names all, including Dan Martensen, Kai Regan, Sebastian Kim, and Kenneth Cappello—were just as much photographers in front of the camera as behind it: Mr. April (Regan) called his own shots and demanded to be his own art director. But Mr. February (Chris Shonting, pictured) brought a model’s confidence, too. “He said, ‘I guarantee my pic is better than all the Star Wars, all 9 Terminators, Battle Dome, a couple Rambos, and Missing in Action 1-3,’ ” reports Perrett. “I don’t know what that means, but it’s very Straight Shooter.”