September 2 2014

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House of Versace Is Coming to a TV Screen Near You


Gina Gershon

Among designers, Donatella Versace’s story is one of the more dramatic ones. Here is a woman who has dealt with family tragedy, betrayal, addiction, and disapproving male authorities, and seems to have come out fabulously on top. You might say her tale has the makings of a Lifetime movie.

Which is exactly what it is now. Last night, the likes of Helena Christensen and Michael Stipe headed to the Museum of Modern Art, where the network screened its new biopic, House of Versace, with the Cinema Society. Like the book on which it’s based—Deborah Ball’s attention-getting 2010 exposé —the telefilm is unauthorized by its subject. The house of Versace didn’t participate in the Lifetime movie and dismissed it in a recent statement as “a work of fiction.”

That said, star Gina Gershon has the designer’s self-presentation down pat: the mannerisms, the sense of humor, the distinctively indistinct approach to English. Gershon smoked “one or two packs a day” to prepare for the role, she explained before last night’s screening, and walked around in higher heels than usual to perfect the gait. To keep her face resembling Versace’s as the years passed, Gershon added, “I tried a little bit of cotton, a little bit of gum. It kept falling out. I ended up using Scotch tape.” Hey, it’s a TV movie.

Director Sara Sugarman attended the same arts school as a child as Naomi Campbell, and considered reaching out. “I wanted to, but they thought it was a bad idea,” she explained. “I think they thought our budget was stretched enough without getting Naomi Campbell to be in one scene.”

House of Versace airs on Lifetime on Saturday, October 5, at 8 p.m.

Photo:Matteo Prandoni/

House of Ver-sase?


Gina Gershon and Donatella Versace

Gina Gershon—actress of Face/Off, P.S. I Love You, and, yes, Showgirls fame—has been tapped to play Donatella Versace in the upcoming made-for-TV biopic House of Versace. We don’t suspect there will be a pronunciation slipup in honor of Gershon’s Showgirls co-star, Elizabeth Berkley, but we definitely wouldn’t oppose it.

Not Your Average Joe


Fresh off hitting the press circuit for his stripper flick Magic Mike, Matthew McConaughey was back at it again last night, promoting his new NC-17-rated film Killer Joe at New York’s Tribeca Grand Hotel. “Someone said to me today: ‘McConaissance’ and I said, ‘I like that—it has a good ring to it,’” he said as he made his way down the red carpet before the Cinema Society and Bally-hosted screening, referring to his string of movies rolling out (he’s got Mud and The Paperboy on the way, too). “I held out for certain roles and now, the films are even turning out to be good,” McConaughey, who was looking gaunt for his upcoming role in The Dallas Buyers Club, added.

In the dark comedy-thriller Killer Joe (Academy Award-winning director William Friedkin’s adaption of Tracy Letts’ play Bug), McConaughey plays Texas detective and hired hitman Joe Cooper, alongside Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple, and Gina Gershon. Of the film’s controversial rating, Gershon said, “Well, I have to say I think in general the whole rating system is quite ridiculous and so arbitrary, but in saying that, I think this one maybe deserves it.” We’d say so. For her part, the actress flashes her lady parts in the opening scene of the movie. “I didn’t feel that naked,” she said. “You just get into it and don’t think about what you are wearing (or in this case, not wearing).”

After 103 minutes of graphic shots and blood-spattered scenes, the cast and guests (including John Stamos, Alan Cumming, Mélanie Laurent, Lauren Hutton, and John Varvatos) headed to the after-party at Amy Sacco’s newest spot, No.8, in Chelsea. “Where is the vodka? I could seriously use a drink after that,” said one female partygoer as she made her way to upstairs. “You have come to the right place, then!” said Tony Danza, who, as if on cue, appeared at the top of the stairs. Around midnight, Courtney Love made a whirlwind stop at the party. After holing up in a corner to chat with Graham Nash, she made her exit. “My dress? It’s Marc Jacobs 2007—it’s my last-minute, emergency party dress,” she told of the red number she had on. And who doesn’t need one of those?

Photo: Nicholas Hunt /

The Mick Jagger Of Scented Candles


Frédéric Malle has been crafting coveted perfumes and fragrances for years, but until now, had never done a candle. Why? The answer is simple: “Most candles are designed to cover bad smells, but my clients don’t have bad-smelling houses,” he said. Not these. Malle applied the same discerning nose to his votives that he did to his eaux, and the result is a line of candles unlike most others on the market. “It took me ten years to do a candle, and we are giving access to fragrances that no one else would do,” Malle explained.

At last night’s launch dinner, hosted by Anjelica Huston and Paul Fortune (pictured with Malle, left) in L.A., guests like Gina Gershon, Peggy Moffitt, and Decades’ Cameron Silver all stopped by for a sniff. (“I just thought it would be fabulous to show Freddie that L.A. can be just as interesting and nuanced as Paris, so I assembled a groovy crowd,” said Barneys’ Simon Doonan, the man behind the fête.) Following the event, Malle will go on a nationwide Barneys tour—Scottsdale today, Beverly Hills on Saturday, Chicago on October 6, New York on October 8. “I feel like I’m Mick Jagger,” Malle laughed.

Photo: Donato Sardella/WireImage

Stars Check Out Their Penthouse Shots in Room 23


The stars came out on Tuesday night for a cocktail soirée at the Peninsula in Beverly Hills to toast the publication of Room 23, a photography book shot entirely inside the iconic hotel. “Today has been exactly a year since we started the project,” said creator Diana Jenkins, clad in Louis Vuitton. “I love all of the portraits, but I think Kid Rock’s is my favorite.” The 365-page tome tells the story of a year in the life of a penthouse suite through images shot by photographer Deborah Anderson. “I’m so flattered—almost more than anything I’ve ever done—because she had her choice of anyone,” said the book’s cover model, Cindy Crawford, of Anderson’s dust-jacket pick. “The day I shot, Lindsay Lohan and Kenny G were there,” the Chanel-clad supe recalled. “I mean, what did the hotel doorman think was going on in that room?” Each star featured in the book, from a cocktail-swigging George Clooney to a nude Jessica Stam, was given the chance to art-direct their own shoot. The result? Minnie Driver eating fries and a sundae in the loo; Tamara Mellon in the bathtub with Christian Slater; and Gina Gershon being arrested by two police officers. Guests such as Sir Elton John, Lohan, and Gavin Rossdale joined the crowd of subjects and readers bidding on select portraits. “I am overwhelmed seeing it all, since I literally just finished it three weeks ago,” Anderson said, in drapey fuchsia Lanvin. “The Peninsula just fits the personalities in this book. It’s elegant and graceful, just like Diana.”

Clockwise from top left: Deborah Anderson and Cindy Crawford; Sir Elton John; Lindsay Lohan and Diana Jenkins; Gina Gershon.

Photo: Patrick McMullan