September 3 2014

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True Prep:’s Fashion Week Essentials


Today on, fashion insiders including Joseph Altuzarra, Eddie Borgo, Gucci Westman, and Elin Kling all revealed their fail-safe tricks for making it through the New York fashion week marathon. Whether it’s a BluePrint Cleanse (like The Standard Hotel’s Joey Jalleo), a fierce new Tom Ford lipstick (like photographer Candice Lake), or extra sex before the shows kick off (like makeup artist Dick Page), everyone has their fashion week vices. Below,’s editors share their secrets to a successful week.

Dirk Standen, editor in chief
“An ample supply of Nespresso coffee pods.”

Nicole Phelps, executive editor
“I left my favorite light-blue jean skirt from the dearly departed label Lyell on MetroNorth this weekend. I’m crossing my fingers that it turns up in lost-and-found. If it doesn’t, I expect I’ll be wearing my new Genetic Denim black Adriane flares more than I originally planned.”

Tim Blanks, editor at large
“Blue Point oysters, Berocca, and room service at the Ace Hotel.”

Marina Larroude, senior market editor
“Days before, I always stop at Rita Hazan’s salon for a cut with Andre Rodman and highlights with color guru Adrian Wallace. And, to treat myself before the craziness, a microdermabrasion facial at the La Prairie Spa feels like a dream. I also can never get enough of J. Crew and Uniqlo crewneck sweaters, so this season I’m adding bright hues to my classic gray collection.”

Matthew Schneier, senior news editor
“Short of an X Men-like ability to alter weather patterns, there’s no doubt that my number one fashion week essential this year is going to be a sturdy umbrella. Don’t do what I did and look at—it’s too dispiriting. Just buy a good, bag-sized one and carry it everywhere. Century 21 is a great place to stock up on them.”

Celia Ellenberg, senior beauty editor
“My black Havaianas. I step it up a notch with the footwear for NYFW, which means ‘commuter shoes’ become key for covering the kind of ground I need to cover. The best part about the Spring shows is that it’s still warm enough to get away with flip-flops—which also happen to fit nicely in most backstage-appropriate bags.”

Meenal Mistry, contributing editor
“I swear by Sisley’s Ecological Compound for making it look like you actually got a full night’s rest, when indeed nothing could be further from the truth. And I could never leave the house without a pair of Repetto’s stretch satin BB ballet flats. When there are no taxis to be found, they’re God’s gift to the showgoer.”

Maya Singer, special projects editor
“A blow-out. Colin McCarthy at Bumble and Bumble is my fashion week savior. If I can’t get in to see him before the shows start, it’s pretty much top-knot city for me all week long.”

Brittany Adams, associate fashion editor
“I finally gave in and bought an iPad. Even though I could’ve used the money on clothes, it will be invaluable for writing reviews on the go, and of course, the awesome app!”

Kristin Studeman, associate news editor
“In addition to an extra-large cup (or several) of Stumptown coffee in the morning, chic raingear might be the most important thing to have this week. I am in love with the Marc Jacobs panther umbrella at the moment, and I’m thinking I might need to get a pair of Loeffler Randall rain boots.”

Jessica Minkoff, editorial coordinator
“My Hermès Collier de Chien. My grandmother bought me this bracelet for graduation and I hate taking it off. I feel like it has become a street-style icon and during fashion week, you can never have too many of those.”

From top left to right: J.Crew cashmere long-sleeve tee, $158, available at; The Breslin at the Ace Hotel; Nespresso; Marc Jacobs panther umbrella, $60, available at; Havaiana sandals, $18, available at; Bumble and Bumble salon.

