July 28 2014

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Noticed: Jim Carrey


The fashion-and-style scene has its share of celebrity goers-and-comers. But one that we’ve been noticing of late—maybe because, well, we didn’t peg him as the type—is rubbery comedian Jim Carrey. He cut a small but decided swath through fashion week and attended the dinner and after-party for Marchesa’s Spring ’11 collection. (Here he is above, meeting Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, with husband Harvey Weinstein, as Rachel Zoe looks on.) He then got spotted by the fashion crowd at Tuesday’s Shakira concert at Madison Square Garden. (Several editors, including’s beauty editor, were on hand to see the Colombian pop star perform to celebrate the launch of her fragrance—though none were seen to take cell phone video of the performance, as Carrey did.) And last night, Carrey rubbed elbows with the hordes of Brazilian bombshells—Gisele and Fernanda Motta among them—at the after-party for the Brazil Foundation gala at the Boom Boom Room.

What gives? To be honest, we’re not sure. According to IMDB, he’s currently developing a film adaptation of Where’s Waldo?—maybe he’s researching striped clothing. (Two words in that case, Jim: Saint James.) Pet detectives, if you’ve got any more clues, feel free to leave them below.

Photo: Joe Schildhorn/Billy Farrell Agency

Dazed Channels Ponyboy, LOVE Loves Lauren, Apple Goes Gaga, And More…


Dazed & Confused editor Robbie Spencer styled teens gone bad for the mag’s new short film, The Outsiders. Parental warning: This video glorifies smoking, drinking, shirtlessness, face paint, and candy bars. [Dazed Digital]

LOVE‘s six “Gorgeous” issue covers have hit the Web. “The Bombshell” (Gisele), “The Angel” (Alessandra Ambrosio), and “The Rebel” (Aggy Deyn) are all nice, but our hands-down favorite is “The Heroine”—the one and only Lauren Hutton (pictured). [Vogue U.K.]

What does legendary Vogue Italia editor Anna Piaggi do at the office? After clicking through this slideshow, we’re still not totally sure, but we’re glad we did it anyway. [Vogue Italia]

Lady Gaga visited Apple’s Cupertino, California, HQ yesterday, fueling rumors that she’ll may star in new ads for the tech giant. Here’s hoping that if it’s true, she keeps the Patsy Stone/Ab Fab bouffant she was sporting on her visit. [Hint Mag]

Photo: Courtesy of LOVE

Thirty Years Of Gisele Online Videos


If you’re one of the Brazilian supermodel’s cadre of devoted fans, you already know today is her 30th birthday. (If you’re a reader of our sister blog, Beauty Counter, you already know what to get her.) But we’d like to take a moment to spotlight the extraordinary achievements of the catwalker’s long time in the spotlight—not the countless editorials, ad campaigns, covers, tributes, marriage rumors, baby-bump watches, and all the rest, but the good old-fashioned stuff the Internet was created for: the YouTube videos. Click below for a few of our favorites. The girl’s done a lot in a mere three decades—shilled for Mac, gone Fellini-esque for Dolce & Gabbana in one of the great fragrance spots of recent memory; hell, even met Brüno. And that, as we all know, is when you’ve arrived.

Photo: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Louis Vuitton

All Business For Gisele, Prada, Pierre Bergé, And More…


The Forbes Celebrity 100 list is out, and models are well represented. Gisele (pictured; #85), Heidi Klum (#86), and Kate Moss (#91) all made the list—though, we have to admit, in the lower rungs. You’re gonna need to hustle to catch up with Taylor Swift (#12), ladies! [Forbes]

Prada is reportedly again considering an IPO, a move it has mulled and rejected several times over the past few years. The latest bid has the company going public in the first quarter of 2012. [WWD]

A group of three investors—including YSL’s late partner in business and life, Pierre Bergé—will assume control of the struggling French newspaper Le Monde. The trio’s bid was opposed by French president Nicolas Sarkozy, owing to Bergé’s close ties to socialist politics, but narrowly approved by a board vote. [Bloomberg]

And if all that business news is a little heady for a Tuesday morning, relax with a few pretty pictures. The experts at Modelinia weigh in on two new Fall campaigns: Isabel Marant (starring #91 herself, Kate Moss), and Miu Miu (starring Ginta Lapina and Siri Tollerød). [Modelinia]

Photo: Don Ashby and Olivier Chasse

Mulberry For Target, Jil On Jil, The Search For The Next Gisele, And More…


Target’s next conquest: Mulberry. The English label will create bags for the mass retailer, which will debut on October 10. [WWD]

A quick word from Jil Sander (the woman, not the brand): Her signature style is “pure,” please, not “minimal,” which “can be very empty.” Noted! [Hint Mag]

Tyra Banks made waves when she announced she’s re-signed with IMG (though, she cautions, for endorsements more than modeling; “don’t expect to see me at any go-sees”), and now her agency Polaroids have surfaced. Future ANTM contestants, consider these poses your homework. [Fashionologie]

And speaking of models, the Times heads for rural Brazil with model scout Alisson Chornak as he hunts for the next Gisele. Meanwhile, some Brazilians are wondering why the Brazilian look is so often identified with and exported as light-eyed, straight-haired blondes, when more and more darker-skinned actresses and models are finding success at home. Lais Ribeiro (pictured), could this be your moment? [NYT]

Photo: Greg Kessler/