August 21 2014

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A New Reality—And A New Reality Show—At Tokyo Fashion Week


There were a couple of reasons why Tiffany Godoy’s launch on Saturday night for the latest issue of her magazine The Reality Show made a perfect full-stop for Tokyo’s fashion week. The most obvious was that the theme of the magazine was a handful of stylish young Japanese women incorporating Chanel couture into their everyday wardrobe (like the one at left)—and the week was dominated by Karl Lagerfeld’s multi-event launch of his latest project, The Little Black Jacket, with Carine Roitfeld styling 120 men, women, and children in one of Chanel’s most iconic pieces of clothing.

But it was actually The Reality Show‘s launch party itself that had more to say about the state of Japanese fashion. There could not have been a more stylish Saturday night crowd anywhere in the world. Not in any forced, self-conscious way, but simply because of the seemingly effortless subtlety with which Tokyo kids incorporate a fashion statement into their everyday wear. It might be ski-derived, or collegiate, or goth, or just plain old denim-based, but it demands a double take every time. If there is something curatorial about it, it’s scarcely academic. To me, it reads like a natural expression of an ongoing fascination with all life’s intricacies, and, in the face of what Japan has been through in the past 12 months, that seems like an optimistic impulse. There were other obvious tokens of upbeat—Kim Jones, in Tokyo for Louis Vuitton, said the menswear collection had sold half a million euros’ worth its first day on the shop floor. The Ferrari shop at the end of main shopping drag Omotesando had a big SOLD OUT sign in its window. And Tokyo is still the greatest city in the world for creative merchandising. The customized fittings in a tiny shop called The Soloist, the latest venture from Number (N)ine’s Takahiro Miyashita, were things of breathtaking beauty. The newly opened Daikanyama branch of book chain Tsutaya is easily the most inspiring bookstore I’ve ever been into. Continue Reading “A New Reality—And A New Reality Show—At Tokyo Fashion Week” »