August 29 2014

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Hermès And Liberty Strike A Franco-British Alliance


Liberty prints meet Hermès scarves: an ingenious stroke of British-French entente cordiale was tied up and knotted in 52 perfectly nonchalant ways in London’s landmark store on Monday night. Liberty’s scarf room is playing host to Hermès for two months, and the byproductÔa series of floral Tana cotton lawn squares and men’s ties that have been over-printed with Hermès’ 1920′s Ex Libris pattern and horseshoes, respectively, had the curious streaming over the threshold to see what was going on. This kind of alignment between two bastions of national identity (cozy and arty on the English side; haughty on the French) just doesn’t come along that often. When guests including Dev Patel and Freida Pinto (they’re inseparable since Slumdog Millionaire) stepped inside, they were swept up in a Faubourg Saint-Honoré advanced crash course in scarf je ne sais quoi laid on by Hermès experts, and given the photographic evidence to take home. Fun as it was, the full detail of this linkup only became visible the next morning. Myriads of Hermès scarves are invitingly laid out, tied with witty flourishes to wall struts and styled with horseshoe toggles—all eminently try-on-able with the help of hand mirrors backed with orange Hermès packaging boxes (sadly not for sale; they could make a fortune on them). But most imaginative of all is the visual treat of the vast chandelier constructed of Liberty-Hermès flowered scarf squares that now twirls in the sunlight of the central atrium: one to put down as a must-visit sight when London fashion week kicks off on September 18.

Photo: Courtesy of Hermes

A Day In The Life: Noona Smith-Petersen, Milan’s Doyenne of Public Relations


10 a.m.
I went to see Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi [co-designers for Gianfranco Ferré; and Aquilano.Rimondi] at their showroom. We had a long talk about how to move forward now that they have become such credible, respected, and established names in the industry.

1 p.m.
I took a quick break for myself and, at the same time, managed to get Vanessa Friedman from the Financial Times to meet Tommaso and Roberto and to look at their collection.

4 p.m.
I got home and was starving! No time to eat. I grabbed a quick snack while hanging out with the kids and then took off to the Hotel Grand et de Milan, where I met up with Tim Blanks from Continue Reading “A Day In The Life: Noona Smith-Petersen, Milan’s Doyenne of Public Relations” »

Tonight’s Other Party Of The Year


There will be divas. Based on real-time accounts of Dolce & Gabbana‘s bosom-heaving front row this afternoon in Milan—Scarlett! Eva! Freida! Kate!—their Extreme Beauty in Vogue party tonight will be chockablock with bellissima. [The Moment]

Before Gwen Stefani was Gwen Stefani, she fronted No Doubt. In May, her ska-punk-rock band will perform on Gossip Girl, and legions of tweens will swoon. [Reuters]

Perfunctorily ousted from Valentino last season, Alessandra Facchinetti is rumored to be designing a women’s
for Tom Ford. That’s a
lot of former Gucci designers in one room. [Fashionologie]

No, the Times isn’t the first on the scene to the Snuggie phenomenon. But its hard-hitting report on the blanket with-arms’ serious electric-shock factor is a word of warning to any potential Snuggie convert.

Photos: Lester Cohen / WireImage; Tony Barson / WireImage; Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images; Elisabetta A. Villa / WireImage

The Choo-sen Ones


Tamara Mellon brought some extra buzz to Cecconi’s, the new Italian restaurant on Melrose at the old Morton’s address. Her pre-Oscars luncheon on Thursday, co-hosted by fellow Brit Diana Jenkins, had the place packed. “A lot of ladies! Tamara attracts the best,” Elizabeth Banks concluded after a quick scan of the room. Debra Messing, Jamie Tisch and other done-up Angelenos chit-chatted over Champagne and lobster salad; with so many girls in the room, the burden of masculinity was left almost entirely to bear by Valentino and Elton John. During dessert, Mellon, who has temporarily set up shop at the Peninsula, mused over which proven Jimmy Choo fans might swing by for some Oscars footwear (Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank, newcomer Freida Pinto?). Mainly, though, the London-based entrepreneur was taking a break from her busy schedule to catch up with LA friends. “I love to do things that are intimate, where I can see everybody,” she explained. The paparazzi swarming outside Cecconi’s by the end of the three-hour get-together couldn’t have agreed more.

Photo: Richard Young