August 27 2014

styledotcom In a sea of #Emmys red, @nlyonne stood out in @openingceremony. Humberto Leon discusses:

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Free Speech: Hadley Freeman On Michael Jackson And Peaches ‘N Cream


Hadley Freeman is ready to welcome their return, are you?
To say that the eighties are back is almost as much of a cliché these days as palling up with Beth Ditto—and in no way is that meant as a negative comment on either Ditto or the aforementioned decade. But last week in Paris, the expressions of love for both reached a nigh-on hysterical level. In regards to Ditto, seeing as the fashion world is incapable of ogling enough of her, she stripped off to near-nothing at the Fendi party and stage-dived bang on top of Ellen von Unwerth. There was something symbolic in that moment. As for the eighties, forget about just going for bright colors and the occasional Madonna homage. This decade has been so well and thoroughly pillaged in the past few years (due in no small part to the number of designers with decidedly sepia-tinted memories of the era), that, as with Ditto, the decade is stripping itself down to a somewhat extreme extent. For next season, some of the more unlikely fashions of the eighties are being held up as trends to follow.

First, Michael Jackson. Just in time for his upcoming tour, Jackson is definitely having what is called a “moment.” Not even when “Bad” was at its baddest was dressing like Jackson really what I would call “fashionable.” Continue Reading “Free Speech: Hadley Freeman On Michael Jackson And Peaches ‘N Cream” »

Blasblog From Paris: Giambattista’s Kaviar Kaspia Crowd


Giambattista Valli has had a very busy couple of days: Monday saw his Fall ’09 collection take to the runway in the Tuileries, and yesterday his puffy, dreamy looks for Moncler were on view—along with live horses—in the basement of the Paris Opéra. Come Tuesday night, Valli was ready to celebrate. The party kicked off with dinner at Kaviar Kaspia (that night’s dinner spot for Karl Lagerfeld along with Amanda Harlech and her brood, coincedently), where Michael Roberts, Olivier Martinez, Coco and Bianca Brandolini, and Dasha Zhukova tucked into the fashion-fave eatery’s signature dish. “It’s so good here,” Valli said. “I could come here every single night, but then, I think I would look like that potato there.” The food—salmon on crepes, caviar in potatoes, and a vodka-to-person ratio that hurts to think about (especially this morning)—wasn’t the only draw. Valli’s skill at attracting a chic fête set is equal to his skill at blending his social groups. Andrea Dellal, for example, who hadn’t seen Ellen von Unwerth since the two were modeling together in the seventies, settled down for a chat with her long-lost friend. “I’m having flashbacks,” she told the photographer. “I sometimes forget that I’m a grandmother!”

Photo: Marcio Madeira

Blasblog: Erin Fetherston’s Best Ever


Ellen von Unwerth experienced a sense of relief at Erin Fetherston’s post-show bash at the Rose Bar Sunday night. “Sometimes you go to an after party for a show and you didn’t like the collection, so you feel guilty,” she said. “But not tonight. I thought Erin’s show was fantastic, and I can’t wait to tell her so.” (“Aw, that’s my girl,” the lady of the honor said when told of such lauding.) Von Unwerth wasn’t the only one eager to celebrate Fetherston’s triumph. Zoe Kravitz, Leigh Lezark, and Brittany Snow all crowded into the center tables with Champagne in hand. Caroline Sieber noted that Fetherston even had clones. “There were so many people there in cocktail dresses with fringe haircuts,” she said. “Including me.” Fetherston had booked the Ivy League to perform, causing Sarah Sophie Flicker to exclaim, “That’s why I love her so much. Two shows for the price of one.” And how did Ms. Fetherson feel about the whole thing? “My best show ever, my best party ever, and my best night ever.”



Photo: Amy Sussman / Getty Images