September 2 2014

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5 posts tagged "Francesca Versace"

School’s In Backstage At Versus


Francesca Versace—yes, of those Versaces—writes in from her jaunts around Milan fashion week.

I did a double take when I got to the Versus show at Teatro Versace yesterday—the yard, the grass, the playground equipment. But once I got backstage and saw the collection and the young models, it all made sense. We’re back in school—fitting for me, at least, since Christopher Kane and I are old school chums.

Backstage, it’s like a full-blown atelier—some dresses are still being altered, and the young dolls are getting their super-straight, super-long extensions put in. Between those, and the explosion of color mixed with tartans and florals, I instantly think of an adolescent Donatella. I check in on Christopher as he gushes over the flower prints and shows me some of the killer color-blocked heels and sweet yet sexy backpack purses. As Aunt Do is checking all the final details.

Then it’s on to the show. The playground is the new runway, and I must say it fits. Either that, or the girls are experts in keeping in character. I went backstage to congratulate them and caught the action as they shot the lookbook. They were pouty schoolgirls to the very end.
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The View From Backstage At Versace


Francesca Versace—yes, of those Versaces—writes in from her jaunts around Milan fashion week.

It’s pouring in Milan, but nothing stops a Versace show. I head over to the Versace Teatroù in the flirty, electric blue Versus dress I decided on. Why not add a bit of thunder to all the rain?

I arrive at the show and duck backstage—my favorite part is seeing it all come together. I spot the outrageously gifted makeup artist Pat McGrath and the hair maestro Guido Palau, and all the bags and shoes ready to hit the runway. And all the amazing models in their natural habitat, so to speak—Abbey, Kori (getting ready, above), Freja (below), Ginta, all the top girls are here. I’ve always loved models. Thanks to my uncle Gianni, I never really had to play with Barbie dolls when I was a child. Who’d want to, when you had Claudia, Naomi, Linda, and Cindy to play dress up with?

Right away I spot my must-have dress: a fringed number printed with the Versace signature Grecian key. The fervor is escalating, and there’s my aunt Do, the calm eye of the storm, giving her final interview. Later, there’ll be an intimate dinner, and a raucous after-party—at one point, my cousin Allegra, January Jones, and I will all be dancing right in front of Hercules and Love Affair—but for now, it’s all about the show. I rush to my seat beside my father, Santo, to take it in.
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In Milan, Sci-Fi, Chiseled Male Models,
And Disco—Direct From The Church


Francesca Versace—yes, of those Versaces—writes in from her jaunts around Milan fashion week.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of fashion week in Milan, and there’s definitely an electricity in the air today. I love to take a moment and observe the madness at Café Cova—you can watch trends start to happen before your eyes. For this one week, everyone is trying desperately to outdo one another. The sidewalks and streets are the greatest runways of all.

I take in a few shows—the sci-fi looks at Ermanno Scervino, the English roses at Luisa Beccaria—and stop by my friend Kristina’s for a hush-hush fitting before she presents her collection. Then it’s off to the Zegna 100th anniversary party with my father. I see the lovely Anna Zegna, who reminds me that her first and only job outside her family’s company was her time with my late uncle Gianni. I do a tour of the gorgeous new store, designed by the brilliant Peter Marino—and stop to check out some of the chiseled Zegna-clad male models along the way. A man really cannot go wrong with a Zegna suit; it is the utmost mark of elegance and quality.

Finally, I rush over on my bicycle to see a former classmate of mine from Saint Martins, Mark Fast, and his super-hip, super-fun collection for the Italian label Pinko (pictured). Although we’re in a church, the mood is pure disco and high-octane glam. I love that Mark can maintain his vision yet breathe new life into an existing brand—that’s the beauty of these collaborations. The new and the old colliding—on the stores, on the streets, and on the runways.

Photo: Courtesy Photo

In Milan, Celebrating Who’s On Next


Francesca Versace—yes, of those Versaces—writes in from her jaunts around Milan fashion week.

Milan may be an ancient and tradition-bound city, but like everywhere else, it’s got an eye out for Who’s On Next. That’s just what was being celebrated at a cocktail party at the magnificent Palazzo Morando yesterday, where the sixth winner of the emerging-designer prize was announced.

Last year’s winner, Marco de Vincenzo, told me that even after winning, the path to success is still long. But that shouldn’t dampen the spirits of this year’s winner, Erkan Çoruh (pictured, with Harper’s Bazaar‘s Sophia Neophitou). It’s hard to imagine anything dampening footwear designer Jerome C. Rousseau’s—he smiles at me and tells me about the twin inspirations for his modern, colorful shoes: Keith Haring and Grace Jones.

Elsewhere, I spot the milliner Justin Smith of J Smith Esq, and Zara Gorman, whose Perspex and leather hats are architecturally inspired. And then there’s my friend Mirco Giovannini, whose dress I’m wearing tonight. Everywhere, the up-and-coming are being celebrated. “Viva i young,” the Moschillo family shouts. My aunt Donatella is a bit more pragmatic. “Bravi,” she told me, “but they still have to sweat.” “Let’s see who survives,” Diego Della Valle added gravely.

But tonight is about congratulations, not predictions of doom. Here’s hoping the spotlight on Milanese design will shine again on Milan as the fashion capital of the world. There’s no place like it—no place like home.

Getting Stoned With Solange Azagury-Partridge


Phoebe Philo, Saffron Aldridge, Tom Dixon, Matthew Williamson, Francesca Versace, and a clutch of other London VIPs descended on the private members’ club Home House on Friday night to see the premiere of Letter, a short promotional film produced by jeweler Solange Azagury-Patridge starring her pal Thandie Newton. “I have lunch with Solange about once a week,” said the actress. “She always has these secret things going on that I have to try to extract out of her. When she finally told me she was planning this and wanted me to be in it, well, I jumped.”

Who wouldn’t love the chance to wear one of Azagury-Partridge’s baubles? Newton paired her iridescent lavender Vivienne Westwood gown with the star piece from her friend’s new Stoned collection. It’s the same one she wears in the movie, in which she plays a femme fatale preparing to leave her hapless husband for her lover—but not without her jewels. “The film is my letter, in a way, to all the fabulous women out there,” said Azagury-Partridge. “We really are all fab, aren’t we? And sometimes, it’s nice, but not quite enough to put a ring on it.”

To be sure, the filmvert left many in the crowd wanting to buy a bauble rather urgently. But, sadly, we’ll have to wait until next month for the gems to come out. “December, grrr,” said Versace. “Forget it. I want it now—excuse me while I schmooze Solange.”