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Fenton/Fallon: The Music Video


The Harper’s Bazaar-sponsored Accessories Bazaar opens today at the Lincoln Center tents at New York fashion week, where some of the best designers working—including Prova’s Irini Arakas, Albertus Swanepoel, Philip Crangi, and Fenton/Fallon’s jeweler extraordinaire, Dana Lorenz. To spotlight her new Spring ’11 offerings, Lorenz created a short video with fashion’s go-to filmmaker, Sharif Hamza. Model Hil gets all dolled up (those nails! that hair! the 15 or so pounds of Fenton/Fallon goods!) and waits for the phone to ring. Squint just right and she could be the heroine of an early-eighties Robert Palmer video. She’s gonna have to face it, she’s addicted to love—and jewelry, of course. Check out the exclusive debut below.

Fenton’s Gay Divorcée


Sometimes, more is more. For Fall, jewelry designer Dana Lorenz piled it on for her Fenton line, freighting multi-strand necklaces, chokers, and bracelets with chains, pearls, rhinestones, and—seasonally appropriate, we’re finding—tufts of fur. There’s a strong gothic tinge to the new range, which includes more than a few chunky crosses, but our favorite piece skirts religion for love. Lorenz’s Divorcée necklace (above) wraps a multichain choker with more than a few used-and-abused engagement rings. Heartbreakers and man-eaters can preorder at Lorenz’s Lower East Side store.

Photo: Sharif Hamza