July 24 2014

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A First Look at Des Kohan’s Newest Designer Capsule Collection



L.A.-based store owner Desiree Kohan is a veteran of exclusive collaborations, with a roster of past partners that includes Alaïa, Chalayan, and Juan Carlos Obando. For the latest capsule collection for her namesake boutique, Des Kohan, which has become one of the city’s most well-regarded shopping destinations over the past ten years, she sought out fellow Angeleno, jeweler Gabriela Artigas.

Comprised of six distinct pieces that marry Japanese cultivated pearls and oversize vintage spheres with Artigas’ already architectural designs, the range of chokers, cuffs, pendants, and earrings is anything but ornate. “I love the modernity and timelessness of the pearl, and I knew she would have the right understanding on how to work with a perfect sphere,” Kohan tells

Artigas articulated the collaboration as a way of furthering their existing relationship (the store was one of the first to carry her line) and creating a capsule of wearable art. Working off of Kohan’s original inspiration, Artigas found ways to bring her own designs back to their roots in an inventive way. “The collection is a blend between elegance and architecture,” Artigas said of pairing the pearls with Kohan’s vision. “They’re the kind of pieces that you wear and immediately evoke the grace and pureness of being a woman.” Here, a first look at the pieces.

The collection (from $276 to $1,955) will be available beginning July 17 at Des Kohan, 671 South Cloverdale Avenue, Los Angeles, and on

Photo: Courtesy Photo

Des Kohan’s Wedding Dress Requirements


When fashion folk get married, they don’t exactly head to Kleinfeld’s. Often as not, they’ll ring up a designer to have something semi-original whipped up, with shoes, hair, and makeup all following in the same vein. It’s exactly this insider perk that Des Kohan boutique owner Desiree Kohan is providing for her clientele. “We have the designers themselves come in for fittings,” explains Kohan from her Los Angeles store. “We do what we’d do for a friend.” Those designers include CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist Juan Carlos Obando, Vicente Vallarin, and Kohan herself. Matching shoes are ordered up from Azzedine Alaïa or Hussein Chalayan and jewelry appears from Gabriela Artigas. She’ll even sort out marital minutiae like hairpieces, tights, and lingerie. The designer-retailer recently cemented the service in place with the addition of a private tea salon for fittings and meetings. One caveat: Not everyone gets to achieve insta-VIP girlfriend status. “We do an interview and if we click, we move forward,” she explains. Frothy would-be bridezilla (be honest, girls, you know who you are) need not apply.

Photo: Marcio Madeira

Juan Carlos Obando Is Available For Purchase


For a man whose fashion sensibilities are unapologetically fantastic, Juan Carlos Obando can be surprisingly brass tacks. “You know me: If you see it, it’s for sale,” said Obando of the coiled necklaces he showed with his Fall ’09 collection on Wednesday. “I don’t do styling pieces.” Designed by Obando in collaboration with Gabriela Artigas, the necklaces are made of Mexican snake chain, and they are much lighter than they appear. “They look like they’d weigh a ton, but the silver is hollow,” Obando explains. “Which makes it really flexible, too. Easy to work with, easy to wear.” Obando’s interest in fashion practicality has its limits, however. When asked about the hair at his show—the models were coiffed in short, swirling, up-swept ‘dos—the designer just smiled. “It’s a fashion show,” he noted. “There’s got to be some fantasy.”

Photo: Marcio Madeira