Photos: Courtesy Photos

The Princess Wore Jeans


Tonight, Princess Madeleine of Sweden hits New York to fête her latest charitable initiative: denim. The princess has partnered with Genetic Denim to design a limited-edition pair of jeans benefiting the World Childhood Foundation, the philanthropic organization founded by her mother, Queen Silvia of Sweden. For each pair of the Maria’s—named for a little girl helped by the foundation—$50 will be donated to the WCF. They’ll be available from January 30 to February 15 next year at Genetic Denim’s own site and international retailers. Each pair is stitched with a special the Maria’s label, and tagged with the original Maria’s story (below). It’s a sad one, but each purchase helps assure that it won’t be the same for the next little girl. That’s something to feel good about—and the fact that the chic stretch flares, in a standard and a dark indigo, are bang on trend is just icing on the cake. Continue Reading “The Princess Wore Jeans” »

Jean Splicing The Genetic Denim Way


If fit is priority numero uno when buying denim, feel is definitely numero dos. Maybe the gold miners of old had to do it that way, but there’s no reason a twenty-first-century girl should have to wake up to the prospect of wrestling herself into a pair of jeans with all the pliancy of cardboard. Mornings are hard enough already! This much, Genetic Denim creative director Ali Fatourechi comprehends—he’s made a compulsion of sourcing denim that wears like well-washed pajama bottoms, and at his brand’s first-ever fashion week presentation, he’s letting attendees get up close and personal with the stuff. The presentation on Friday evening is composed of two installations: The first is a willow tree made out of Genetic Denim, its branches bending toward the floor; the second is an interactive performance where guests will be invited to cut pieces of denim off the models posing in Genetic’s Spring ’10 jeans. This is a rather delicate procedure, which Fatourechi says is the point. “We really want people to be immersed in the fabric, constantly touching and feeling,” he notes. “I mean, there’s nothing more sensual, or even autoerotic, than taking a blade and cutting a piece of fabric off someone. You have to be gentle. The person has to trust you. It’s an exchange.” If all that sounds a little, well, intense for fashion week, that’s no real surprise, given that the denim shearing was inspired by Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece. (Ono: Spring ’10 muse, apparently.) The tree, meanwhile, was inspired by a proverb beloved of Fatourechi’s grandfather. “A tree that bears fruit bends over,” he repeats. “The tree that bears nothing stands tall.” Something to parse between shows.

Who Needs Culver City?


L.A. might’ve lost its official fashion week earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean the city is entirely bereft of fashion shows. They’re just sprouting up in unlikely places—for instance, the shopping mecca The Grove. Tomorrow night, Barneys Co-Op labels Trovata, Petro Zillia, Genetic Denim, Ever, and Twelfth Street Cynthia Vincent will kick off the new Fashion @ The Grove series with a catwalk presentation of their Spring collections. “There is an unbelievable amount of talent here on the West Coast,” says designer Michelle Mason, who will show her Mason collection (pictured at left). “I’m excited that all who enjoy fashion will have the opportunity to experience this show.” She means it when she says “all.” The runway show and designer meet-and-greet start at 9 p.m. along The Grove’s Bow Street, and it’s open to the public. Even better, Barneys will stay open late for a post-show shopping event in case you see something you simply must have.

Photo: Courtesy of Barneys Co-Op

In The Kitchen With Anna Boiardi


The fashion industry is a hotbed of hidden talents, but perhaps no secret skill set comes in for as much appreciation, around these underfed parts, as cooking. To wit: On Tuesday night, Genetic Denim international sales director Anna Boiardi invited a few fashion insiders over to her Tribeca apartment for a cooking class, and naturally, the emphasis was on easy-to-make Italian cuisine. “Naturally,” because Boiardi’s grandfather was Chef Boiardi, better known to millions of Americans as Chef Boyardee, the guy on the ravioli tin. “Everyone in my family cooks,” acknowledged Boiardi, as she tutored several culinarily dyslexic style VIPs in the art of chopping tomatoes, which were to be roasted with onions and parmesan for a sauceless summer pasta. As Boiardi went on to note, her grandmother has been as big a cooking influence on her as her famous grandpa—this September, she’s launching a line of desserts, Sweet Traditions, that are based on her grandmother’s recipes. “It’s all about baking with olive oil,” she explained. “We don’t usually think about doing that, but it’s really a great flavor.” A few of Boiardi’s baked treats were lurking in the apartment, but temptation was held at bay by the rack of Genetic jeans standing in the corner. The company’s signature style is a legginglike cigarette jean—a silhouette that sums up all the fashionista reasons for steering clear of the kitchen.

Photo: Courtesy of Anna Boiardi