April 19 2014

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Net-a-Porter’s True Originals


Marina Abramovic's jumpsuits for Net-a-PorterAnyone pondering the future of couture needs to check out what Net-a-Porter is cooking up for fall. On Wednesday, Net-a-Porter’s fashion director, Holli Rogers, invited a handful of editors to the Palais de Tokyo to catch a glimpse of how the e-tailer is moving the needle: Come September, the site will be selling one-off couture-inspired creations by contemporary artists George Condo, Terence Koh, Vik Muniz, Marina Abramovic, and Mickalene Thomas. Dubbed Art Capsul, the project was curated by Stacy Engman, an art-world veteran and fashion devotee, who approached the artists about creating garments inspired by the tradition of haute couture. “I wanted the artists to use their artwork to conceive a garment from beginning to end,” said Engman. “The process in fashion and in art is very similar in that both artists and designers are striving to create visual experiences that did not exist before. But this project is about contemporary art, and that is about the future. It’s just that this is art that can be worn.” No fashion designer is affiliated with this project.

As it turns out, Abramovic had been mulling the idea for a couple of decades: Her “jumpsuit of the century” is actually a set of seven jumpsuits in various colors, inspired by the planets. (Mars is blue; Mercury, red; Venus, white; etc.) She strategically incorporated magnets into the wares for their energetic properties. Koh dreamed up a coat covered in 20,000 pearls of different sizes, while Condo delivered a cheeky little topper with fur trim and pom-pom ties. “The whole point was to challenge people’s ideas about what we’re doing,” explained Rogers. “It’s art, it’s fashion, and you can wear it if it suits you.” Not to mention your wallet: These pieces are slated to be sold at “art-world prices.” And while the price tags for these one-of-a-kind wares aren’t yet confirmed, we have a feeling that Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall ’13 Lava dress, which is set to retail on Net-a-Porter this month for about $48,873, might just seem like a steal in comparison.

Photo: Courtesy of Net-a-porter

George Condo Wants To Dress Mel Gibson As Jesus, Make Some “Crazy, Sparkly Outfits” Like At The Victoria’s Secret Show


Artist George Condo is having a pretty major moment: A retrospective of his work is on view at the New Museum, he’s worked with Adam Kimmel to create masks for his menswear shows (not to mention lent some of his signature gargoyle-ish motifs to Kimmel’s collections), and was tapped by Kanye West to design not only the cover for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but also a series of limited-edition scarves. But when caught up with Condo at last night’s Party in the Garden at MoMA (special guest performer: Kanye West), we learned that he’s not ready to give up fashion just yet.

You’ve just finished working on a series of scarves with Kanye West. What’s next?
I want to do clothes. You know those crazy, sparkly outfits they have at the Victoria’s Secret runway show? I want to do something like that, but a full outfit.

Who would you like to design one for?
I wouldn’t mind designing one for Rihanna or…who is my favorite one? [He turns to ask his wife.] Beyoncé! I would love to do Mel Gibson and dress him as Jesus all over again. Oh, and I would love to do a suit for Kanye.

What would Kanye’s look like?
It would be something really tough. Sort of like an old-fashioned tux but made out of a different material. Maybe entirely black silk?

Tell me about your first meeting with him.
He came to the studio to look at the paintings and was very alive. I was excited to hear what he was doing and he was excited by what I was doing and then he blasted out “Power.” It was so loud and so mind-blowing.

Photo: Owen Hoffmann / Patrick McMullan

Kanye West X George Condo X M/M Paris Hits The Web


Rapper/producer/style savant/Tory Burch menswear test case Kanye West made fashion headlines (again) when he reached out to M/M Paris’ Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag to create a limited range of scarves based on the George Condo paintings that he commissioned for his latest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. (Condo’s image of an angel in flagrante made the cover—where, that is, it wasn’t censored.) News on the scarves has been circulating, but the scarves themselves have yet to go on sale. That changes Monday, when they go hit and Colette, in editions of 100. The five designs include a take on the album’s cover (“Phoenix,” below); a crowned, perhaps Kanye-esque head stuck with a sword (“Power,” bottom); two screaming faces (“Face” and “Priest”); and our favorite, “Ballerina” (above). The French-made, silk twill scarves all feature Condo’s paintings, with hand-lettered borders by M/M Paris. €250 and one’s yours. Continue Reading “Kanye West X George Condo X M/M Paris Hits The Web” »

Crystal’s New Campaign, The Nutty Dressers Get Together, Kimmel Calls On Condo, And More…


Crystal Renn’s latest coup revealed: the holy grail of campaigns, Chanel (above). Karl Lagerfeld shot Renn and Baptiste Giabiconi in Paris for the new ads. [Fashionista]

Lynn Yaeger convenes the “nutty-dressers’ convention” at the Carlyle Hotel, inviting New York’s chicest ladies-of-a-certain-age (including the legendary Iris Barrel Apfel) for a talk about their wild, Comme des Garçons-stuffed closets. What do you do, Yaeger wonders, when you need to dress for a business meeting or a funeral? Apfel’s response: “Who would want to dress for that? Those are life’s dreadful experiences!” [The Moment]

Speaking of Comme des Garçons, Adam Kimmel worked with the label on a series of limited-edition tees, to be sold at CdG, Isetan, and Dover Street Market. An illustration by George Condo—who created the awesome, creepy masks for the designer’s Fall ’10 show—features a stylish old gent, Uncle Harry, kitted out in Kimmel. [Hint Mag]

Don’t stop the presses: Britain’s least-reputable tabloid claims Kate Moss and Jamie Hince got married. [Fashionologie]

And don’t stop the bookbinders, either: Tinsley Mortimer—whose High Society reality show will not be returning—is apparently penning a novel. [Page Six]

Photo: Karl Lagerfeld/Courtesy of Chanel

Paris Menswear: You Can Bet On Adam Kimmel


You can only bring up the “American in Paris” angle so many times, but, fact is, Adam Kimmel’s experiences in France have followed in the grand tradition of all those American artists who were liberated by Europe. And this time, he brought New York painter George Condo, one of his heroes, to up the ante—literally. Kimmel’s new “Casino” collection was inspired by Condo’s obsession with gambling, and alongside the designer’s ingeniously tweaked outerwear and soberly luxurious basics, he showed outfits for a sharp-dressing high roller. Particularly interesting was the striped suit, just this side of loud, which was an energized new place for Kimmel to be. There was also a baccarat-printed bomber jacket, and a robe printed with a roulette table. Lay it flat, set up a wheel, and you’ve got yourself a game. The model sporting that particular piece was doing some flabbergasting card tricks. Still, the crowd at the Yvon Lambert Gallery didn’t catch on that it was David Blaine (he’s the Great White-baiting star of the film Kimmel made to go with for his Spring collection), mainly because Blaine’s face was concealed under a huge and hideous prosthetic mask. Condo designed 18 of them in his signature mutant style, which also turn up in Kimmel’s lookbook. Paired with the clothes in those pictures, the masks look surreal but painterly and refined, like museum pieces from a far-reaching exhibition. But in the flesh, they were fabulously, repellently cartoon-ish, somewhere between MAD Magazine and The Hills Have Eyes. The audience goggled while Condo’s monsters gambled and Kimmel beat the odds on matching last season’s cowboy triumph (whose accompanying images by Marlboro Man photog Jim Krantz are, by the way, currently on view at Colette).
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Photos: Karl Hab