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Spare Shoes, Interns, And Other Fashion Week Necessities


Despite an especially unwieldy blizzard last night, a sizable (and somehow still stiletto-clad) crowd descended upon Drive-In Studios for Gen Art’s New Garde event, which paid homage to a handful of burgeoning talents. Fall ’10 fashions from Sophomore, Nomia, Gar-de, and WesFeld were all on display. WesFeld is the brainchild of Project Runway alums Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault, and reality TV was well represented in the crowd: Fellow Runway-ites Stella B. Zotis and Kenley Collins stopped in, as did the camera-mad Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen from The Real Housewives of NYC. Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter also showed, up in soaked shoes, to support his friend, Sophomore designer Chrissie Miller. He offered some sage advice for those looking to survive the week and the weather in one piece: “You need a good jacket and high spirits for fashion week…and a change of shoes.”

Miller herself was in the middle of a lookbook photo shoot—one she opted to do live on site, for the benefit of onlookers…but offered some advice of her own: “Be choosy—you don’t need to go to everything.” There were no famous pals serving as models this time around (instead, she used interns and friends of friends), but fans of Miller’s previous video lookbook needn’t fret; another video by Cass Bird is in the works, too. “Now I feel like I have to see a video,” Miller said. “I’m trained now that I want to see the clothes moving. But we did such a good one last time, we’ve got to outdo ourselves.” We’ll expect big things from her, well, sophomore effort.

Photo: Courtesy of Gen Art