August 28 2014

styledotcom The street style we expect to see at this upcoming fashion week:

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Close Encounters of the Jeweled Kind


David Yurman installation

“It’s mysterious stuff from outer space,” said curator and Playboy‘s director of special projects, Neville Wakefield, at David Yurman’s Vestry street studio last night. He was referring to a piece of Gibeon meteorite, which, named for Gibeon, Namibia, where it struck a billion years prior, was on display. The occasion was the unveiling of Yurman’s new menswear collection, aptly dubbed Meteorite. To fete the launch, Evan Yurman—the jewelry brand’s heir apparent—asked Wakefield to create a presentation that highlighted the lineup’s overarching intergalactic feel. “I wanted to narrate the story of [transforming] the raw material from space into product,” Wakefield told The room was staged with a projection of the moon on one end and the meteor on the other, with the label’s pieces raised on pedestals in between. The electronic sounds of French band Air played ever so softly in the background. Continue Reading “Close Encounters of the Jeweled Kind” »