August 30 2014

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OMG, Emoji Jewelry is Here


Well, this is clever: In the wake of the obsession with emoji—which we’re pretty sure perplex and bemuse all who encounter them—designer-cum-blogger Wendy Brandes has come out with some virtually inspired baubles to match your favorite decals. Brandes first began her adventures in cyber-symbol wares in 2008, when she crafted a series of four Swear Rings that read, “F@#!.” This, of course, lead to “LOL,” “OMG,” and emoticon heart jewelry. “But now emoji are here, and they’re so much more expressive. They’re also more complex and interesting than the traditional smiley-face emoticons,” says Brandes. Available exclusively on Brandes’ Web site, the collection of silver and 18-karat-gold earrings features hand-gesture emoji, like a thumbs-up, a peace sign, and an OK symbol, as well as one expression that she can’t currently find on her iPhone. “The big mystery is why there is no middle-finger emoji. Everyone wants one! I had to invent one for my collection.” She adds, “The people at emoji headquarters are welcome to use it.” ROFL.

Photo: Courtesy of Wendy Brandes