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holey grail: james jeans presents the perfect ripped denim


Used to be, the best way to give your spanking-new jeans some character was to klutz out and hope for an artful snag or two. James Jeans, however, has concocted a more genteel solution: Last night, the brand fêted its new capsule collection of organic, eco-friendly jeans by inviting partygoers to take home a pair customized with rips and tears. Arden Wohl and Genevieve Jones were among the guests at the Emmanuelle Chriqui-hosted event to create their dream jeans, selecting one of three styles, specifying wash and hardware, and sketching in their damage requests on an order form. The pair worn by James founder Seun Lim, however, had come by its character more, ahem, organically. “We’re doing a limited edition from a special selvedge I got in Australia,” Lim explained. “A friend of mine found these bolts of denim at a flea market, and he bought them before asking and then told me I had to fly down to Australia to check the stuff out.” Turned out, once she’d peeled away a few layers of rot, Lim had stumbled upon a trove of denim many decades old. “It’s the kind of denim you don’t really find anymore—it’s just cotton, and the weave is a little flawed,” she noted. “But it’s also the type where, when you put in the wash, it just naturally gets that really great fade.”

Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage

lisa marie fernandez, bikini queen


My reaction to hearing that a cool stylist has whipped up a little collection is the polar opposite to the eye-rolling exasperation triggered by the latest pop tart doing, say, T-shirts. So I was thrilled this week to run into Lisa Marie Fernandez, who told me she has a new line of swimwear. Unwittingly, Fernandez has been researching a bathing suit collection all her life. She’s studied girls on beaches all over the world—Vietnam, Bali, India, St. Bart’s—and claims to be able to pinpoint nationality by bikini alone. Her own closet hold over 300 bikinis, tankinis, maillots, and what have you, ranging from $25 nothings to $700 somethings that naturally don’t get wet. (This is a girl who has her tailor refit her swimwear!) Her collection, however, called Lisa Marie Fernandez, harkens back to the suits she and her business partner/childhood friend Kristi Zoldi wore as girls in the eighties. Crafted from a luxurious neoprene-like material—that’s never been used for swim before—they’re clean-lined, with some styles color-blocked and zippered like scuba suits. It’s a sexy, strong, athletic look that’s very Ursula Andress-as-Bond girl. The different styles are named after friends who would actually wear them, e.g., the KK scuba suit-like halter bikini for surfing Kelly Klein; the Genevieve with a higher-cut bottom preferred by Genevieve Jones; and the Leigh (above), a zippered black bustier bikini loved by Leigh Lezark. Fernandez has been showing them all week to the likes of Barneys and Kirna Zabête. Best of all, these are made to use. “They look better wet,” says Fernandez.

Photo: Courtesy of Lisa Marie Fernandez

the hardest-working jewelry designer in new york


Genevieve Jones, the party girl-turned-sorta socialite-turned-jewelry designer, has become pretty efficient when it comes to her nighttime activities. Although it would not have been a surprise to see her out every single evening during fashion weeks of yester-season, she claims she’s much more civilized now. “I have stuff to do,” she said. “I’m a working woman.” Hence her minute-by-minute planning of last night’s cocktailing. Her first stop was at a party that Harper’s Bazaar hosted for cover star Tyra Banks, which she fortuitously left with cover photographer Alexi Lubomirski just as Banks was entering (“Alexi, my looove!” Banks crooned). In rapid succession came a cameo at the Stuart Weitzman store opening on the Upper East Side; a stop at the Empire Hotel, for a screening of Tinsley Mortimer‘s cameo in the season opener of Gossip Girl; and the last minutes of the Model.Live party, which was hosted by Jacquetta Wheeler and Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann at the Bowery Hotel. Finally, Jones meandered down to Serge Becker’s new place on Lafayette, Café Select, for the MAC dinner hosted by Fergie. Now the trick will be to see if she can, in fact, take the rest of the week off. “This was my big night out,” she said, saying she’s back to business as usual today. Maybe. “But I did promise I’d go to that La Perla party. And André 300- has his line’s launch at Barneys. And the Christie’s party. And then that has a dinner. So maybe I’ll go out tomorrow night, too.” That’s always how it starts, Genevieve.


Genevieve Jones’ Thailand Diary


It’s no secret that I am truly in love with Thailand, so when production for my jewelry line calls me to Siam, there’s hardly an eyebrow that isn’t raised when I tell my friends I’m off to work.

Thailand offers so many luxurious small distractions that business can’t help but feel like pleasure! The perfect place to stay in Bangkok is the Mandarin Oriental, which is on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The hotel is simply flawless. I can’t find a single thing I dislike about it, although if you’re allergic to vases of black orchids and baskets of fresh organic fruit, I recommend that you steer clear. The place is absolutely brimming with both.

Meditation is taken very seriously in Thailand, and every morning before beginning my work I take time to meditate in the garden. It really helps to improve concentration, focus, and memory. I hope I don’t forget a thing, because this time around, I learned some special techniques from a wonderful old jeweler who’s been perfecting the skills his father taught him for over 35 years! There are so many artisans here who love to share the knowledge of their craft.

No trip to Thailand is complete without stopping by the Phi Phi Islands, which are just an hour south of Bangkok. I always make time to visit them. The water is pure crystal blue and there is absolutely no shortage of waterfalls and hidden pools to bathe and swim in. While staying at a friend’s villa here, we were treated by some kind locals to bowls of bird’s nest soup, a delicacy I had been unaware of. It was delicious, and the red blood nests are said to be ridiculously beneficial for the immune system. Perfect to sip before the long flight back home to New York!