July 25 2014

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And Gareth Makes Three


Things really do happen in threes. Gareth Pugh joins Roland Mouret and Matthew Williamson in next season’s freshman menswear class. Clearly there’s something in the water over in London Town.

The Queen goes vintage, eats leftovers, and turns out the lights. What’s next, bathes without bottled water?

Louis Vuitton pulls the plug on its ginormous Ginza flagship. Apparently a ten-floor boutique tower is expensive.

Lydia Hearst gets the intern outfit half right: cup of coffee, pair of glasses…and a shirt as a dress. So close!

Betsey Johnson and Carmen Marc Valvo will leave Bryant Park for cheaper climes this February. Without Betsey, who will throw us a magical tea party or invite us to prom? Wherever she decides to show better be big enough for cartwheels.

Blasblog From Moscow: Pugh Times Three


Remember back when we were little, that group of cool girls that would show up in homeroom all dressed alike? Maybe it was an I.O.U. turtleneck sweatshirt (or were those only big in Missouri?), or maybe it was a fancy pair of stonewashed jeans with a zipper at the bottom—which, strangely, is very Balmain Spring 2009, now that I think about it. Not that it was limited to the ladies. I can remember coordinating my fuchsia Umbro shorts with friends on more than one occasion. Well, this weekend in Moscow, three of London’s coolest broads brought back this dress-alike trend, albeit raising the bar on the chic factor. Instead of Z. Cavariccis, they were all in different variations of a Gareth Pugh Fall 2008 print. That’s jewelry designer Eugenie Niarchos in a minidress that has a smaller version of the black and white optical illusion pattern, artist Olympia Scarry in a larger version in leggings form, and Harrods brand ambassador Camilla Al Fayed in the same larger print, but cut into a minidress. Scarry mixed hers with a pair of Chloé boots, to which she seems awfully partial. Niarchos went minimal with a tiny belt. And Al Fayed blinged hers up with an oversize chain-link necklace covered in pavé diamonds. “We are the same, but very, very different, too,” Niarchos smiled, adding that they all picked up traditional Russian fur hats while they were in Moscow. So maybe the triplet look won’t end here.

Photo: Derek Blasberg

Gareth Pugh’s X-mas: A Little Merry, Mostly Scary


If Darth Vader celebrated the yuletide, he’d have to call Gareth Pugh to score the Christmas tree the designer just created for Topshop’s Westfield store. Futuristic and unencumbered by tinsel and tchotchkes, the tree is simply sixty fluorescent “light sabres” angled in the shape of branches with a metal rod as the trunk.

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trick or treat


We’ve been back from Paris for just over a week, so we’re still in process mode—trying to parse the meaning of Spring’s sheer dresses, and the reasons why designers as different as Calvin Klein‘s Francisco Costa and Donatella Versace added all manner of geometric flaps and appendages to their clothes. With Halloween on the horizon, we couldn’t help but notice that many of Spring’s more eccentric creations seem tailor-made for a costume party—a very, very chic costume party. Sophia Kokosalaki‘s Egypt collection provided ample material for any gal with an Elizabeth Taylor fixation; the only thing missing from her modern-day Cleopatras was the electric-blue eyeshadow. Is Disney more your speed? This Dolce & Gabbana dress comes complete with Minnie Mouse ears. Speaking of fauna, Moschino Cheap & Chic had a beautiful butterfly-wing gown. Should you prefer a more postmodern getup, may we suggest something from Gareth Pugh‘s first-ever Paris show? As Tim Blanks put it in our review, the vibe was very “Joan Crawford meets Predator.” Along similar lines, John Galliano showed a look best described as one part Napoleon, another part Josephine. For more on the shows, click here. But may we remind you, getting your hands on any one of these looks by October 31 will take the skills of a pro. If you don’t already have your own stylist on speed dial, you’re probably better off at Ricky’s.

Photo: Marcio Madeira

got the credit crunch woes? check out some feel-good art


Against the odds, Matthew Stone has gathered 17 artists at London’s Hannah Barry Gallery for a show titled “Optimism: The Art of Our Time,” and an accompanying catalog. Working mainly in stone, metal, concrete, wood, glass, and gold, these artists create art that’s built to last through the credit crunch. “Through an unequivocally sincere take on the theme, the show takes a determined stand against cynicism and apathy,” says Stone, who’s best known for his sprawling, vibrant salons, collaborative exhibitions, and stints DJing for his mate Gareth Pugh‘s runway shows. He also maintains two Web sites, ( and to help those home alone to catch the spirit of collectivity—and maybe transmit a little e-goodwill.

Photo: Courtesy of Matthew Stone