September 1 2014

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Ewan McGregor Joins The Belstaff


For those not in the know, Belstaff was first launched back in 1924 and established itself as the go-to brand for waterproof sporting garments. Back in February, Belstaff’s new chief creative director, Martin Cooper (formerly at Burberry), debuted a re-energized look—a collection (heavily inspired by the machine age, when the wealthy all aimed to have motorbikes and motorcars) that strikes a balance between the label’s strong British heritage and modern sophistication. To show off the luxe offerings, the brand enlisted none other than Ewan McGregor to hop on a motorbike (he’s a lifelong motorbike rider himself), along with models Karmen Pedaru, Ymre Stiekema, Maud Weizen, Ben Hill, John Pearson, and Janis Ancens, for the Craig McDean-lensed campaign. “I started wearing Belstaff motorcycle jackets about ten years ago,” McGregor tells “I feel like I’ve always known about them from photos of old motorcycle heroes and legends, as they are often wearing Belstaff.” Here, has a behind-the-scenes look at McGregor at work on the campaign shoot (styled by Karl Templer and creative-directed by Trey Laird), which took place at Lord March’s Goodwood estate in the U.K.—fittingly, the location of the annual Festival of Speed auto race.

Salmon Fishing in NYC


If you think Emily Blunt gets steamy with co-star Ewan McGregor in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, well, you’re wrong. “I didn’t have a sex scene with Ewan,” the actress told at the Cinema Society’s unveiling of the film in New York last night. “Oh, god, we just swam,” she clarified. And lo, the screening proved her right. Lasse Hallström’s romantic tale about making an unlikely pursuit succeed in an unusual place) is, in the end, more sweet than sweaty.

And the title is no metaphor. McGregor plays a persnickety government fisheries expert enlisted by an Arab sheikh (and his investment associate, played by Blunt) to bring the mogul’s favorite sporting pastime to the Middle East. “I didn’t know much about fish, and I had to learn how to cast a fly rod,” McGregor explained at the screening, which was sponsored by Grey Goose and Opium Yves Saint Laurent. He added that he learned in Scotland, where guides are called gillies, from a man named Billy: “Billy the Gillie.”

Blunt (who wore Miu Miu) stayed longer after the screening than McGregor did, getting into extended conversations at The Crosby Street Hotel’s basement lounge with both Helena Christensen and Patricia Clarkson. There was salmon there, too: smoked and placed on blinis.

Photo: Matteo Prandoni /

Going Haywire


“I absolutely adore getting dolled up, but I don’t get to do it a lot,” Gina Carano, the female star of the new action thriller Haywire, told last night at the Cinema Society- and BlackBerry-hosted screening of Steven Soderbergh’s new film. “Being from the fight world, it’s a completely different runway.”

She may look great in a little black dress, but Carano’s male co-star Ewan McGregor was quick to admit the actress and MMA fighter is a straight-up badass. “I couldn’t keep up with Gina. She’s much faster and fitter than I am,” said the actor, who only had two days training with Carano to learn his fight sequence. Much to producer Gregory Jacobs’ relief, no one was injured during the high-adrenaline stunts (which, Carano said, “all the actors wanted to do themselves”). But it was a close call. “One time, I accidentally punched Gina in the head and almost broke my fingers,” added McGregor. She didn’t seem to mind: “I got to fight with some of the hottest male actors in Hollywood,” she said. “It wasn’t about hurting each other.”

The only guy on set who wasn’t intimidated by Carano? Soderbergh. “I wasn’t nervous, I knew she wasn’t going to hit me,” he said before heading in to the screening. “When we initially met, I wanted to talk for a long time and create a character and film totally centered around her.”

Photo: Nick Hunt /

Want Ewan McGregor At Your Fashion Show? Call Iggy


Only a Roman Polanski flick could turn the focus of New York City nightlife from clothes to film on the final night of fashion week. As the Calvin Klein party raged in the Meatpacking District and the glasses were raised in the Bryant Park tents one last time, a select few took in Polanski’s new thriller, The Ghost Writer, at the Cinema Society and Screenvision showing at the Crosby Street Hotel. Stars Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor then took the party upstairs to mingle with Brooke Shields, Julian Schnabel, and U2′s The Edge. With Shields making front-row appearances this week, we wondered—did any of the others make it to the shows?

None had, but they all were well attired, thanks to friends in high places. “I wish I’d gone to the shows!” said Brosnan’s wife, Keely Shaye Smith. “My friend Carmen Marc Valvo made the dress I’m wearing tonight. I saw photos from his Fall 2010 show—his collection is stunning! You can tell him I said that.” Duly reported. Meanwhile, McGregor confessed, “I’m not very involved in fashion, but I do love clothes. I wear a lot of Neil Barrett, because we’re friends—his clothing fits me well, and I’m loyal to him. I also met Lars Nilsson in Berlin and really like his work. But I’ve only been to one fashion show in my life, John Varvatos in 2007, and that was to watch Iggy Pop perform.”

Photo: Amanda Schwab / Startraks Photo

Sundance’s Inaugural Glow


As Washington, D.C., ushered in a new period of hope and change, Park City continued Sundance business as usual, though with a perceptible spring in its step. Boundary-busting films such as the truly fantastic I Love You Phillip Morris, the story of two gay men falling in love in prison, starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor (who I kept bumping into so much I’d swear he has a clone), and Acting for the Camera, a short film about an acting class simulating the infamous fake orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally, suddenly became more apropos in light of our new historic administration. After what seemed like an interminable day of film-watching, some well-deserved party-hopping was in order. Most headed to after-parties at the Legacy Lodge and Downstairs, the new nightclub owned by Danny and Chris Masterson—the first celebrity-owned boîte in the famously conservative state of Utah—where patrons danced to British house trio Dirty Vegas. Let’s just say that people, myself included, were partying like it was, well, 2009.

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images