August 28 2014

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Electric Boogie


“My clients—musicians, performers, dancers—are very inspiring to me,” says designer Leana Zuñiga. For Spring 2012, she decided to ruffle the Electric Feathers a bit this season, per her customers’ requests. “They asked for lamé—it’s just more fun anyway, [for] people who want to be elegant but not tailored.”

She answered their call, adding a touch of glamour to her frock-focused Electric Feathers line. Zuñiga looked to light-catching lamé for inspiration, spinning the disco fabric into jumpsuits, caftans, dresses, and trousers-call it eveningwear for a desert princess. While she cited disparate elements of dance, eighties culture, and Grecian draping, the designer’s influences are ultimately rooted in music and her work as a costumer for various stage acts.

Since desert princesses (and chic urbanites) also need handbags, Zuñiga has supplied them with multifunctional, reversible ones. Of the quilted bags, she said, “For traveling it’s functional, [even] as a pillow on the Jitney!”

Photo: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

No Word From No. 6


Let’s state right off that celebrities deserve a modicum of privacy. That said, we kind of wish that Karin Berenson, one of the proprietors of Nolita boutique No. 6, would be a little more gossipy about her star shoppers. Having lately spotted items from the No. 6-carried line Electric Feathers on Kim Gordon, Michelle Williams, and Jamie Bochert, we stopped in to see if Berenson would drop any other names.

“Ugh,” she replied, when asked to confirm our suspicion that Electric Feathers was becoming an under-the-radar must-have. “I really don’t like to give out that information. I mean, there’s someone who just bought a piece, who I’m sure you’d like to know about, but I just can’t say. I can tell you that we’ve been doing really well with the jumpsuits.” A little more digging turned up evidence that Erin Wasson, Irina Lazareanu, and Julia Stegner have all worn Electric Feathers, the brainchild of Brooklyn-based designer Leana Zuniga. The label is an editor and stylist favorite, too. And Berenson was willing to go on the record about its appeal—namely, the anti-hype sensibility that makes it stand out. “The pieces are distinctive, but they’re so understated, there’s an anonymous quality,” she noted. “It’s not like you’re going to walk around in Electric Feathers and feel that everyone knows what you’re wearing.” Well, maybe now everyone will.

No. 6, 6 Centre Market Place, NYC, (212) 226-5759.

Photo: Carolina Palmgren

Love at First Sight: Electric Feathers Little Black (Or Blue, Or Red) Dress


What: A silk minidress with a sultry low, curved back and a matching sash that can be worn as a belt or scarf.

Why: When I picked up Electric Feathers’ U-back dress, I found I was in good company. Designer Leana Zuniga informed me that stylist Melanie Ward bought the same style in three colors. Since then, every time I’ve worn it, women have hounded me on where to buy one. Girls, that’s how you know you have a winner.

Where: $450, available at Jumelle in Williamsburg or No. 6 in Manhattan, in navy, black, red, slate, and a few one-of-a-kind versions in printed silk.

the hole story: marina schindler’s lace obsession


“Oh my God, I’m a freak,” confesses Marina Schindler. “I’ve got boxes and boxes, and I keep buying more. I can’t stop!” Schindler’s obsession: lace. The stylist has been collecting vintage lace for years, and a rotating selection of her hand-embellished finds has been available at Helena Christensen’s Butik in the West Village. On a recent evening, however, as Schindler opened up her apartment for an Electric Feathers trunk show, she unearthed a larger trove of her creations. “I think what I like about the lace is that each piece feels special,” said Schindler, who doubles as a new mom and triples as the fashion director of just-launched art mag Tar. “And as busy as I am, it’s nice to have a hobby that’s as focusing as, you know, sewing some crystal beads onto a piece of lace.” Another hobby of Schindler’s: making raspberry jam, jars of which were for sale at her place alongside lace capelets and necklaces and vintage lingerie embroidered with crystal at the behest of Swarovski. “That was a special project,” she explained. “I really like the old lingerie, too, but I can’t start collecting that. I just don’t have room.”

Photo: Courtesy of Electric Feathers