August 30 2014

styledotcom In honor of the #USOpen, 19 of the greatest tennis fashion moments:

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Eddie Borgo Plays the Color Field


Eddie Borgo

Compared with his previous collections, Eddie Borgo’s Resort ’14 range is a horse of a different color—mainly because it has so many colors. The designer, best known for his upmarket punk aesthetic and baubles of gunmetal, pavéd crystals, and gold, found inspiration in the Color Field artists of the 1960s. The result is a vibrant mash-up of wares that are at once delicate and tough, playful and elegant. “I started collecting books a little while ago on Kenneth Noland, who is one of the great Color Field artists,” explains the ever-erudite Borgo of his research. This preliminary reading led him to artists Josef Albers, Sol LeWitt, and Dan Flavin, all of whom are reflected in his gold- and silver-plated designs set with stones, colored glass, enamel, semi-precious stones, and cubic zirconia. Borgo suggests stacking his primary- and tertiary-hued chokers, rings, and bangles, and judging by what we saw in his showroom, the effect is retro sophisticate, rather than rainbow bright.

Eddie Borgo

“Color is something that we’re constantly drilled about from a sales perspective,” explained Borgo, who’s not just design-minded, but business savvy, too. “So I figured if we were going to do color, let’s make sure that it’s referenced in an interesting way, and that it makes sense with what we do.” To wit, many of Resort’s pieces are not only meant to be combined with other designs from Resort, but also with classic hits from Borgo’s past outings.

This season also marks Borgo’s first estate-inspired jewelry, which came about after resetting a pair of vintage gemstones for a friend’s wedding. “We put our own spin on [those earrings], and I loved them so much when we finished that I started to play around with that style.” They may reference the past, but Borgo’s chunky, two-toned glass and cubic zirconia bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are decidedly modern, and could easily twinkle on any red carpet.

It would seem Borgo enjoyed his experiments with pigment, and we can expect another spin on the color wheel soon. “This collection is a precursor to what we’re doing for spring, so color is something we’ll be continuing at least into next season.” No doubt, his fans will be tickled pink.

Photo: Courtesy of Eddie Borgo 

Prabal Gurung, Eddie Borgo, and Domenico De Sole Talk Style for SCAD


What is style? For fashion folk, that’s a pretty existential question. But the Savannah College of Art and Design will aim to answer that with its upcoming SCADstyle 2014 conference, which will take place at its Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia, campuses, as well as its campus in Hong Kong, from April 14 through 17. With such speakers as Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung, Eddie Borgo, Sally Singer, Bridget Foley, and Steven Kolb, among others, on its roster, the event will not only explore the concept of “style,” but also provide students (and the public—all are welcome) with invaluable knowledge and insights into the industry. “SCAD is an amazing institution, and I believe that it’s one of the greatest things when a school exposes [students] to real people who live the business day in and day out,” the program’s chair, Domenico De Sole, told “Students will get to hear directly from very famous people like Alexander Wang and the president of Bergdorf Goodman, Joshua Shulman. It’s going to be terrific for students to hear about their real-life experiences, real-life fashion, and what it’s actually like doing business.” Considering De Sole’s successful tenure as Gucci’s longtime president and CEO, not to mention his current position as the chairman of Tom Ford International, the executive has accumulated some valuable wisdom of his own. “The greatest lesson I learned is the absolute dominant role of creativity in this industry. I didn’t realize that when I started running Gucci America forty years ago, but the real truth, what really counts, is creative growth,” he offered, adding that his advice for up-and-comers is to “remember the road to success is long and painful.”

Ahead of the conference, SCAD has created a series of films that show speakers like Borgo and Gurung (whose clips debut exclusively here) discussing their careers and definition of style. “Style is an instinctive understanding of who you are as a person and the relationship that you have with the world,” explains Gurung in his clip. Borgo, meanwhile, suggests that style is “authenticity. It’s a personal endeavor that you go through your entire life.” Interesting, right? What’s more is that prospective students and fashion fans can submit their own #IAMSCADSTYLE Instagram flicks for a chance to win a trip to attend April’s festivities.

So what’s De Sole’s definition of style? “The only thing that counts is a very strong, precise, distinct, and consistent aesthetic. [Style] is a complex subject, but that’s what’s really key.”

Eddie Borgo Escapes to Morocco


Eddie Borgo

A singular color, Majorelle Blue, may be the starting point for Eddie Borgo’s Fall collection. But Borgo being Borgo, that was only the start of it. “I’ve always loved the color, I was familiar with Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé’s home in Marrakesh, but I wanted to find out more. Why this property? Why then?” he recalled in the Paris apartment where he presented his collection. Unraveling those questions led Borgo to photos of Chefchaouen, Morocco’s Blue City; the life of Talitha Getty and her jet-set entourage; and ultimately to interior designer Bill Willis, a friend to Getty and YSL and the interior decorator credited with bringing traditional Moroccan decor—mosaics, sandstone, bells, tassels, etc.—to mainstream design culture.

For Fall, Eddie Borgo gives those bells, tassels, and colors—cobalt, marigold, blood red—a rock-and-roll spin. He combines his signature geometric links with knots on an iteration of a Berber necklace, works starry black sandstone into large drop earrings, and recasts fez tassels as plugs that dangle from behind the ears. Among the lighter, more everyday pieces are a little bell necklace and flat, Tuareg-inspired rings that come in mix-and-match sets of four.

Elsewhere, a cuff bracelet and choker recall snake mosaics Willis created for a few of YSL’s bedrooms. “It’s really about him [Willis],” said Borgo. “The attitude is really specific to that place and time and those people.” No doubt Willis, a man known for living large and suffering no one, would have felt honored.

Photos: Courtesy of Eddie Borgo



In the age of Instagram, all it takes is a smartphone to achieve a photo finish, be it filtered or #nofilter-ed. That’s why’s social media editor, Rachel Walgrove, is rounding up our favorite snaps and bringing them into focus. See below for today’s top shots.

Friday, January 31

In celebration of its #ArtMatters window installation, Bergdorf Goodman has surrendered its account to the visual masters behind the #BGWindows.

It’s hard to pick just one. Riccardo Tisci went on a sharing spree, uploading new photos of Erykah Badu, the face of Givenchy’s Spring ’14 ads.

If our flooded e-mail inboxes weren’t an indication, this photo from the MBFW account reminds us that fashion week is just a few days away.

Cheers to the weekend. Make this one count.

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Eddie Borgo’s Island Escape



Eddie Borgo spent his last vacation island-hopping in the Aegean, and it shows. For his pre-fall collection, the designer recast his signature graphic shapes in opalescent hues and matte finishes that seem weathered by the sun, wind, and water. All three shapes come together in Estate—a mosaic of a necklace in pyrite cubes, hand-cut opal glass cones, and agate pyramids set in matte silver and gold plate. Meanwhile, Borgo has also been edging into fine jewelry, and a trio of supple mini-cone bracelets set with crystals offer a seductive hint as to where the designer might be headed next.

Photo: Courtesy of Eddie Borgo