August 30 2014

styledotcom Guess which designers are skipping #NYFW for Hollywood:

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Popping Bottles “Just For Fun” On Avenue Crazy


Ever try to assemble a group of fashion types for something that’s not a launch, an opening, or a worthy cause? Harley Viera-Newton, Lily Kwong, and Stephanie LaCava gave it a shot last night, hosting a dinner in the East Village that was billed as “Just for Fun.”

In truth, Dom Pérignon had one of its top wine experts in town and figured it could do a little outreach. The promise of vintage Champagne pairings at a hip new restaurant (Edi & the Wolf, on Avenue C) was enough to draw the likes of Elise Øverland and Alexandra Richards (above) to the eastern fringe of lower Manhattan. “I’ve been to Bangkok more recently than I’ve been this far east,” Waris Ahluwalia admitted.

He and some 40 others dined on Austrian mountain cheese ravioli and arctic char in a dim room reminiscent of an old shed. The ambience, however, was a little more glam. “I’m a big fan of Champagne. I like to pop bottles in the club,” Viera-Newton said. She nodded at a bucket of Dom that was sitting on the copper-topped bar. “I’m planning on popping all three of those.”

Viera-Newton took off on the early side, to go DJ at Madame Wong’s. Richard Chai (who swung by with Phillip Lim) joined her, but not before taking a trip down memory lane. “When I went to Parsons, my dorm was just off Third Avenue, and we used to venture off this way,” he said. “This was way back when Avenue C, if you got that far, was called ‘Crazy.’ If you got to D, it was called Dead.” Clearly, not the case anymore. “That’s the nature of New York,” Chai noted. “No neighborhood is sacred.”

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Non-Monsoon Wedding:
Elise Øverland In India


Elise Øverland is a frequent visitor to India, where she’s picked up no small number of friends (and a few inspirations for her collections, too). The Norway-born designer was recently on the subcontinent for the wedding of Shivraj Singh, the Prince of Jodhpur—along with Sting, Trudie Styler, Sarah Ferguson, and more.

Having spent so much time in India over the years, I always have a string of friends’ weddings in November. (Whereas the traditional wedding month in the west is June, Indians prefer November—basically, you do nothing but go to weddings, and it seems like the henna stays on from one to the next. I’ve even heard that Vogue India’s November issue is dedicated to wedding saris. Maybe it’s the weather: no monsoons in November, and it’s not too hot.) Even with all the competition out there, there was something very magical about the marriage of Shivraj Singh, the Prince of Jodhpur, to Gayatri Kumari—and not just the starry guest list. As a general rule, the dress code is pastel saris for day—absolutely no black for any occasion, which must seem unbearable to New Yorkers—and as many bangles as you can manage. (For men, the traditional Rajput outfits: a long coat called an achkan, fitted pants, colorful wrapped turbans called safas, sharp swords, and cummerbunds.) Hundreds of guests came to the lawn of Rambagh Palace in Jaipur to give their blessing, and spent the next day at the continuing events in Jodhpur, which raised the question: Who’s taking whose plane?
Above: Øverland and Kirat Young. And keep reading for more pictures from the bash. Continue Reading “Non-Monsoon Wedding:
Elise Øverland In India” »

Elise Øverland’s Next Stop—Carnegie Hall?


When Elise Øverland met the South Korean violin prodigy Hahn-Bin at a dinner at Peter Marino’s, she was taken with his spirit and talent. So she wrangled her friend Diana Widmaier Picasso to bring him by her studio for a fitting, her friend the downtown nightlifer Martin Cohn to teach him to walk, and lo and behold, there he turned up on her Spring ’11 runway, a centerpiece of the presentation, violin in hand. (He event played a few bars for the cameras, though it wasn’t his usual classical repertoire; he and Øverland chose Röyksopp and Robyn’s “The Girl and the Robot.” You can see a video of the whole show, including Bin’s performance, here.)

“I thought he was such a pure soul—he’s so in touch, so emotional,” Øverland said backstage after the show. “This is kind of his virgin rite.” It was his first time on the runway, though with his flamboyant everyday style, pompadour mohawk, and full face of makeup, you could say he was to the manner born. (It may not be his last; Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon listed Bin as one of a new generation of musicians whose work would be great to accompany fashion shows.) Øverland dressed him in a tiered leather skirt over pants and form-fitting blue top. “This is so completely new,” Bin said breathlessly backstage. “Usually I choose my own clothing, but to really let Elise take creative control was so fun, because I trust her completely. I was going to ask her to design my outfit for a Carnegie Hall performance in March, but my outfit on the runway just might be perfect.”

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The March Of The Teutons; Fashionably…Early?; And More…


Keep an eye on the castings at Elise Øverland this season: Heidi Klum and her fellow judges from Germany’s Next Top Model (pictured) will be front-row judging their contestants, who will be among the catwalkers. Spoiler alert? [Fashionista]

Prada and Fendi have agreed to move their Milan women’s shows to an earlier date, effectively extending fashion week. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the phones at Alitalia ringing furiously as every editor races to reschedule her flight. [WWD]

Kelly Cutrone wants figure skater Johnny Weir front row at Jeremy Scott. Please, please tell us there’s an Olympic outfit by JS in this kid’s future. (It would make for an epic battle of the unitards with one of Vera Wang’s designs for Evan Lysacek.) [The Moment]

And it turns out that Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D. and Blink-182′s Travis Barker have the same “Cadillac” tattoo on their torsos. This message has been brought to you by the Council of Overly Attentive Media Consumers, and presumably lamented through the halls of the Cadillac HQ. [Racked]

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April Showers At Julia After-Party


The crowd at Allison Sarofim’s West Village town house got totally hosed last night—literally—when a disgruntled neighbor doused the backyard patio. It happened just as the after-party for Julia, a new drama starring Tilda Swinton, was getting into full swing. The hostess (who was also celebrating her birthday) muttered something unprintable, but then she and her guests went back to partying—it was barely 11, after all. As Elise Øverland noted, shaking out a moist sleeve: “It’s just water! Who cares?” Swinton managed to stay dry—in both senses. “If I drink, I go to sleep,” she shrugged. “The truth is that I’ve been pretending to be drunk for years.” It’s a skill that served her well in the film, in which she plays a raging alcoholic who abducts a nine-year-old boy. And although she’s back to her lithe self now, the ethereal Scottish beauty packed on a few pounds for the role. “And I had to chain-smoke, which makes me feel really sick all the time,” she added. Across the terrace, another bleached-blond Briton, Agyness Deyn, said that all those temporary vices had been worth it. “When Tilda Swinton switches it on, it’s as if she’s on a roller coaster for her art,” she enthused. “I’m still in shock from the film,” she added. Cue cold shower?




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