April 21 2014

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A New Eyewear Line Feels The Freeway


There aren’t too many people lining up to celebrate the L.A. Freeway. But for his new optical line, Alex Israel wanted something emblematically Californian. Short of the Hollywood sign, there’s not much more iconic than that. “One of my main focuses and interests as an artist is the tradition and history of Southern California, and in the creation of a specific kind of a regional aesthetic that’s very much related to the landscape,” the USC Fine Arts graduate explains. And when the time came to pick a girl to model for the six hand-carved styles for the Anthony Friedkin-lensed lookbook, Israel went with someone he considered a true Angelena (a current residence in NYC notwithstanding): Harley Viera-Newton. “You can always take the girl out of L.A., but you can’t take the L.A. out of the girl,” he said of the DJ-turned-model. “Harley has this kind of amazing sophistication and carefree spirit that kind of embodies the ethos of Southern California.” (He might’ve discovered it years earlier. As they discovered, Israel and Viera-Newton had gone to the same L.A. high school.) That’s a low-effort cool that should translate well within SoCal and without. The frames—available in black, gray, and white, in both matte and glossy finishes—are understated, chic, and (perhaps most surprisingly) $100.

Freeway Eyewear is available at its Web site, The Smile, and Gagosian Shop in NYC, and Maxfield in L.A.

From The Sales Floor To A Spot On The Racks


Attention, budding labels-to-be: For firsthand research, hit the sales floor. “We were all salespeople at Ron Herman,” designer Molly Coonan explained about meeting her muse, Alice Barlow, and Mike & Chris designer P.J. Faulstick (pictured). “I was the worst one, though. P.J. was amazing! He would outsell everybody, so he would ring some of his sales under my number because he didn’t want me to get fired.” The Silver Lake-based designer has come a long way since, but maybe the grunt work was worth the lasting friendships. Coonan tapped Barlow as the muse for her new line, Barlow, and threw a seven-course dinner and party with last night to celebrate its official launch. Faulstick was also on hand at Los Feliz on the Lower East Side—the friends now find both their labels enviably backed by Cynthia Vincent’s company—and so, too, was Barlow’s budding fan base, which included Blake Lively, Metric’s Emily Haines, and Grey’s Anatomy‘s Melissa George.

Over ceviche and tuna burritos, George chatted happily about decamping to more fashionable terroir. “I’m so happy that I’m in New York now. When I arrived in L.A. eight years ago, I would wear high-waisted denim jeans with a smart striped top and nobody would get it,” the actress said. As after-partiers filled the basement space, fellow L.A.-to-NYC transplant Harley Viera-Newton (and her DJ partner, Cassie Coane) hopped on the decks. Turns out Harley also had a go at the salesgirl life early on but opted to pass. “Ugh, retail is the worst,” she said. “I met Molly way back when we were both working at Curve. But it’s funny. I deejayed Curve’s party last week and now Molly’s. It’s like I’ve come full circle.”

Photo: Billy Farrell/

Harley And Cassie Make Room For One More


It’s generally accepted that there are more than enough parties to go around during fashion week, but don’t tell that to Harley Viera-Newton and Cassie Coane—the DJ partners, who both (no joke) turn 22 next Wednesday, were more than happy to throw their birthday bash into the mix last night.

The two NYU seniors certainly marched to their own beat when planning this one, a late-night affair at Chelsea’s less-than-trendy Marquee complete with leopard-print balloons, masks, and animal hats. “We wanted it to be really crazy and in a club, and we thought it would be funny to essentially bring Marquee back for a night,” Viera-Newton explained between bouts of mad dancing.

Kirsten Dunst, Jared Leto, and the Olsen twins came by to pay their respects and presumably partake of the bubbly that kept getting delivered among a spray of pyrotechnics. Viera-Newton kept it coming: “Anyone who wants Champagne can have it!”

“I graduate in May,” she shrugged. “I have to take advantage and be a college kid as much as I can.” Did we go to the wrong school?

Photo: Clint Spaulding/

Generra’s New Girl


With a name like Harley Viera-Newton, it was only a matter of time before someone set the DJ and girl-about-town on a hog. The moment has arrived. For their first collection as creative directors of Generra (though Swaim consulted on the menswear last season), Swaim and Christina Hutson commissioned photographer and filmmaker KT Auleta to shoot Viera-Newton raring around town on a motorcycle to the sounds of indie band Sleigh Bells. Between Auleta, Viera-Newton, Sleigh Bells, and the Hutsons themselves, it’s enough cool-kid cred to make your head explode—which may explain the video’s colorburst effects. (Well, that, or Generra’s status as the ancestral home of Hypercolor, the eighties color-change fabric.) Does it contain any clues to the label’s upcoming NYFW presentation? Not exactly. “It’s 40 models riding Harleys down the runway!” Christina joked when we checked in with her and her husband at their NYC studio. Next year, maybe. This season, “we’re trying to make it more of a party than a runway,” Swaim said. “And Harley really fits that. It’s not going to be such a serious thing.” The party begins below.

A Familiar Face Is Coming To LnA


California-based LnA’s ultra-soft tees and basics are a favorite of editors and celebrities alike, so the label’s Fall 2010 presentation on February 11—where the brand will debut an expanded collection, including jackets, tops, and dresses (pictured)—should draw a crowd. So should its after-party. A source tells that the fête, which will feature musical performances from what we’re promised are some very big names and DJ sets from after-hours MVPs Harley and Cassie, will also boast a turn at the tables from the L.A. band Dead Man’s Bones. That last one made us stop in our tracks. Why? If the name’s not familiar, the members are—just visit its Web site if you don’t believe us. See you there.