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Walking the Road to Awe


RtA's Debut Collection

Naming your label Road to Awe sets the bar pretty high. And Eli Azran and David Rimokh—the founders of the new L.A.-based denim and leathers brand launched under that moniker—vow to live up to those lofty expectations. “Road to Awe is a constant journey to perfection,” said the French-born Azran who, at 27, already has experience running three successful denim-centric lines. And while they’re both young (Rimokh, an L.A. native whose expertise lies in accessories and denim, is 26), the duo has demonstrated some serious business savvy. RtA’s first collection, which comprises an expansive range of highly developed washes and leather styles, focuses only on bottoms. For Spring '14, they’ll shine the spotlight on leather jackets and tops, and by Fall '14, the pair will have developed a complete collection. “In today’s market, it’s much easier to launch half a brand first,” explained Azran. “Then, by next fall, both categories will have launched properly, and we’ll be able to go full force.”

With the help of West Coast retail fixture Evelyn Ungvari—whose role, explains Azran, is to bring a feminine touch to the range—the business partners have turned out second-skin denim with unique pigments, coatings, and finishes (see the lacquered, bleached pair above), as well as a series of appealingly priced leather trousers (they start at $595). Fabrics are sourced from Japan, Turkey, and France, and all the wares are produced in L.A. (in fact, when we spoke to the duo, they were walking through one of their local factories). The concept behind the new line—which, quite impressively, has already been picked up by Bergdorf Goodman, Curve, and Ron Herman—is to create pieces with an authentic, vintage feel that cater to women’s everyday desires. “Some brands are so focused on their direction and vision that they ultimately forget what girls want,” offered Azran. And what do women want, exactly? “Simplicity,” he said. Rimokh chimed in. “The more we try to find out what women want, the less we know. That’s why we stick with simplicity.” Smart. And while we’re not sure that all women crave the simple life—it depends on who you ask, really—we have a feeling that lots of ladies will want to buy what these boys are selling.

RtA’s debut collection ranges from $165 to $1100 and is available at Bergdorf Goodman from today.

Photos: Courtesy of RtA