August 22 2014

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Prince And Minaj To Perform At Versace For H&M Show, Ford And Bond, And More…


Next week, the Versace for H&M runway show is set to go off in New York. It was already going to be a grand affair, but WWD reports today that it’s got even more star power than we thought—Prince and Nicki Minaj are both performing after the show. In the spirit of collaborations, maybe they will do a duet? [WWD]

Once again, Tom Ford is designing the costumes for the next Bond flick, Skyfall. “James Bond epitomizes the Tom Ford man in his elegance, style, and love of luxury,” Ford says. [Telegraph]

Roland Mouret has decided to close his menswear label. Instead, he plans to focus on three new womenswear categories (footwear, bridalwear, and cocktail) he’s set to launch in 2012. [Vogue U.K.]

The designer behind Earnest Sewn, Scott Morrison, has a new venture called 3×1. The goal is to “offer the ultimate denim experience, from bespoke made-to-measure tailoring (with over 135 different stocks) to limited-edition runs of prêt-a-porter styles.” [Nowness]

Photo: Joe Schildhorn /

Knit-Wit Victor Glemaud Packs The House For Earnest Sewn


Ah, the summer party. There’s really nothing that says “fun in the sun” like a four-course meal in a dimly lit Italian restaurant, followed by dancing in a basement. To hell with the glorious weather! That appears to be menswear designer Victor Glemaud’s attitude, anyway, and to judge by the turnout at last night’s dinner ‘n’ dancing celebration of his forthcoming collaboration with Earnest Sewn, pretty much every key up-and-comer in the fashion media orbit—and even Orlando Bloom, who made a brief cameo appearance with Oscar de la Renta’s Paul O’Regan—agrees. (That would include hosts Brian Coats of GQ and Treena Lombardo of W.) Out with the frozen mojitos and BBQ, in with bourbon cocktails and sirloin steak. “Well, it is a knitwear collaboration we’re doing,” commented a very dapper Glemaud between courses, as his pal Hanuk snapped a photo of him with model Cory Bond. Touché. And after the downstairs dance-a-thon deejayed by Spencer Sweeney had broken up, the appropriateness continued at the Jane hotel, where exiles from Glemaud’s joint capped off Bastille Day under the watchful eye of taxidermied monkeys and sheep.

Photo: Hanuk

Catching Up With Obesity And Speed


Having sworn that I would never again write the words “pop-up shop” in an article for this Web site, I’m struggling for a new vocabulary to describe the Obesity and Speed “— — —-” that opens tomorrow at the Earnest Sewn store in the Meatpacking District. An installation of limited-edition Obesity and Speed product? A temporary backroom boutique featuring graphic tote bags, T-shirts, dresses, and Earnest Sewn denim customized by Obesity and Speed founders Lyz Olko and Josh Connor? A merchandised mélange…Screw it. If you want to get your hands on some Obesity and Speed stuff, the Earnest Sewn store is the place to do it, at least until September. Keep an eye out for that denim: Olko and Connor have screened a signature cross print onto pairs of Earnest Sewns in black, white, and gray, and hand-studded, patched, and distressed them, to boot. These will run you a cool $295, but as Olko notes, each pair of jeans will be 100 percent unique. “They’re all handmade, so they’re all different,” explains Olko between ringing up customers at the Earnest Sewn store where, not so coincidentally, she day-jobs. Not that that’s the only reason why Olko’s brand has moved into Earnest Sewn’s backroom real estate. “They carry Obesity and Speed at both Earnest Sewn stores,” she points out, “and we’ve been talking about doing a back room for a while. And we’ve also been talking about doing a denim collaboration, so it seemed to make sense to do it all at the same time.” Just don’t call it a “— –.”

Photo: Courtesy of Obesity & Speed

Recessionista: Earnest Sewn’s Nifty, Thrifty Goods


What: Earnest Sewn’s new “Recession-Proof” store, opening today, with downtown-chic finds like Dents gloves, Barbour hats, leather-covered Moleskine notebooks, Digby & Iona jewelry, and the label’s own gingham scarves (like the one pictured here, a great buy at $38), also available in black, red, and green—all for less than $50.

Why: Because our favorite denim label likes to share the retail love. (To wit, those Dents gloves usually sell for over $90, but you didn’t hear it from us.)

Where: An Earnest Cut & Sew, 821 Washington Street, (212) 242-3414.

Photo: Nicola Kast

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