August 30 2014

styledotcom Tennis is a sport of style. Here are our favorite fashion moments from the court:

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How Do You Say “Schoolgirl” in Japanese?


Tokyo fashion week wrapped over the weekend. Flipping back through the shows, it’s refreshing to see a city that fosters such a distinct style identity (as in, that could only come from Japan) both on the runways and in the streets. Many of the new collections nodded to the schoolgirl trend that’s been popular on Japanese sidewalks for some time now, but instead of keeping it cutesy, designers gave the kawaii look more of a tomboy twist this season. At Anrealage, Kunihiko Morinaga memorably sent out uniform blazers, plaid kilts, and knee-high socks that transformed from pale to vivid pastel under the set’s intense light. We also noticed riffs on the classic varsity jacket at The Dress & Co. and Han Ahn Soon.

CLICK FOR A SLIDESHOW of our favorite schoolgirl spin-offs from Tokyo fashion week.