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Pringle Shows Some Skin


Pringle of Scotland prefers to pick its own countrywomen for its ad campaigns—see the previous Ryan McGinley-lensed Tilda Swinton shots for proof. (Or better, check out our video featuring Ryan and Tilda, self-proclaimed “brothers from another mother.”) For Spring 2011, the label tapped the Scottish actress Freya Mavor, who stars in the cult-adored English TV series Skins. (Think of it as a U.K. Gossip Girl: The show, which also helped to launch the career of best-dressed bloke of 2010 Nicholas Hoult, is a raunchy, sex-filled teen drama—one that MTV is adapting for American audiences this season.) The ads were shot by renowned photographer Walter Pfeiffer, working on his first-ever global campaign for a fashion brand. He’s Swiss—but the Scots can’t have ‘em all. Continue Reading “Pringle Shows Some Skin” »