August 31 2014

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Souvenirs From Finn


Finn's Souvenir collection

Souvenirs often come with a tale—they recall journeys, memories, romances…you get the idea. So when, several years back, Finn designer Candice Pool stumbled across an estate gold bangle with “Souvenir” perfectly spelled out in black enamel, it haunted her. She didn’t buy it—a constant source of regret—but it did inspire her latest collection, which offers gold and diamond designs that commemorate the simplicity and romanticism of mementos. “I had always been intrigued by Victorian souvenir jewelry,” Pool says of her modern interpretation, which carries a slightly more weighted feel. “It’s a nineteenth-century sentiment with twentieth-century lines.”

Traditionally focusing on dainty, figurative wares, Finn’s pieces are bolder in their combinations. The rings and cuffs are designed to be stacked, while the small hoops are meant to be worn up the ear in multiple piercings. “It focuses on really beautiful materials and really fine craftsmanship, and the notion of jewelry being wearable and becoming part of you,” Pool says of the line’s new direction, which builds upon her signature love knots and more delicate designs. And to make up for missing out on that bangle from years ago, Pool designed a cuff and cigar band with “Souvenir” prominently placed. “There is a story and memory behind each ring and necklace I own. Days can go by without noticing, but then you look at it and [the memory] hits you,” Pool reflects. “It begs for the story to be told.”

Finn’s Souvenir collection ranges from $725 to $12,000 and is available at and other select retailers.

Photos: Courtesy of Finn

Finn Jewelry Wants You To Come Over


In a statement-necklace world (both literally and metaphorically), Finn Jewelry’s Soraya Silchenstedt and Candice Pool fly decidedly under the radar. But that hasn’t stopped their collection of delicately wrought fine jewelry from being a top seller at Barneys or the go-to label for the likes of Naomi Watts, Gretchen Mol, and Miranda Kerr when they’re in the market for a little sparkle—though Pool and Silchenstedt tread lightly on their A-list clientele. “I think we have a few celebrities who are real clients,” says Pool. “They’re not people who just take things to borrow.” Watts actually became a fan via husband Liev Schreiber, who was an early adopter of their shark tooth necklace, apparently a must-have for the actor set. (Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, and Robert Pattinson all sport one. Not bad.)

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