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Costa On Ford’s Decision Process


We could probably all use a story about a job interview gone right, and Francisco Costa was happy to provide one at FIT on Monday night. During a Q&A session with Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Calvin Klein womenswear creative director remembered interviewing with Tom Ford at Gucci earlier in his career. Lacking a proper portfolio, he stayed up all night sketching prior to the meeting. Those must have been some sketches because according to Costa, they prompted the following exchange:

Ford: Get a lawyer.

Costa: Why do I need a lawyer?

Ford: I want you to come work for me.

Proof that even before he turned his attention to directing movies, TF had a way with snappy dialogue.

Photo: Marcio Madeira

A Day In The Life: Noona Smith-Petersen, Milan’s Doyenne of Public Relations


10 a.m.
I went to see Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi [co-designers for Gianfranco Ferré; and Aquilano.Rimondi] at their showroom. We had a long talk about how to move forward now that they have become such credible, respected, and established names in the industry.

1 p.m.
I took a quick break for myself and, at the same time, managed to get Vanessa Friedman from the Financial Times to meet Tommaso and Roberto and to look at their collection.

4 p.m.
I got home and was starving! No time to eat. I grabbed a quick snack while hanging out with the kids and then took off to the Hotel Grand et de Milan, where I met up with Tim Blanks from Continue Reading “A Day In The Life: Noona Smith-Petersen, Milan’s Doyenne of Public Relations” »

Recycling Art (Sort Of) With Friends At ACRIA


Last night’s balmy weather brought an extra layer of warmth to the proceedings at the 13th Annual ACRIA Holiday Dinner and Silent Auction Benefit. But with everyone in the Urban Zen Center at Stephan Weiss Studio already so chummy, it was hardly necessary. “There’s really three degrees of separation here, so everyone feels really comfortable with each other,” said InStyle‘s Hal Rubenstein breezily. “This event usually kicks off the holiday season. It’s low- pressure, it’s not stuffy, everyone knows and respects the organization, and you get to buy a lot of great art. How bad could that be?” Guests like Adam Lippes, Allison Sarofim, Andre Balazs and Jenna Lyons dined in a candlelight-themed space—a decor that did double duty on the symbolism front, signifying both the light of hope for AIDS research and the holiday season. “We must find a cure,” said Donna Karan, one of the evening’s hosts. “But in the meantime, I think where Urban Zen comes in is by caring for the patient with their therapist program.” Co-host Francisco Costa donated a piece of art to the auction and was himself looking to pick up a few pieces to hang on his wall. “We all recycle, you know,” he said. “That’s creative, that’s good!”

Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

Blasblog From Rio: Francisco’s Brazilian Sojourn Sadly At End


It wasn’t too shocking to bump into Francisco Costa [seen here between Carlos Mota and Justin Portman] on the Fasano Hotel rooftop last night—he is Brazilian, after all. Still, the launch party for a fashion week devoted to swimwear wasn’t the first place I’d think to find the Calvin Klein designer. Turns out he was here for pleasure, not business. First, this past week in São Paolo, he was the first-ever winner of the Prêmio Moda Brasil womenswear award. (A friend of the designer called it the South American equivalent of a CFDA award, of which Costa has one too, natch). “That was a big honor for me,” Costa said. “My whole family came: my sister, my niece and my three brothers. It was a very big moment of pride.” After some more family time at the Costa compound nestled in the countryside a four-hour flight from Rio, the designer came here for the intimate concert by Caetano Veloso, whom Costa explained, is “like an icon down here.” As Veloso performed poolside, both with guitar and a cappella, Costa explained of the Oscar-nominated, activist musician who founded the Tropicalismo style, “He’s like the Bob Dylan of Brazil, one of the best songwriters ever.” (I wish I could say I agree with him, but my Romance languages are a bit rusty.) Sadly, this was Costa’s Brazilian swan song, as the designer is headed back to New York today. “I wish I could stay,” Costa said. “But it’s not like fall and pre-fall are going to design themselves.”

old hollywood: charismatic, but the underwear was hell



The movies sure aren’t what they used to be. That much was clear at last night’s Cinema Society screening of “Trumbo,” Peter Askin’s documentary about outspoken Oscar-winning screenwriter Dalton Trumbo (“Spartacus,” “The Brave One”) and the injustices of the McCarthy-era Hollywood blacklist. Talk, naturally, turned to the bad old good old days. Francisco Costa nominated Joan Crawford for baddest big-screen diva: “She really epitomized Hollywood in its best and its worst.” Meanwhile, cast member Josh Lucas sang the praises of Steve McQueen—”talk about a raw, masculine force”—and Paul Newman, who gave him a case of I’m-in-the-presence-of-greatness jitters a few years ago on the set of “Empire Falls.” But modern times have brought improvements, too. For starters, there’s that blacklist. And cast member Joan Allen said there’s one particularly restrictive aspect of classic Hollywood that she’s happy to see gone for good: “A lot of uncomfortable undergarments—those long bras that sort of cinch you in. Thank God!”

Photo: Billy Farrell / PatrickMcMullan