August 22 2014

styledotcom Ultra-luxe leather goods label Parabellum sets up shop on Melrose:

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The Science of Sustainability


No doubt sustainability is one of fashion’s hottest topics—first and foremost because we need to preserve the environment, and consider how what we wear impacts where we live. But all that is green has also become “trendy”—and for those not in the know, it’s hard to decipher the most important qualities when picking your socially conscious eco-chic duds. So in honor of Earth Day, spoke with renowned agronomist and 2004 MacArthur Fellow Pedro Sanchez of Columbia University’s Earth Institute and Sandy Black, sustainable-fashion expert, professor at the London College of Fashion, and author of Eco-Chic and The Sustainable Fashion Handbook, about the dos and don’ts of sustainability. “It’s complex,” says Black, when asked to define sustainable fashion. “The big definition is about long-term sustainability, but also there’s the economic sustainability, then there’s ethical and social issues. So in a way, the best type of businesses have combined all sorts,” she adds. Meanwhile, Sanchez qualifies “sustainable” as having to do with the source of textiles. “Production has to be economically profitable, environmentally OK, and agronomically OK.” However, he continues, “Nothing is completely sustainable. We’re all going to die. And people need to think about the time dimension. For how long is something sustainable?” he asks.

This brings us to the question of natural versus synthetic fibers. “I’ve made some mistakes in buying polyester,” laughs Sanchez, noting that due to the carbon released into the environment during synthetic production, he’s a natural fibers kind of guy. But Professor Black suggests that we need to factor in the time component. “It’s not natural’s good, synthetic’s bad. You have to take the whole life cycle into account,” she says. “You only have to consider the amount of water and energy that’s used in washing T-shirts and jeans that isn’t needed when you have a polyester item. Polyester lasts an awful long time, and people can keep it for a long time.” Continue Reading “The Science of Sustainability” »

For Earth Day, Rogan Gregory And Co. Would Like You To Try On A New State Of Mind


Earth Day turns 40 this month, and the eco-friendly guys at Loomstate are throwing the holiday a birthday party. Nature being in relatively short supply at the Good Units space at the Hudson Hotel, Loomstate founders Scott Hahn and Rogan Gregory (pictured) decided to bring the great outdoors inside, with a little help from jewelry designer Pamela Love and a 40-large drum circle rounded up by composer Hisham Bharoocha. “We were thinking about it as sort of like a modern rain dance,” Gregory explains of the drum circle. “A way to bring people together, and get them on the same beat. I think you can create something incredibly positive out of that energy.” A giant pyramid installation installation by Spoke Visuals and a psychedelic light show top off the indoor-hippie vibe, and Bharoocha encourages attendees to bring along their own instruments. (Kazoo, anyone?) Here, Gregory, Hahn, Love, and Bharoocha talk to about nurturing nature, fashion scene-style.

What inspired you to throw an Earth Day event?
Scott Hahn: Well, it’s the 40th anniversary. I’m not sure why that means anything, actually, other than 40 is a nice round number, but there’s good energy around the event this year, and Loomstate is a brand inspired by nature, so…

Rogan Gregory: I feel like most fashion labels, when they do a big event, it’s for fashion week. But our emphasis is fashion and sustainability, and it felt more appropriate to do something now. Something fun.

SH: We’re really trying to get away from the messages everyone’s already heard, away from advocacy per se, and find new ways to speak to people. There’s a lot than can come from, you know, sharing and energy and inspiration. It’s hard to ask people to change; it’s better to inspire them to change.

RG: And inspiration is something fashion is really good at.

What should people expect at the event?
RG: There are a lot of moving pieces, so we’ll see how everything comes together, but basically we’ve got this space with 20-foot ceilings, we’re installing a giant pyramid in the center, and the drum circle will be around the pyramid. And there’s a light show. Obviously, there will be drinks and normal party stuff, too, but we’re really trying to make this an immersive experience for people. If we could have gone and done something outside, like, far away from the city, that would have been great, but it wasn’t practical. So the thinking has been, let’s try to transport people in another way.

Continue Reading “For Earth Day, Rogan Gregory And Co. Would Like You To Try On A New State Of Mind” »