August 20 2014

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3 posts tagged "Guggenheim Museum"

Land of the Setting Sun


Sunset looks from Fendi, Prada, and Calvin Klein

Milanese runways are feeling the heat, as troves of Italy’s presenters this menswear season have rendered sunset-inspired motifs on their wares, from ombré fadeaways to photo-realistic Atlantic twilights.

Calvin Klein‘s Italo Zucchelli showed a brilliant jumper aflame in solar fuchsia—a depiction of the view from his Fire Island summer home (above, right). Zucchelli also looked to James Turrell’s light sculptures—a timely nod, considering the artist’s much-hyped summer installation at New York’s Guggenheim Museum. Moschino, too, lensed a vivid, filmic gloaming on a range of bathing suits.

Dame Vivienne Westwood sent her boys to a sort of pan-global beach town, lending a sun-kissed casualness to her agitprop beat. One periwinkle-turned-rose-petal top caught our eye in particular. But it was Fendi‘s blur on a simple silken T-shirt that won the ombré challenge, hazily recalling a scorching desert (above, left).

And then there’s Prada (above, center). Miuccia gamely explored the underbelly of paradises then and now—spurring thoughts of wartime Vietnam (helicopters on the soundtrack) and seedy Honolulu racketeers. A series of bombers—heat-pressed with dusk-time littoral snapshots—perfectly encapsulated Prada’s ominous tropical sundown.

Photos: Yannis Vlamos/InDigital/GoRunway

Proenza Schouler Sets Up At The Guggenheim


To mark the closing of the Guggenheim Museum’s Maurizio Cattelan: All exhibition (and Cattelan’s retirement from art making), Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez are showing their Harmony Korine films, Snowballs and Act da Fool, at the museum’s Peter B. Lewis Theater tomorrow. ( shared the exclusive still shots from their latest collaboration in September before the short screened in Paris.)

“We love how Harmony twists things and makes them his own,” the designers told at the Paris screening’s after-party. “We let him take our ideas and sift them in his own little ‘Harmony’ way. It’s a crapshoot—but it’s always a nice surprise.”

Tomorrow, their films will be shown as part of a seven-hour multidisciplinary program, called The Last Word, along with works by over 30 other artists, filmmakers, musicians, and dancers. Admission to the weekend event, kicking off at 6p.m., is pay what you wish.

Photo:Courtesy Photo

The Surreal Life Of Diane De Maria


Though his name may not resonate with the masses the way, say, Salvador Dalí’s does, Pierre de Maria was a Surrealist of no little significance—his work hangs in the Guggenheim and at MoMA, for example. For years, however, many of his pieces were languishing in the family archives. Diane de Maria, the artist’s granddaughter, decided to do something about that—last night, she opened a show of Pierre de Maria originals in West Chelsea, and as a further homage to her grand-père, the Parisienne has extracted and abstracted his man vs. machine-themed designs for use on her new range of ultra-luxe bags. “First of all, it’s an homage,” de Maria explained. “I want to show my grandfather’s work to the world, but as well as showing the paintings, I thought it would be interesting to take the work out of the atmosphere of the gallery and put it in another context.” De Maria also noted that a handbag, unlike a T-shirt, say, is somewhat like a painting in that it can be passed down—it’s a vessel between the past and the future. At the post-opening dinner at Il Bottino, however, the attendees were squarely focused on the present. Co-hosted by ex-Rivington Arms gallerist Melissa Bent and artists Rita Ackermann and Amy Greenspon, the indoor/outdoor fête saw a good portion of New York’s art and fashion bright young things enjoying weather that was its own kind of masterpiece. (Not to mention, also, the limitless wine.) “It’s perfect,” said Kai Kühne, who had just returned from Vienna. “Perfect,” said Jessica Joffe, just back from L.A. Perfect, indeed.

Photo: Courtesy of Diane de Maria