August 20 2014

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Laurie Simmons’ New Collaborator:
Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl returns to the air tonight at 9 p.m., and sources tell it’ll have a new guest star: contemporary artist Laurie Simmons (right, with gallerist Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn). The “Pictures Generation” photographer and portraitist appears on the show to create a commissioned portrait of the van der Woodsens—one that, one presumes, will hang alongside the Richard Phillips they’ve already got. It isn’t the first time the fashion and style world has reached out to Simmons: Thakoon collaborated with the artist on a series of prints for his Spring ’09 show (blooming roses with human legs, in tribute to her Walking and Lying Objects series from the eighties). Nor is it Simmons’ first turn onscreen. She had a starring role—as a contemporary artist who shoots miniature interiors, not unlike her own work—in Tiny Furniture, her daughter Lena Dunham’s award-winning indie film.

Photo: Courtesy of Salon 94

26-Year-Old Maxime Simoëns Takes On Couture


The haute couture shows start on Monday, and in addition to the schedule’s usual suspects—Lagerfeld, Gaultier, Galliano, et al.—newcomer Maxime Simoëns is throwing his (presumably) hand-beaded hat into the ring. At 26, Simoëns is the first designer to join the official Couture calendar without ever having staged a runway show—unless you count his prize-winning 2009 debut at the annual Festival International de Mode et de Photographie in Hyères, France. Kris Van Assche was on the festival’s fashion jury that year, as were Jefferson Hack and Zoe Cassavetes. Obviously the kid keeps good company. Further proof? He’s currently operating out of Christian Lacroix’s old atelier.

On the eve of his Couture debut, talked to Simoëns about abandoning his first love for fashion, landing the Gossip girls, and his plans for re-shaping couture.

Your first interest was film. Why did you abandon it for fashion?

Starting from the age of five or six I was totally taken by James Dean, Charlie Chaplin, and Marilyn Monroe. Then I got to film school and found it too technical and scientific—all physics, math, chemistry. I wanted to express myself more concretely; I was thinking less about science and more about the narration of a heroine. Then came Madonna’s “Drowned” World Tour and I took one look at the costumes and silhouettes—and of course the corsets—by Jean Paul Gaultier, and I knew. I went home and started to draw. It totally threw my parents off because after ten years of talking about film I turned around and told them it was going to be fashion.

What happened once you arrived in Paris?
I attended the Chambre Syndicale, and I figured that since Gaultier was my inspiration my first internship should be there. It’s very complicated to get an internship there, so I knocked on all the doors I could, and then I hand-embroidered a letter on a corset that I made out of python and painted. It took my whole summer vacation—the corset, the packaging, everything. Mr. Gaultier never saw it, but his assistants did. It made the rounds in-house and that’s how I got my internship in the accessories department.

You also interned at Christian Dior and Balenciaga. What were the takeaways there?
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The Candy Man Can, Bosworth’s Baubles, And More…


James Franco does drag on the cover of Candy, “the world’s first transversal style magazine.” Terry Richardson shot the cover (pictured) and the images inside because, really, who else would you expect to do it? It will cost $55 when it arrives at Opening Ceremony. [Opening Ceremony]

In further not-that-surprising news: on Gossip Girl, accessorizing a floor-length ball gown with a full-on, spangled Hannibal Lecter-style face mask. [Gawker]

Kate Bosworth launches a mail-order, online costume jewelry subscription service. OK, that one we confess we weren’t expecting. [Racked]

Gap has dropped its iconic logo for a totally new look—its serif font is now sans-serif, its iconic blue box is now a fraction of the size. Do you like the revamped design? [Styleite]

Photo: Terry Richardson/Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Madonna For Miu Miu, Gossip With Kelly, Garance La Newyorkaise, And More…


Coming soon: XOXO, Kelly? People’s Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone—whose reality show, Kell on Earth, aired on Bravo—has inked a deal with Gossip Girl‘s production company, Fake Empire, for an MTV show about fashion. [Racked]

Apparently, Madonna directed Miu Miu’s Fall ’10 campaign video (below), because she showed up on the shoot to take photogs Mert and Marcus to dinner and decided to direct a video instead. Siri Tollerød (left), who stars, says: “We were supposed to shoot a video, so Madonna said she wanted to direct it. They said she could do it but they weren’t going to pay her and she started laughing. She put on her iPod and taught us moves and we shot the video for two hours.” Moral of the story: Whatever Madonna wants, Madonna gets. [Elle U.K. via Paper]

Just in case you missed it (as, admittedly, we did): Garance Doré has moved to New York. See you at NYFW, Garance (we’ll be the ones impeccably attired). [Garance Doré]

And according to a new study, Wednesday at 4 p.m. is when online shopping peaks—traffic to e-commerce sites can be up to 75 percent higher than during other points in the week. Four hours until shopping time! [Telegraph via Stylelist] Continue Reading “Madonna For Miu Miu, Gossip With Kelly, Garance La Newyorkaise, And More…” »

A Few Good Men—Besides Marc Jacobs—Try Skirts


As the costume designer of Gossip Girl, Eric Daman knows from plaid skirts. So he was an obvious choice to jazz up the proceedings at the eighth annual Dressed to Kilt party and men-in-skirts fashion show, hosted by Hollywood’s go-to Scots, Sir Sean and Lady Connery. “Oh, I did my research. I hunted around and found this great Web site,, that sells them in all sorts of fabrics,” Daman said of his classic red tartan. He was on hand to judge the charity runway show (proceeds went to various veterans’ causes through the Erskine Hospital), but with his stacks of bejeweled bangles and layers of necklaces, he showed up a few of the catwalkers. “Well, yeah, I had to put my own spin on things,” the stylist admitted with a smile. “But I would love to see Gerard Butler in a kilt.”

Daman wasn’t the only one hoping for a glimpse of The Bounty Hunter star, but it turned out Butler, who was expected to hit the catwalk, missed the event because he went a bit closer to the source—the actor was rumored to be currently in Scotland. Never mind, there was plenty of action on the runway sans Mr. 300. Kyle MacLachlan (pictured) accessorized with combat boots. Joan Jett managed to make her Scottish ensemble very Gareth Pugh by accessorizing her look with a maxi patent black leather coat and a Mohawk feathered headdress by the young milliner William Chambers. Al Roker, who told us he “wasn’t all that nervous” despite it being his first ever fashion show, ended up doing a jig down the runway. And Donald Trump, Jr., pulled off a mustard yellow and black kilt with admirable style while Trump, Sr. (who gamely stated earlier, “Sure, I would wear a kilt”) and Melania cheered him on. But it was Marcus Schenkenberg who nailed the motto of the evening. A Dressed to Kilt veteran, the male model had this bit of advice: “You just let it all hang loose.”

Photo: Lloyd Bishop