September 2 2014

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EXCLUSIVE: Inez & Vinoodh Debut Denim


Inez and Vinoodh for Frame Denim

Remember that time I told you famed photography duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, who have in the last year launched a delectable perfume and a jewelry line, were venturing into clothing design? Well, it’s finally happened. After chatting over dinner with Frame Denim founder Erik Torstensson, the husband-and-wife team resolved to collaborate with the cult denim brand on what are essentially their dream jeans. “We’ve done men’s and women’s—the Inez and the Vinoodh—and we worked with Frame’s team to incorporate our favorite elements of jeans we own ourselves,” offered Van Lamsweerde from her New York studio. “The Inez is my idea of the perfect, classic jean. It’s slightly higher in the back of the waist and lower in the front because I love low-waisted jeans, but every time I’m shooting, I sit down on a box to get a different angle, and they fall so low. Everyone’s behind you and you’re completely exposed!” They’re skinny, but not too skinny (plenty of room at the knee), and they boast a boyish cut. “It’s flattering on a lot of body shapes, though,” insisted Van Lamsweerde. “We’ve tried it on everyone from Freja Beha Ericksen to Lara Stone, and it works.” Matadin, meanwhile, focused on achieving the ideal length for his style, as well as a flawless fit in the back. “It’s the same for girls and guys,” said Van Lamsweerde. “The butt has to be amazing.”

The jeans, which will be available at Barneys New York and on Net-a-Porter in the coming weeks and will be priced between $218 and $238, debut exclusively here in a self-portrait of the designers-cum-photographers. And according to Van Lamsweerde, the taking of said photo was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of their career. “Shooting your own product is kind of frightening,” she admitted. “When we shot our jewelry, it was so much about the people in the portrait, but this was really focused on showing the jeans and the fit…it was definitely one of the scariest days.” The photo is angled specifically so you can see the subtle logo for the collaboration, which is set to continue for seasons to come. “Vinoodh came up with the branding—the belt loops on the back of the jeans are an I and a V.” Freja and Paul Ritchie from band Parlor Mob also star in the campaign.

Perhaps you’re wondering, Why jeans? The answer is simple: Whether they’re shooting at Pier 59 or partying in Paris, Inez & Vinoodh live in them. “I work in jeans every day. They’re really all I wear,” Van Lamsweerde told me. And I can attest to that fact—every time I’ve visited the couple in their downtown studio, both pairs of their enviably long legs are wrapped in denim.

So, we’ve got Inez & Vinoodh perfume, jewelry, and now denim. Can we expect a full-blown clothing line in the future? “I’m not sure. We’re more interested in basic wardrobe items. I can’t imagine us joining the insane fashion schedule,” said Van Lamsweerde. “But if we could work on a collaboration like this again, we’d be excited to do sheets and towels and pottery! You know, in the nineties when we started, you weren’t taken seriously if you ventured into another area of design. But now it seems like anything is possible. There’s a never-ending stream of ideas in our heads.” And no doubt, a never-ending line of creative comrades with whom to collaborate. “It would be incredible if in a few years, there was this ‘IV’ wardrobe that has grown out of different collaborations,” she added. “And a great T-shirt, or the ideal leather jacket wouldn’t be bad to come up with.” Onto the next one? Keep your eyes peeled.

Photo: Inez & Vinoodh 

Grace Gives London a New LBD



Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede did not go small with the launch of their new label, Grace, last night in London. The duo, who founded the creative agency Saturday Group, as well as the denim line Frame, unveiled a capsule collection of little black dresses in a salon-style show at the opulent Grill Room of the Café Royal. Katie Grand styled; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley modeled, among others. Sophia Hesketh was in attendance and whisked one of the dresses off the runway, such as it was, to wear to a party later that night. A big part of the appeal, Grede hypothesized, was the very basic-ness of the looks. “We want to keep prices down, and we want the dresses to be in good fabrics and made well, so that means they have to be pared down in other ways,” he explained. “But I also think, those simpler things, that’s often what women are missing in their wardrobes.”

Photo: Courtesy Photo