August 27 2014

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Generra’s New Girl


With a name like Harley Viera-Newton, it was only a matter of time before someone set the DJ and girl-about-town on a hog. The moment has arrived. For their first collection as creative directors of Generra (though Swaim consulted on the menswear last season), Swaim and Christina Hutson commissioned photographer and filmmaker KT Auleta to shoot Viera-Newton raring around town on a motorcycle to the sounds of indie band Sleigh Bells. Between Auleta, Viera-Newton, Sleigh Bells, and the Hutsons themselves, it’s enough cool-kid cred to make your head explode—which may explain the video’s colorburst effects. (Well, that, or Generra’s status as the ancestral home of Hypercolor, the eighties color-change fabric.) Does it contain any clues to the label’s upcoming NYFW presentation? Not exactly. “It’s 40 models riding Harleys down the runway!” Christina joked when we checked in with her and her husband at their NYC studio. Next year, maybe. This season, “we’re trying to make it more of a party than a runway,” Swaim said. “And Harley really fits that. It’s not going to be such a serious thing.” The party begins below.

A Familiar Face Is Coming To LnA


California-based LnA’s ultra-soft tees and basics are a favorite of editors and celebrities alike, so the label’s Fall 2010 presentation on February 11—where the brand will debut an expanded collection, including jackets, tops, and dresses (pictured)—should draw a crowd. So should its after-party. A source tells that the fête, which will feature musical performances from what we’re promised are some very big names and DJ sets from after-hours MVPs Harley and Cassie, will also boast a turn at the tables from the L.A. band Dead Man’s Bones. That last one made us stop in our tracks. Why? If the name’s not familiar, the members are—just visit its Web site if you don’t believe us. See you there.

Your Weekend Plan: Helping Haiti


In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the digital generation has risen to do its part: The Red Cross’ donation-by-text-message program has so far raised $10 million for disaster relief, much of it thanks to the tireless efforts of the Twitterverse to raise awareness. (That oughta shut up the anti-tweet camp for a minute or two.) We’re all for a little digital philanthropy, but if you’re in New York and want to do a little good in the flesh, here’s a fashion-friendly event you’ll want to check out.

This Sunday, January 17, GrandLife joins forces with’s Eleanor Banco, Teen Vogue‘s Mary Kate Steinmiller, downtown DJs Harley & Cassie, the MisShapes, and Sophomore’s Chrissie Miller (and even a few others, but we ran out of breath!) for a Port-au-Prince relief party at the Soho Grand. A $20 admission—100 percent of it donated to the Red Cross—gets you open bar from 6 to 8 p.m. and dancing till 10.

We’ll keep you posted on this and other relief events, and of course we’ll tweet the info, too. As should go without saying at this point: Retweet away.

Blasblog: From Notting Hill to China


I’ll admit it: I did feel just a little bad about being so unpatriotic last week. You see, while my fellow Americans gorged on turkey, I hopped over to England, that island from which we separated so long ago, on the very holiday that celebrates the colonists’ famous feast on these fine shores. But nothing like a party to lift the spirits, right? And when Jade Jagger led me to the back garden of her new shop on All Saints Road and put a drink in my hand, all my visions of cranberry sauce melted away. Partygoers were treated to a tour of the store, a nip out back, and then a taste of some more local color. “Let’s go to the Pelican Pub,” Jagger said, referring to the alehouse next door. “It’s typically filled with a few misfits, but now that we’ve taken it over, the whole place will be misfits.” She wasn’t kidding. It was an attractive group of girls dressed in their hobo best and men in the tightest pants I had ever seen. I only barely escaped to go to—get this!—Chinawhite. The famous London club has been up and down over the years, and when I was a student living abroad, it was the sort of place that only chavs, tourists, and rich guys trying to impress girls would go to. Believe me when I say it took a lot of convincing from the evening’s DJs, Harley Viera-Newton and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, to get me to return. But apparently, Chinawhite has moved locations, been renovated, and is back on the upswing. Take it from native Brit Rosie, who could supplement her catwalk pay with a gig for London’s tourist board: “You can trust me. I only go to the classiest places.”

Photo: Derek Blasberg

Blasblog: Balenciaga Rechristens Le Baron


It’s an interesting question to ponder: What happens to Paris’ fashion week hot spots when, er, it’s not fashion week? Well, as someone explained to me last night, they lose a little panache. According to one Frenchie, last week Le Baron, one of the most frequented stops on the fashion week circuit, was making popcorn for teen mixers. Well, last night, the coolest kids in Paris were packed into the place, including Tatiana Santo Domingo, Richard Nicoll, Leigh Lezark, Cassie Coane, and Harley Viera-Newton. One person was notably absent, at least for the first part of the evening. “Where’s Nicolas?” asked Hidetoshi Nakata, in reference to Nicolas Ghesquière, who was supposed to be hosting the Balenciaga after-party at the temporary hot spot. As coincidence would have it, he showed up just as Lindsay Lohan was leaving. But don’t worry: Something tells me that she (and I) will back here soon.