July 23 2014

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Can New York Fashion Week Be Fixed?


Vera Wang Spring '14The crusade to remedy the circus that is New York fashion week continues today. WWD reports that the CFDA has teamed up with Ruth Finley’s Fashion Calendar in an attempt to create a less manic, more comprehensive NYFW schedule. The project, which will debut this February, endeavors to fix scheduling glitches (i.e., prevent the overlap of major shows) and help editors and buyers to better organize their weeks.

In related news, despite IMG’s announcement last week that it will be revamping NYFW by slashing its size and doing away with “unessential” attendees, Vera Wang, who’s been presenting at the tents since the beginning, has revealed today that she’ll be skipping Lincoln Center and showing at a yet-to-be-disclosed location. This comes on the heels of Carolina Herrera’s suggestion to The New York Times that she, too, may be abandoning the tents. Indeed, the CFDA and IMG’s efforts to repair NYFW are noble and much needed, but the fact remains that the schedule is grossly overstuffed, and the distracting crowds are making it harder and harder for industry professionals to do their jobs. Will these fixes be enough to restore designers’ loyalty to the established runway platform? Tune in this coming February to find out.

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Meet Ruth Finley, Psychiatrist/Ambassador To The Fashion Industry


Last night, the Accessories Council paid tribute to Fashion Calendar founder Ruth Finley, and president Karen Giberson was there to induct Finley into its hall of fame. The industry doyenne—responsible, in large part, for getting the crush of editors, stylists, and buyers to the shows they need to see each fashion week—has been putting out her pink-sheeted bible for an unbelievable 65 years. To mark the occasion, we chatted with the scheduler-in-chief about the mania, the model problems, and the timely (!) Marc Jacobs.

Fashion week is bonkers. How do you keep it all straight?
Well, it’s not easy. We’re very well organized. We do speak personally to a lot of people. If we don’t like a time—if you book four o’clock on Monday—I’ll tell you you’re not going to get the top models because Marc Jacobs booked from three to nine.

What is the process like?
Fashion week isn’t the only thing we do. We publish every other week all year. There is a bridal season, a season where it is more fragrance and beauty products, and we work on that all year round. As far as fashion week is concerned, we start on that at least six months before and begin putting certain things down, working closely with IMG and Milk Studios. Milk already has about 30 presentations booked. We need to keep all [of] those straight. We still have three months.

Do you run into situations where people are stubborn and won’t budge?
Occasionally. Let’s assume you schedule a show and someone comes in on top of you. Obviously I will try to move the second person—if it’s a direct conflict with the same retailers and that kind of thing. If they don’t budge I go to the first person and they will often relent. Continue Reading “Meet Ruth Finley, Psychiatrist/Ambassador To The Fashion Industry” »