August 30 2014

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Insta-Gratification: #MFW Edition


In the age of Instagram, all it takes is a smartphone to achieve a photo finish, be it filtered or #nofilter-ed. That’s why’s social media editor, Rachel Walgrove, is rounding up our favorite snaps and bringing them into focus. For this very special edition of Insta-Gratification, she’ll be calling out the best shots from #MFW. See below for today’s picks.

Monday, February 24

Giorgio and his Armani army.

Collect them all.

Marni, through Linda Fargo’s lens.

Missoni’s pre-show clique.

The finale bow. Squared. Continue Reading “Insta-Gratification: #MFW Edition” »

Girls Interrupted: Dan Caten Talks Dsquared²’s Manic Fall Femmes



“She’s crazy,” said Dsquared²’s Dan Caten during a late-night phone interview from his and brother Dean’s Milan studio. “Crazy for fashion!” he added. The disturbed femme to whom he’s referring is the brand’s Fall ’14 woman, who will be revealed in all her manic glory during Dsquared²’s runway show on February 24. “She lives in a perturbed, wonderful world of lostness,” he continued. “It’s a sixties trip meets Girl Interrupted meets Grey Gardens. Her head is twirling, she’s hearing things, and she’s mad, in a weird way.” If anyone can bring this twisted fantasy to life, it’s the Catens, whose Fall menswear collection offered a tongue-in-cheek take on prison life. Speaking of which, we’ve been told that the house’s Fall girl has a bit in common with its menswear bad boys; however, “she’s not going to jail, but she’s definitely going to a correctional institute—let’s just put it that way.”

At the end of the day, Dan assured, this collection is all about beautiful clothes. “They’re almost couture-y for us,” he explained, noting that the brothers’ runway extravaganzas allow them to explore the most glamorous depths of their imaginations. “We do so many collections now that we don’t only need to focus on making money off this show. It’s just pure excitement.” This season, said excitement is communicated via hyper-luxe materials (think mink, snakeskin, feathers, silk, and tweed), OTT embroidery, sexy silhouettes, and—Dan’s favorite part—lots of sparkle.

But on whom, pray tell, did the designers base their beautiful Fall lunatics? “Dean and I are really the crazy women in the show. We love fashion, and we just want to dress up like this all the time.” (Anyone who’s seen the pair’s Spring ’13 film knows he’s not exaggerating.)

DSquared2 hair test

When quizzed about the craziest thing he and his brother have done of late, Dan laughed. “Umm… sleep? We never have time to do that, so if we do, it’s totally crazy.” Unfortunately for the Catens, they won’t be indulging in this insane practice after taking their bows tomorrow. “As if we weren’t tired enough, right after the show we’re going to be judges on the Italian Project Runway.”

Tune in to the Dsquared² live stream on, and on the brand’s Twitter and Facebook pages at 9:30 a.m. CET tomorrow, and join the conversation by using the hashtag #perturbedwonderful. In the meantime, Dsquared² sent us some behind-the-scenes preview images, including a look at a hair test with Sam McKnight. Full disclosure: Some of these snaps might make you a little loopy—but, hey, sanity’s overrated.

Photos: Courtesy of Dsquared²

BREAKING: Miley Cyrus Set to Wear Clothes on Tour


Beyoncé had Pucci, Dsquared², and David Koma. Rihanna had Givenchy, Raf Simons, and Lanvin. Now, Miley Cyrus—the girl who’s bulldozed her way into the headlines by wearing next-to-nothing nearly all the time—is joining the designer costume club. The provocative pop princess is set to twerk onstage in custom duds from Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott, The Blonds, and iconic Cher costume designer Bob Mackie during her forthcoming Bangerz tour. While the wardrobe choices aren’t particularly surprising (Cyrus just fronted Marc Jacobs’ Spring ’14 campaign, and, as you can see from the above Instagram, is a documented Jeremy Scott fan), we’re still anxious to see what kinds of coverings—or lack thereof—this impressive string of designers comes up with.

Dsquared²’s Dan Caten Teases Fall ’14


Dan Caten

Dsquared²’s runway shows are always affairs to remember. And while topping last season’s menswear outing , which boasted chiseled sprites lounging by a waterfall in nothing but the brand’s new skivvies, will be no easy task, it sounds like designers Dean and Dan Caten are up for the challenge. “Some people think it’s unimportant,” Dan said of their grand catwalk displays. “But we think it’s crucial. The show sends a 360-degree message. With the soundtrack, the colors, the set…we’re trying to bring emotion to the clothes and put them in a place that helps our ideas make sense.”

So what are the ideas behind Fall ’14? “The hashtag is Mad Lock. Together, those words make a mood and a world,” Dan hinted, while munching on pasta at he and brother Dean’s restaurant, Ceresio 7. (It’s conveniently set above the duo’s Milan headquarters and, according to Dan, “it’s the best spot in town.”) “Discipline and correctional are both good words, too,” he continued of the Fall collection. “And there’s rigidness—no rule-breaking.”

DSquared2 modelDan describes the range as a departure from Dsquared²’s usual oeuvre, and indicated that the clothes will feature “beautiful colors and fluid construction.” Equally intriguing is the fact that the designers think Fall ’14 might stir up some controversy. “It’s a very difficult theme. But what we’re trying to do is look at a negative situation and put a positive light on it,” Dan offered.

The Catens may be exploring some new territory for Fall, but they’ve confirmed that at least one tried-and-true signature will remain: their cheeky expression of sex appeal. “We always show some skin,” Dan said. “We cast some healthy-looking boys this season, and they’re always so good without their shirts on. So we’ll have a little bit of a peel down, and maybe a little meltdown, too.”

Tune in to tomorrow at 4 a.m. EST to catch the live-stream of Dsquared²’s Fall ’14 menswear show. In the meantime, have a peek at these exclusive behind-the-scenes snaps (above) and the brand’s teaser film (below).

Photo:Margherita Stagliano; Dan Caten

Dsquared²’s Night On The Town


Dsquared²’s Dean and Dan Caten have built up quite a library of quirky fashion films—and they’ve added to it for Fall ’13. Today, they’ve released Hot as Ice—a short by up-and-coming director Senio Zapruder that showcases this season’s men’s and women’s collections, which are dubbed #lanouvellenoir and #lesdamesmasculines, respectively. While its setting was inspired by a smoky 1940s New Orleans lounge, the flick blends a little New York and a dash of Paris, infused with a decadent Chinese edge. In fact, the dialogue is entirely in Chinese—with subtitles, of course. “Chinese aesthetics have a different kind of severe, regal allure,” offered the designers of the concept behind their latest cinematic endeavor.

The video stars Fallou Gueye and Sung Hee, the latter of whom fiddles with Champagne glasses, marches with a trumpet, and even plays some iteration of sartorial golf with a clarinet and brightly hued handbags while showing off Dsquared²’s Fall wares. An apt expression of the brand’s signature fusion of glamour and wacky fun, the film debuts exclusively above.