August 1 2014

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3 posts tagged "Fall 2009"

Versace Scratches The Surface


Fall 2009 had designers embracing the essentials of fashion. At Versace, that meant swapping their artist-collab print (Spring was Julie Verhoeven, last Fall was Dutchman Tim Roeloffs) and logos for a Scratch jacquard that’s all about innovating with fabric.’s Sarah Mower called it “streaky,” but it’s meant to achieve a sort of scraped-away look. It was all over the runway on coats and slim shifts, but it works rather nicely on the house’s soon-to-be classic Reve bag, bringing a touch of fashion artistry to a practical, everyday piece big enough to hold your essentials.

Photo: Courtesy of Versace

Charming, Thy Name Is Hutson


Last week we reported on husband-and-wife team Swaim and Christina Hutson’s decision to cancel their runway show (their lines Obedient Sons and Daughters shuttered early this year, for those of you who don’t have your economic-crisis scorecards handy) and, in lieu of any runway outing, officially announce the name of their new clothing venture with a limited-edition engraved key. Not your normal business proposal, but we were definitely intrigued. editors received their keys this evening, and the duo’s name for its latest collaboration—Hutson—is about as basic as gets. Sure, something out-there or enigmatic might have piqued our interest a bit more, but classics are what the Hutsons do best, so it seems fitting they chose such an unfussy moniker. It’s still unclear what the key goes to—maybe we’ll find out at our appointment to preview their debut collection early next week. Would a closet full of brand-new Hutson duds be too much to ask for?

Photo: Nicola Kast

Erin Fetherston Swaps Paper For Flash


Fashion week times, they are a-changin’. Yesterday we found out that the Bryant Park tents will be moving to Lincoln Center Plaza next season. And today, Erin Fetherston reveals to that she’s dispensing once and for all with that twentieth-century fashion show relic, the hard-copy invite. In lieu of that whole printer-to-post office quagmire, Fetherston will be asking for RSVPs via an online invitation featuring music and a Flash animation where her signature Fall 2009 print literally comes to life, courtesy of multimedia company Coreaudiovisual. (Click here to take a look.) “Every season, we’ve mailed out invitations to tons of people,” Fetherston explains. “Skipping that process is greener, easier, and helps us reserve our resources so we can invest more in the actual show.” And the online version offers aesthetic opportunities unmatched by stationery. “You can work with elements like sound and movement,” she says. “It’s been a tradition that every season I reference a key print from the upcoming collection in my invitation, and I was really attracted to the idea that with Flash, I could take a print and set it in motion.” She adds, “We do everything else online, so why not this?”