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Rodarte On Film


Rodarte and Elle Fanning

Since 2010, Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy have thrice teamed with director Todd Cole to bring their collections to life. In doing so, they’ve proved a deft hand at storytelling—so deft, in fact, that their most recent film, This Must Be the Only Fantasy, which starred Elijah Wood, Sidney Williams, and Guinevere Van Seenus, was included in the Shorts Selection at this year’s American Film Institute Festival.

Last night at L.A.’s Hammer Museum, Vanity Fair West Coast editor Krista Smith led a discussion with the trio about their collaborations. “We were at the forefront of making these films in fashion,” Cole said. “And you can feel a narrative about where the clothes come from.”

Their first project was Aanteni—ancient Mayan for “a scream for help.” The short starred Guinevere Van Seenus as she ran through the industrial wasteland of downtown L.A. The Aptos, Calif.-born designers explained that a sense of place—particularly their home state—has always been a key component in their creative process. “I think that when we work, everything [goes] back to what we see and what we grew up seeing,” offered Laura. “Our process of working is about driving and seeing things and then having an idea two days later.”

While Southern California’s aeronautical engineering—a point of fascination for the designers—provided inspiration for Aanteni, an oversized brick house in Baldwin Hills influenced the Wild West element of their second film, The Curve of Forgotten Things, which featured a captivating Elle Fanning. Finally, This Must Be the Only Fantasy explored L.A.’s suburbia.

Although each film begins with a given collection, the team stressed that they’re more about the visual world that informs each season. “We wouldn’t even care if none of our clothes were in it,” said Laura. “The clothing is a brief, basically,” added Cole. “They’re such specific pieces that they call for really particular worlds. Then you pick the world, and it’s easy to tell the story.”

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Fashion, Fairies, And A Hollywood Hobbit


A still from Rodarte and Todd Cole's new film, "This Must Be The Only Fantasy"

Elijah Wood has been reunited with a cast of fairies, unicorns, and sword-fighting villains—but he hasn’t revived Frodo Baggins. Rather, the actor plays the regal, mysterious role of Trevor in Rodarte’s latest film, This Must Be the Only Fantasy. For their third collaboration with director Todd Cole, Kate and Laura Mulleavy—both of whom are longtime sci-fi fans—tapped Sidney Williams and Guinevere Van Seenus to star in an out-of-this-world epic while donning Rodarte’s Spring ’13 looks. “Our Spring collection was inspired by fantasy and role-playing games, and the film brings to life these ideas,” said the Mulleavy sisters, adding that they always envisioned their pal Wood as the male lead.

“I never think of these films as fashion films,” offered Cole of the project, which was shot in L.A. “I think of Kate and Laura’s clothes as more of a starting point, and then I can create a world for them to exist in.” The full twelve-minute flick will premiere this week on The Creators Project. Catch the trailer’s exclusive debut below, and keep your eye on Rodarte’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, et al. for more sneak peeks at the movie.

Exclusive: Rodarte, Tavi, And Target Team Up On Video


Teenage blogging sensation Tavi Gevinson made the scene during New York fashion week back in September, hitting the hottest shows (Alexander Wang) and the most happening fêtes (Larry Gagosian’s townhouse party). But as far as we know, only Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy put the 13-year-old to work. The results of their collaboration, a video project promoting the designers’ Target collection that took them from the Gagosian Gallery (where Elijah Wood tells Tavi, “You sort of have a Mia Farrow thing going on”) to the North Dakota prairies, is premiering exclusively online here at Before you hit Target on December 20 to shop the collection (FYI: Tavi’s faves are a lace cardi in a “sixties mustard color” and a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired “kind of mohair-ish” vest), read our Q&A and watch this clip.

What attracts you to Tavi and why did you want her to be a part of this video?
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The More Boots, The Better


No gowns! No gowns? No gowns. Such was the chatter at the Rodarte show yesterday, for indeed, there were no gowns. Kate and Laura Mulleavy sent out a series of ultra-short dresses worn with over-the-knee, up-the-hip bondage boots by Nicholas Kirkwood—and that was it. “We had the gowns,” said Laura after the show. “We made them. But we really felt like this season, it was about one silhouette. The gowns would have diminished the impact.” Got it. Now, about that silhouette: Is this Rodarte’s riposte to the (sigh) recession? Think about it—in the new economy you only get one look. One dress, one sick pair of boots. (And maybe some T-shirts.) “Yeah, no, that wasn’t on our minds at all,” noted Kate. “But it has some merit as an idea,” she offered. “What, having one pair of boots that you wear every day?” asked Laura, stepping back into the conversation after saying goodbye to pal Elijah Wood. “Yeah,” replied Kate, mulling it over. “No,” she decided. “One boot is fine for a show, but frankly, I’d never be able to adhere to it in practice.”

Photo: Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse