August 20 2014

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Drawing the Bold and the Beautiful


An Illustration by Tony Viramontes

In September, just before Milan fashion week, 10 Corso Como’s Galleria Carla Sozzani will pay tribute to Tony Viramontes, one of the most revered fashion illustrators of the seventies and eighties. Hailing from Los Angeles, Viramontes worked with everyone from Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, and the House of Dior to Donna Summer, Duran Duran, Janet Jackson, and Paloma Picasso. His high-impact drawings—a product of what the artist, who died of AIDS in 1988, once described as “a state of creative anxiety and insecurity”—stood out for their sassy, sensual punch, and his images’ vivid palettes, moody shading, and extreme expressions seamlessly captured the glamour of the era. Titled “Tony Viramontes: Bold, Beautiful, and Damned,” the exhibition will run from September 6 to November 3, 2013.

Photo: Tony Viramontes, courtesy of Galleria Carla Sozzani

“I Thought, Well, If We’re Going to Use Models, Why Don’t We Use Supermodels Whom We’ve All Known for Many Years?”


Duran Duran’s much-blogged-about video for “Girl Panic!” went live on the Internet today. In the nine-minute clip directed by Jonas Akerlund of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” fame, Simon, John, Nick, and co. are played by the supermodels they partied with way back when: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen, and Simon’s wife, Yasmin LeBon, lip-synch, strum guitars, pound on drums, and vamp for the paparazzi just like the boys did in their 1980s heyday. spoke with Nick Rhodes via phone from London about the new video and the band’s longtime love of fashion. They were sitting front-row at Versace’s Fall show in February, but they’ve been palling around backstage with the likes of Azzedine Alaïa for decades.

Tell me about genesis of the project.
Awhile back I had an idea to have some models play Duran Duran in a video, to get look-alikes and to style them like we were when we started out. But then I thought, Well, actually if we’re going to use models, why don’t we use supermodels whom we’ve all known for many years? I thought it was fitting that we all came up through the same period. There’s a little bit of an eighties feel to ‘Girl Panic!’ It references some of the sound we had back then, it just all seemed to marry very well. And when I brought the idea to the band, there wasn’t even a heartbeat, everyone said, ‘Yes, perfect!’ We started on a crusade to get the right girls. That’s where it got more complicated. They all have very busy schedules, and we also had fairly busy schedules. The director [Jonas Ackerlund] has a phenomenally busy schedule, and trying to coordinate it all was a task as complicated as anything that we’ve ever done.

So, did you handpick Eva Herzigova to play you in the video?
Mine was the last one to fall into place, actually. The beautiful irony is that Eva was on our very first list. We put Eva down, but she was unable to do it because she was pregnant. But because it took another six months to organize the video, she had had the baby. It was really quite fortuitous how long it took.

How did the supermodels do representing you?
We didn’t want to do a remake of the Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love” video, with the girls in the Alaïa dresses with the red lips. We wanted it to look like they were really delivering the song. That’s asking a little bit more from girls who aren’t natural musicians, but they were all so up for it that they wanted lessons. Eva was fantastic. Helena chose drums. Cindy wanted to do the bass. I have to say, with all the reputations, there’s a reason they’re so super. They’re so professional, so patient, and easy to work with.

In the making-of video that launched last week, Naomi Campbell remembers waiting for the band outside of the BBC. Do you have any early memories of her?
We met Naomi very early, when she was about 17. She was with the same agency as Yasmin [LeBon, Simon's wife], she came out to a dinner. And how on earth can you forget a face like that, and a bubbly personality and determination to match? I was hardly surprised she became so enormously successful. She’s very much the same now as she was then. I remember all of the girls from the Alaïa shows and the Versace shows. We used to see a lot of those shows. Azzedine is as clever as you get, knows how to make women look beautiful.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by how much you know about fashion, but I am.
We’ve always had a real admiration for fashion and style, so a lot of my personal friends are within the industry. I always watch the Central Saint Martins graduation show when I can. We’re getting our energy back in London. We used to have Vivienne [Westwood], McQueen. There was a time when fashion week felt much more significant; we lost it again. A lot of the American editors stopped coming over, but I feel that we are really starting to get a grip on it again. Other cities are more driven by the commercial. The ideas here are much more modern.

Do you have a favorite Duran Duran video? Will you make another video for a single on All You Need Is Now?
This is as good as any video we have ever made; it has great humor and style. And it’s very sexy, I have to say. But “Wild Boys” has held up very well, “Save a Prayer,” and “All She Wants Is” won a lot of technical awards—it was shot a frame at a time. We weren’t planning on doing a lot of other videos for this album, but we’ll see what kind of impact this has, what kind of response we get. Working with Jonas on this one was pretty extraordinary. We’d have to do something very different.

Duran Duran’s Super New Video, Lindsey Wixson’s Blonde Ambition, The Pig Stays Downtown, And More…


First Duran Duran teams up with Mark Ronson for its latest album, All You Need Is Now. Next on the eighties popsters’ revival agenda: supermodels. Naomi Campbell and slew of models will join the rock stars in their upcoming video. Might want to ask Kate Moss, while you’re at it—rumor has it she’s sorry she missed out on the music video opportunity when George Michael came knocking. [Grazia Daily]

She has walked in McQueen, danced with Madonna, and now 17-year-old model Lindsey Wixson wants to sing. Watch out Abbey Lee, Wixson is right behind you. [Vogue U.K.]

The Spotted Pig’s Ken Friedman is strictly a downtown man and that’s not changing any time soon. The restaurateur was rumored to be joining forces with Vanity Fair editor (and Waverly Inn and Monkey Bar proprietor) Graydon Carter to take over Elaine’s, but apparently, the legendary hot spot is a bridge too far. “I never even go that far uptown, and the only time I went to Elaine’s—ten years ago—she threw me out because my cell phone rang,” he tells Page Six. He might, however, be getting into Monkey [Bar] business with Jeff Klein. [Page Six]

Ready, set, IPO? Prada’s long-awaited listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has finally been approved and it is expected to kick off June 23 or 24. [WWD]

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

Cable From Coachella: Starring Kate Bosworth, Simon LeBon, Jamie Hince, And More


One Management founder Scott Lipps spent the weekend at Indio, California’s Coachella festival. Below, his latest snaps direct from the source.

“The amazing light and views of Coachella are mesmerizing—now really, just check this view out.”

“Kate Bosworth and friends chilling in the VIP section.”

“At the A/X Neon Carnival. Model Kristina Salinovic takes a break from the dancing floor to snap a pic.” Continue Reading “Cable From Coachella: Starring Kate Bosworth, Simon LeBon, Jamie Hince, And More” »

Hungry Comme Le Loup


The party to beat in Paris was Fendi O’, where Duran Duran—resurgent, and with an eagerly anticipated, Mark Ronson-produced album in the offing—played a host of favorite hits and a new standard (their cover of Bowie’s “Boys Keep Swinging”) for the crowd.

Missed the bash? Lucky for you, we’ve got the videos. Here for your afternoon entertainment are Simon LeBon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor, with “Boys Keep Swinging” and (because how could we not?) “Hungry Like the Wolf.”