August 27 2014

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Golfers, Beware Franz Ferdinand


They’re performing an acoustic set at Galleria Carla Sozzani tomorrow to accompany Pringle of Scotland’s show, but today Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy of Franz Ferdinand were hanging out in Pringle’s Milan showroom, talking about art and sweaters. They’re among the contemporary Scottish artists who’ve designed a limited-edition piece of knitwear as part of the imaginative initiative Pringle has launched with the Serpentine Gallery in London to mark the company’s 195th anniversary. (The others include Tilda Swinton, Douglas Gordon, and Ryan McGinley, who are all part of the latest ad campaign.) McCarthy called his sweater “Sign for Strength, Perseverance and Confidence.” He liked the motivational message, which he remembers from the sweater of a friend’s kid sister when he was 15. He also liked the fact that Pringle could duplicate his handwriting so accurately in cashmere thread. Kapranos’ top is named “The Execution of the Perfect Swing.” Where the logo would normally be, the tiny figure of a golfer swings on a gallows. “Golf had a such a strong social significance when I was growing up in Glasgow,” he explained. “It was the emblem of social climbing—and everything I wanted to rebel against it.” Golfers love Pringle, but Kapranos had been given carte blanche by the company, so he chose to see how far he could take his boyhood antipathy. Anyway, by their Pringles shall ye judge the Ferdinands. “I guess I’m positive,” said McCarthy. “And I must be the yang to his yin,” added Kapranos.

Photo: Courtesy of Pringle of Scotland

First Look: Lady In Rouge


Yesterday, we caught the first glimpse of Marion Cotillard as “Lady Rouge” in her latest campaign for the Lady Dior bag. Here’s your first look at the whole video, with Cotillard crooning Franz Ferdinand’s “The Eyes of Mars.” Our first thought: better than Nine!

Marion Cotillard Suits Us Fine


Marion Cotillard’s campaigns for Christian Dior to date have emphasized the screen siren’s ladylike beauty, so it’s a nice change to see her tapping into her masculin side in the next video, which goes up at this Friday. Cotillard takes a page from the book of Franz Ferdinand (who composed a song, “Eyes of Mars,” for her to sing in the Jonas Åkerlund-directed short) and suits up—in Dior, of course. The house gave us a sneak peek, above.

Photo: Courtesy of Dior

A Few Great Scots Take The Reins At Pringle


Pringle’s marriage of fashion and art has so far produced a David Shrigley film that’s a YouTube hit and Ryan McGinley’s hypnotic collaboration with Tilda Swinton. The three of them were involved in the company’s latest project, co-curated by Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist of London’s Serpentine Gallery, to mark Pringle’s 195th anniversary and the Serpentine’s 40th. A handful of contemporary Scottish artists—and a few special outsiders like Colette’s Sarah Lerfel and Corso Como’s Carla Sozzani—were invited to interpret the twinset and the argyle pattern, cornerstones of Pringle’s past.

Swinton re-created her grandmother’s cardigan in a color she called “glass green,” just about the most traditional Scottish shade you could imagine, complete with the darned sleeves and elbows she remembered, which honorary Scotsman Waris Ahluwalia then “couturized” with silver and enamel buttons and a thistle brooch. Shrigley named his fractured-argyle twinset “Annoying,” because he’d added a big label that stuck out in the annoying way labels stick out. McGinley’s piece, “John” (pictured), featured a black seagull against a white backdrop (Jonathan Livingston Seagull, for the record, because “my work is about being free as a bird,” said McGinley). And Scot-rockers Franz Ferdinand and Turner Prize winners Richard Wright and Douglas Gordon were still working on their twinsets, but, at today’s press conference at the Serpentine, Gordon promised a flesh-toned piece which would duplicate in intarsia-ed cashmere the tattoos that litter his torso. He reminded us all that part of Pringle’s rich Scottish heritage was that it was the football hooligan’s aspirational label, “and pink Pringle made you look extra-hard.” On cue, his mobile issued a blast of AC/DC. You’ll be able to buy Doug’s tats and all the other artists’ twinsets in editions of 195 at Pringle stores come September.

Photos: Courtesy of Pringle of Scotland