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A Few Words With Fashion’s Saint Patrick, Dior Gets Law-Abiding, And More…


Paparazzi: Take a lesson from Patrick McMullan (pictured, right), godfather of party photogs: stop taking pictures of Lindsay Lohan passed out in the backseat of a car. [NYT]

Suave overload: Guy Ritchie is shooting Jude Law for a Dior Homme fragrance ad. We’re a little concerned so much roguishness in one place may throw the earth off its orbit, but it’s a risk worth taking. [WWD]

And speaking of models, rumor has it that Lara Stone is to be the new face of both Calvin Klein Collection and Calvin Klein jeans—a tribute, perhaps, to her high-fashion chops and her sexy (and much-remarked-upon) curves. CK is keeping mum, but if we were Eva Mendes, we’d be hitting the audition circuit a little harder right now. [WWD]

And since it’s been almost a full week without an Alice in Wonderland update, here’s your fix: Mad jeweler Tom Binns talks tea parties and smashing baubles in this new video interview. [Youtube]

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Meet James Bond, Assist Versace for Charity


Last time we saw Daniel Craig, he was telling the paps inside the Boom Boom Room “no photos,” but fortunately, he’s less camera-shy when it comes to charity. As part of the U.K. Evening Standard‘s online Christmas auction to benefit Kids Company, you can bid to have your photo taken with James Bond by artist and filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood. Other lots (there are 150 in all) show that former Tatler editor in chief and current Standard bearer Geordie Greig hasn’t lost his famous knack for networking. You can take an art lesson from Tracey Emin, down a pint with Guy Ritchie, sip tea with the Duchess of York and Elton John (separately, not together), have Gordon Ramsay cook dinner for 12, or see lambs being born at Sting and Trudie Styler’s country house (tantric sex presumably not involved). But the top item for fashion types is surely no. 25, a six-week work experience package that includes time with designers Roland Mouret and Antonio Berardi, photographer Tim Walker, the Net-a-Porter team in London, and the Versace press office in Milan. The U.S.-based may have to spring for airfare to Europe, but that seems like a small price to pay for the chance to open Donatella’s mail and help underprivileged children along the way.

You can view the auction here, and you have until noon (British time) on Monday, December 14, to place your bids.

Photo: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic/Getty Images

team madonna? no way. team ritchie!


Introducing an occasional series offering a male viewpoint on all things occupying the fashionable mind. First up: the whole Guy/Madge mess.

Poor Guy. No, I really mean it: poor guy. Whoever emerges from the Ritchie-Madonna divorce with the most money/child visitation time/dignity, it’s the soon to be ex-Mr. Madge who’s taking a beating right now. To begin with, there were those gleeful press descriptions of the singer dissing him in concert as “emotionally retarded.” Duh, Madonna, he’s a man—of course he’s emotionally retarded. Now she’s reportedly branding him a “gold digger.” Camp Ritchie’s attempts at retaliation, meanwhile, have backfired. First his dad said Madonna was “beastly,” which had to embarrass someone like Guy, who’s staked his career on hiding his posh roots. “Beastly” is not a word that one of the characters in his films would use to insult a rival. When Hatchet Harry beats an underling to death with a black rubber marital aid in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, I don’t remember anyone telling him to “stop that beastly behavior.” Then there was the quote in Britain’s News of the World from a “friend” of Ritchie, saying that the director had likened sex with his wife (a shockingly rare occurrence, apparently) to “cuddling up to a piece of gristle.” Which just makes all concerned look unchivalrous. And besides, who could possibly ever think something like that about Madonna?

There was even a takedown by Andrew Morton, Princess Diana’s biographer, in The Daily Beast, claiming that Madonna ditched Guy because he had become the one thing she couldn’t abide: a failure, a career washout. Now here’s where my bullshit detector goes off, and not just because it’s hard to believe a single word that comes from the author of something titled Diana: Her True Story. Let’s examine the evidence. When Guy met Madge, he was living large on the success of Lock, Stock, his immensely enjoyable low-budget gangster flick. His follow-up, Snatch, though dangerously close in subject matter, was sort of fun, too. It was only with the third film he directed, Swept Away, that he came a cropper—oh, yeah, that would be the one starring that universally lauded actress called Madonna. Ritchie almost threw away his career for love or loyalty or some misguided notion that he and the missus were the contemporary Taylor-Burton.

Now let’s look at Madonna’s achievements. She’s in the middle of a zillion dollar-earning mega-tour. So what? If the current economic meltdown has taught us anything, it’s that uncritical worship of the money culture is a mistake. She may be a great businesswoman, but is she a great singer or more than a cleverly opportunistic songwriter? At some level, Madonna is symptomatic of what’s happened to pop over the last 25 years: the advance of ambition and positioning and brand management (the reinvention thing) over raw talent.

Who’ll come out on top? Ritchie is currently filming Sherlock Holmes, starring not only Jude Law but Robert Downey, Jr., a.k.a. the hottest actor in the world coming off Ironman and Tropic Thunder. In London, he’s been reconnecting with old friends, who describe a man who’s shaking off years of Moonielike devotion to his superstar wife and the kabbalah stuff and the draconian dietary needs, and re-emerging as the Guy they once knew. So don’t mock or pity Ritchie. As they say in the U.K., he’s better off out of it.

But maybe this is just one guy’s opinion. Are you on Team Guy or Team Madonna?

Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage

A $150K Fashion Allowance? That’s What You Call Elite


The Republican National Committee’s “strategic” spending of “financial resources available to the campaign” is fancy talk for saying they coughed up $150,000 for clothes and makeup for Sarah Palin’s vice presidential look. Just how Joe Six-Pack would spend it.

A slew of sources we trust (Page Six, Us Weekly, a cash-up-front fortune teller) claim that Guy Ritchie has already made his post-Madge love choice in actress Kelly Reilly. Conveniently, they’re working on a film together, so someone would have declared their love for each other eventually.

If you’ve been nail-biting over the possibility of Britney Spears serving time for a driving infraction, rest easy, the case has been dismissed, and the American justice system has proven its virtuousness once again.

Photo: Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

yes, they’re splitting up. next topic: who’ll get the money?


The reports are in, and after months of speculation we can all agree that Madonna and Guy are definitely, totally, for real this time, undeniably over. Experts also agree that, fancifully, there was no pre-nup, but—no worries—Guy doesn’t want a dime. Then again, maybe he does. Start speculating.

Sex on the Beach is probably not widely served in Dubai, but you will serve time there for engaging in it.

Photo: Fred Duval/FilmMagic