August 20 2014

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Marina’s Must-Have: A.B. Biagi’s Brigadeiro Gelato



For the non-Brazilians reading this, brigadeiro is a Brazilian candy. It has a similar taste to dulce de leche from Argentina, but it’s made with chocolate, so it’s supersweet and superrich. Antonio Barros Biagi, a personal friend, opened a gelateria in Nolita last summer and has been very experimental with this flavor ever since. Now for Easter, Antonio is introducing Brigadeiro. It arrived at the office yesterday and it was a hit. In a matter of minutes, the three pints were gone! This Sunday, my family and I are having Easter lunch at a friend’s house, and instead of the traditional chocolate Easter egg, I’ll be bringing Brigadeiro gelato for dessert. You should do the same.

A.B. Biagi gelato, $4.75 per scoop, $13.90 per pint. Available at A.B. Biagi, 235 Elizabeth Street, New York; (212) 219-8094.

Photo: George Chinse