August 20 2014

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18 posts tagged "Ellen von Unwerth"

Whatever Lula Wants


You know you’re doing something right when Clémence Poésy, Erdem Moralioglu, Ellen von Unwerth, Liberty Ross, and Caroline Sieber all attend your fifth birthday party. So, yes, let the record show: Lula, the London-based mag helmed by stylist Leith Clark (pictured, left, with Moralioglu), is doing something right.

The crowd, and many others, joined Clark for a multi-course dinner at Harvey Nichols last night, where Coco Sumner (below), Sting’s indie-rocking daughter, provided the evening’s entertainment. As for the venue, it’s no coincidence. Clark has just curated a pop-up shop at the store, with one-off pieces created by her designer friends—Erdem, Rodarte, Moschino, Rykiel, and Miu Miu among them. Add in books and music by pals Daisy de Villeneuve, Liz Goldwyn, and Melissa Auf der Mar, and you’ve got a serious destination (not to mention a good reason to overcome any ill will toward an umpteenth pop-up shop). And each purchase comes with a little custom gift from Chanel, devised in conjunction with Clark. Custom Chanel? Sounds near-impossible, but whatever Lula wants, Lula gets.

“I am getting a bit choked up looking at all the people who have been with me and stuck with me for the past five years,” Clark said at dinner. “You guys add a new meaning to loyalty.” Well, what are friends for?

Photos: Courtesy of Lula

Ellen Von Unwerth Goes Au Cinéma


The Cannes Film Festival doesn’t start until next Wednesday, but Ellen von Unwerth opened the season unofficially last night with the inauguration of her Cinéma exhibition at Le Bon Marché in Paris. On display were pictures of almost every red-carpet fixture of the last 15 years, from Catherine Deneuve to Nicole Kidman, Eva Green to Marion Cotillard—and the most recent entry, a shot of Juliette Binoche (a member of this year’s jury) kitted out as a flight attendant, which was taken only last week. Whirlwind preparations came together in under two months, said von Unwerth, who wore her “one and only” Alexander McQueen dress and a leather jacket for the occasion. Actress Ludivine Sagnier and photographer Dominique Issermann swung by to toast the hostess, who has a second project to celebrate this week: her book of photographs of the German football team, called Die Spieler (The Players), is being published today by Bertelsmann. How’d the stars of the field measure up to the usual suspects in front of the lens? “It was a lot of fun; they knew exactly how to behave,” von Unwerth laughed. “They were better than models.”

Le Cinéma d’Ellen von Unwerth runs until June 19 at Le Bon Marché, Paris,

Photo: Pierre Hounsfield

Who Knew? Paz De La Huerta Isn’t Afraid Of A Little Nudity


“Being young, you don’t have this self-awareness,” Paz de la Huerta said last night. “It’s like when you see children running around naked. It’s completely freeing.” In that case, she may be the freest girl around. De la Huerta has been photographed naked before, but never more so than in her latest project: She’s teamed up with lensman James Macari (above, with de la Huerta) and creative director Rachael Bergstein for No. 3, an exhibition of Macari’s photos of the actress in various country locales (windy fields, sun-baked porches, forlorn beaches), almost always in the altogether. Salman Rushdie, Ellen von Unwerth, and Erin Heatherton were three of the spectators who dropped by the opening at Milk Studios last night to take in every freckle, goose bump, and beauty mark. The collaboration might have had some actresses screaming for a body double, but Paz embraced her role. “Working with James and Rachael felt safe for me. The way in which they both directed me was not unlike playing a role in a film,” she explained. The shots manage a tricky balance between innocence and eroticism, but some lurkers seemed to feel the pull of one pole more than the other. One leering gentleman—no, not Rushdie—approached Paz to ask, “Are you one of the models in this exhibit?” He pointed to a seductive nude shot. “I’m a photographer, you know.”

Photo: Billy Farrell/

Von Unwerth, Unearthed


Ellen von Unwerth doesn’t pick and choose. She loves all women. “There are many who are my favorites, from Claudia Schiffer to Eva Herzigova to Elizabeth Hurley to Lindsay Lohan,” said von Unwerth last night at Sloane Square’s Michael Hoppen Gallery during a private viewing of Fraulein, a collection of her rarely seen or published photographs. Von Unwerth continued, “They are all fun and they give a lot.”

That was evident in the sexy, girly photographs of von Unwerth’s array of beautiful subjects, all in various stages of undress with lots of lingerie, toys, and even the odd vegetable thrown in. There was Claudia with big hair in her underwear—an image eventually used for a Guess campaign; Kate Moss making horn-rimmed glasses sexy; and Monica Bellucci in nipple tassels. In “What recession?” news, several prints of Heidi, Kitzbuhel, the photographer’s racy take on the Alpine Miss in red stockings and garters, as well as Nadja Auermann in a mask, have all but sold out. (More images after the jump.) Continue Reading “Von Unwerth, Unearthed” »

Casadei Turns 50, Bares Its Soles And More


Unless you’re a foot fetishist, it’s not often that you’re looking at spreads of nude models and can’t seem to peel your eyes away from their feet. But that is the case in the Ellen von Unwerth images featured in Casadei’s coffee-table tome to commemorate the Italian footwear label’s 50th anniversary, filled with beauties in some truly outrageous footwear and very little else. On hand at last night’s celebratory fête on the rooftop at 60 Thompson was creative director Cesare Casadei, son of founders Quinto and Flora. As for the seductive imagery, he explained, “I wanted to highlight the strength of women through their sensuality.” Strapping them into jewel-encrusted wedges and knee-high gladiator boots with elaborate cutouts is certainly one way to do it. As statement-making as it is, that fanciful footwear could also pair quite well with clothes. The 11-piece couture collection, priced from $12,000 to $30,000, will be available by special order at Casadei boutiques in Milan, Paris, Florence, Moscow, Dubai, and more.

Photo: Ellen Von Unwerth