August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Mendes Misses A Button


What happens when a noted Latina siren tries on the uniform of a celebrated Latina designer? Eva Mendes put her spin on the trademark look of Carolina Herrera (the envy-inducing crisp-and-chic tailored white dress shirt and polished black slacks she wears for every runway bow) for the NYC premiere of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Mendes is undeniably smokin’, but we sort of wish she’d shown some Herrera-esque restraint and left a little more to the imagination. Ingenuity is always welcome on the red carpet—cocktail dresses can get so snoozy—but this look could have benefited from a clever support system. What do you think of Mendes’ sophisticated attempt? Leave your comments below.

Update: Mendes is wearing a white shirt and a ruched taffeta skirt from Donna Karan’s pre-spring 2010 collection, but, either way, we still think she needs a bra.

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Fashion Fund-ers Connect With The Hollywood Set


The CFDA and Vogue assembled a starry crowd for a Fashion Fund fashion show sponsored by Frédéric Fekkai at the Chateau Marmont on Friday afternoon. Diane Kruger, M.I.A., Jessica Alba, and Camilla Belle all gathered in the hotel’s secluded courtyard to take in looks from contenders for the annual prize like Sophie Theallet, Gary Graham, and Ohne Titel’s Flora Gill and Alexa Adams. “I am so inspired right now and saw so many things that I want,” Eva Mendes told us. “I have an eye for design, but making clothes has never interested me—I leave that to the real professionals.” Like newly minted CFDA member and front-row mate Mary-Kate Olsen? The Fashion Fund winner will be announced two weeks from today, at a ceremony on November 16.

Photo: John Shearer\Wireimage

Blasblog From Paris: Finally, Some A-list Eye Candy


Yesterday, when Kate Moss took her seat at the Chanel show and incited a paparazzi crush, I was reminded of the good ol’ days when fashion shows always had supermodels and celebrities in their front rows. (Remember when you didn’t even have to pay them?) There was still a bit of nostalgia after the show, when I found Lily Allen and Moss’ boyfriend, Jamie Hince, having cocktails in the Ritz Bar. “Kate said I shouldn’t wear the pink one anymore,” Allen said of her change from a cotton candy pink Chanel number to a black one, though she didn’t seem too distraught about the switch. But as it turns out, there were more stars in my future: Yesterday I spotted Jessica Alba eating scrambled eggs at L’Avenue around lunchtime, and Eva Mendes made a brief appearance at the unbelievably crowded Le Montana nightclub. Perhaps they’re here for Miu Miu, which definitely knows how to pack a front row—last season they brought out Kirsten Dunst and Kate Bosworth. I’m keeping my fingers

Photo: Greg Kessler

Tonight’s Other Party Of The Year


There will be divas. Based on real-time accounts of Dolce & Gabbana‘s bosom-heaving front row this afternoon in Milan—Scarlett! Eva! Freida! Kate!—their Extreme Beauty in Vogue party tonight will be chockablock with bellissima. [The Moment]

Before Gwen Stefani was Gwen Stefani, she fronted No Doubt. In May, her ska-punk-rock band will perform on Gossip Girl, and legions of tweens will swoon. [Reuters]

Perfunctorily ousted from Valentino last season, Alessandra Facchinetti is rumored to be designing a women’s
for Tom Ford. That’s a
lot of former Gucci designers in one room. [Fashionologie]

No, the Times isn’t the first on the scene to the Snuggie phenomenon. But its hard-hitting report on the blanket with-arms’ serious electric-shock factor is a word of warning to any potential Snuggie convert.

Photos: Lester Cohen / WireImage; Tony Barson / WireImage; Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images; Elisabetta A. Villa / WireImage

want a lift?


The goal of the evening was seduction. And comfort. Seductive comfort. Sounds tricky. Turns out it is, but two years of research, consultations with lace experts in France, special fitting trips to Hong Kong, and a mandate for no more scratchy bra closures have put the underwear experts at Calvin Klein very close to righting that wrong. The result of all that boob scrutiny is the brand’s Seductive Comfort collection. And, just in case the ad campaign, shot by Steven Meisel and featuring a dewy Eva Mendes, hadn’t caught our eye, the bra brigade at Calvin wanted to make sure we had all the facts about its new duds. Which is how I ended up topless in front of a woman I’d just met on Monday night. My new friend, Denise, is a full-time bra fitter, and besides the fact that her measurements knocked me down a cup size (I thought seventh grade was over—sadly not), I felt pretty good about our consultation. After all, there was a free bra in my future, A-cup and all. The collection’s three styles—T-shirt, Underwire, and Customized Lift—all retail for $44, which, considering all the jargon that went into explaining them (spacer cushioning, air lifts, graded straps), seems like a good deal. And I’m not just saying this because a matching hipster brief would be nice to have, too. For more information and to see the styles, see

Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein