August 20 2014

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Milan’s Great Escapes: Lago Maggiore


Milan is one of the world’s best transit towns, a fact that more than makes up for its never-ending traffic and the smog that blankets the city. offers mini-itineraries of interesting places to visit that are close enough to the city to be accessible but far enough away to give you a break.

Lago Maggiore may not be framed by Lake Como’s dramatic mountains or have the celebrity pull of a heavyweight like Clooney, but for those in search of simple pleasures, this is your place. For your first stop, head from Stresa directly to the lake’s islands. The Isola dei Pescatori is easy to reach; it has a small shingle beach for swimmers and the island’s Hotel Verbano offers a shaded terrace restaurant with beautiful views of the lake. The magnificent Borromean Islands are a short traghetto ride away. The loveliest island is the Isola Bella, whose palace and terraced gardens are open to visitors. If you have more time to spare, head across the lake to the Eremo di Santa Caterina, a thirteenth-century stone monastery slotted precariously into the cliff face. Climb up to see beautiful portico-framed vistas, and look out for the mummified Saint Alberto Besozzi inside.

Stars Check Out Their Penthouse Shots in Room 23


The stars came out on Tuesday night for a cocktail soirée at the Peninsula in Beverly Hills to toast the publication of Room 23, a photography book shot entirely inside the iconic hotel. “Today has been exactly a year since we started the project,” said creator Diana Jenkins, clad in Louis Vuitton. “I love all of the portraits, but I think Kid Rock’s is my favorite.” The 365-page tome tells the story of a year in the life of a penthouse suite through images shot by photographer Deborah Anderson. “I’m so flattered—almost more than anything I’ve ever done—because she had her choice of anyone,” said the book’s cover model, Cindy Crawford, of Anderson’s dust-jacket pick. “The day I shot, Lindsay Lohan and Kenny G were there,” the Chanel-clad supe recalled. “I mean, what did the hotel doorman think was going on in that room?” Each star featured in the book, from a cocktail-swigging George Clooney to a nude Jessica Stam, was given the chance to art-direct their own shoot. The result? Minnie Driver eating fries and a sundae in the loo; Tamara Mellon in the bathtub with Christian Slater; and Gina Gershon being arrested by two police officers. Guests such as Sir Elton John, Lohan, and Gavin Rossdale joined the crowd of subjects and readers bidding on select portraits. “I am overwhelmed seeing it all, since I literally just finished it three weeks ago,” Anderson said, in drapey fuchsia Lanvin. “The Peninsula just fits the personalities in this book. It’s elegant and graceful, just like Diana.”

Clockwise from top left: Deborah Anderson and Cindy Crawford; Sir Elton John; Lindsay Lohan and Diana Jenkins; Gina Gershon.

Photo: Patrick McMullan

it’s official: chinatown is NYC’s next shopping frontier


If you haven’t already gotten the memo, shopping in Soho and the West Village is passé. Skip the tourists and the Marc Jacobs theme park and head to Chinatown, although we’re sure you’ve been boutique-ing there already.

Thanks to the lusty predilections of his character in Burn After Reading, George Clooney may have a new product line to endorse: sex toys. Your reasons for wanting to see the movie just increased tenfold, didn’t they?

Barack Obama likes to keep his distance from Hollywood’s PYTs: First the Democratic nominee denied his e-mail relationship with Scarlett, and now he’s (politely) declined Lindsay‘s. offer to help with his campaign. Ooh, snub; but how refreshingly presidential.

Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage