August 28 2014

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Stella McCartney Likes Candy, Gerhard Richter


With its verdant landscape and green viewpoint, Berlin is a natural fit for Stella McCartney’s eco-friendly clothes. It’s why Josef Voelk and Emanuel de Bayer, the visionary co-directors of The Corner (Berlin’s answer to Colette), decided to stock her line four years ago, before anywhere else in Germany. For last night’s party to commemorate the pioneering buy, they spelled McCartney’s name in balloons and invited Berlin’s leading fashion folk. The jolly fête at the high-end boutique was followed by an intimate dinner for McCartney hosted by German Vogue editor in chief Christiane Arp, where she was joined by guests like Veruschka and Olafur Eliasson. At The Corner, the menu consisted entirely of dessert in the form of mini candy bars, served by ladies in “I Heart Stella” T-shirts holding cigarette-girl trays. (For the record, they also offered cigarettes as well as flavored condoms and little samples of Stella perfume.) McCartney seemed overjoyed to see Michael Michalsky, the delightfully decadent Berlin designer. “You can’t talk to Stella without wearing gold alien ears,” he instructed me with German sternness. Of course, I obeyed. But even without the antennae, McCartney was willing to chat. “I would love to see the art galleries here,” she said. “I like Gerhard Richter. He came to one of my shows. Someday, if I sell a lot of dresses, I hope to own one of his paintings, but in the meantime, I have three children and need to hurry home.”