July 29 2014

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BCBG Max Azria Celebrates Twenty-Five


BCBGThere are scores of major fashion anniversaries on the calendar in 2014. Among them are: Lanvin’s 125th year, four decades of Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress, and the thirtieth birthday of Donna Karan’s namesake collection. Last but not least is BCBG Max Azria, which will be celebrating twenty-five years in business with its Fall ’14 show tomorrow morning. After Max Azria launched his contemporary label in 1989, BCBG (the acronym stands for “bon chic, bon genre,” a French phrase meaning “good style, good attitude”) quickly became known for its playful, feminine wares with a bohemian edge. Today, the brand boasts more than 570 boutiques worldwide. And in addition to having longtime celebrity fans, including Angelina Jolie, Alicia Keys, and Melissa George, it’s had a number of top-tier models stalk its runways over the years—Helena Christensen, Natalia Vodianova, Erin Wasson, Lara Stone, Daria Werbowy, Freja Beha Erichsen, and Jessica Stam, for starters.

“I can’t believe it’s been twenty-five years,” BCBG’s chief creative officer, Lubov Azria (Max’s wife), told “Each morning, I still wake up and ask myself, How do I make it better? We are in the business of inspiring people to do what inspires them,” she added. To commemorate BCBG’s anniversary, Lubov spoke to about some of the brand’s most memorable moments from the past quarter century. Click for a slideshow of her top picks.

Helena Christensen’s Visions of Peru


Helena Christensen

The thing about being Helena Christensen is that everybody expects to see you in front of the camera. Turns out, the supermodel has some skills behind one, too. Christensen has been a photographer since her teens, and part of why she decided to enter professional modeling was to advance her photography skills. “Being on both sides of the camera is hugely beneficial,” Christensen told “You learn so much about psychology, emotions, capturing the moment, the technical side of things—and as a model when you step behind the camera, you know what it’s like to be in front of it.”

With that in mind, it made sense that, when The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts named her a Global Explorer, her first creative endeavor would be a photo expedition to some faraway destination. Last night, Christensen’s Visual Journey, Peru was revealed at an intimate party at the Bleecker Street Arts Club, drawing in the likes of Michael Stipe, Liv Tyler, and Rob Thomas.

The images, currently up for auction through Gavel&Grand, depict an excursion a little less glamorous than one might associate with a supermodel (there are lots of llamas), but the trip was a return to Christensen’s roots—more specifically, her Peruvian mother’s roots. That’s why she brought her mom along for the trip. “It was her first time back to Peru in seventeen years,” Christensen offered. “It was great to observe the intense, emotional experience she had after being gone for so long.”

Photo: Dean Neville/

Bono, Ive, and Newson Paint the Town (Red)


Bono“Welcome to the fine art of separating people from their money,” joked Bono at the Saturday-night opening of Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s auction for Project (RED)—the seven-year-old charity dedicated to fighting HIV and AIDS in Africa. “The amount of money we raise tonight is important—it pays for lifesaving pills—but tonight is also about [generating] heat and excitement,” the rock-star-cum-philanthropist told “We really could see the beginning of the end of AIDS in the next couple years, but only if we keep concentration.”

Held at Sotheby’s, the [Project] (RED) auction drew the likes of Harrison Ford, Helena Christensen, Jenna and Barbara Bush, Misha Nonoo, and a few regulars such as Larry Gagosian and Peter Brant. Indeed, the bidders brought the heat, raising over $26 million—in a matter of hours—for the fund. Predictions had forecast closer to $2 million.

“People don’t know who they are!” exclaimed Bono of Ive—the man behind the iPod, iPhone and Mac Pro Air—and famed industrial designer Newson. “These are people who changed the world, and these are two of the most important artists and designers in the world—they really like to do difficult things. This is their drug of choice.”

An Ive-and-Newson-customized Steinway went for $1.92 million—but not before Chris Martin took the stage to pound out “Beautiful Day,” with Bono on vocals (“Just to see if it works,” quipped Martin). Christy Turlington modeled a pink ruffled Azzedine Alaïa—”Just so we’re clear, we’re bidding on the dress,” joked the auctioneer. And a few items—a razor-thin, polished-steel desk ($1.7 million), a pair of solid rose-gold Apple EarPods ($380,000)—were designed specifically by Ive and Newson for the event.

A raucous party, with performances by Nile Rodgers (“Le Freak,” anyone?), Angélique Kidjo, and Bono and the Edge followed the auction. “By the time I wanted to bid, the prices were already too high!” shared André Saraiva from his post near the very well-stocked bar. Tough luck for Mr. André, but at least he was priced out for a very good cause.

Photo: Getty Images

Helena Christensen Designs With Women In Mind


Helena Christensen's Lingerie

Being a bona fide supermodel, Helena Christensen knows a thing or two about looking good in lingerie. Perhaps that’s why, in 2012, classic European negligee brand Triumph tapped the icon to design a collection just for the company. Today, Christensen and Triumph debut their fourth outing together and, thanks to the latter’s concurrent launch of U.S. e-commerce, the collaboration will now, for the first time, be available Stateside.

“Every time I start thinking about a collection, I just roam around inside my head to see what inspirations or ideas I’ve kept in there,” explained Christensen of her creative process. For Spring ’14, however, she had a more tangible muse—an antique photography book, Perfect Womanhood, that she found at a local New York flea market. “It was one of those finds where you go, Really? No one else saw this?” said Christensen, flipping through the 1938 monograph to point out a series of untouched, naturalistic nudes of “women with just the most beautiful bodies. To me, these women are just so elegant, timeless, sensual, and beautiful,” she added. “You don’t think, This is a naked woman. You just think, This is a beautiful woman.” Continue Reading “Helena Christensen Designs With Women In Mind” »

House of Versace Is Coming to a TV Screen Near You


Gina Gershon

Among designers, Donatella Versace’s story is one of the more dramatic ones. Here is a woman who has dealt with family tragedy, betrayal, addiction, and disapproving male authorities, and seems to have come out fabulously on top. You might say her tale has the makings of a Lifetime movie.

Which is exactly what it is now. Last night, the likes of Helena Christensen and Michael Stipe headed to the Museum of Modern Art, where the network screened its new biopic, House of Versace, with the Cinema Society. Like the book on which it’s based—Deborah Ball’s attention-getting 2010 exposé —the telefilm is unauthorized by its subject. The house of Versace didn’t participate in the Lifetime movie and dismissed it in a recent statement as “a work of fiction.”

That said, star Gina Gershon has the designer’s self-presentation down pat: the mannerisms, the sense of humor, the distinctively indistinct approach to English. Gershon smoked “one or two packs a day” to prepare for the role, she explained before last night’s screening, and walked around in higher heels than usual to perfect the gait. To keep her face resembling Versace’s as the years passed, Gershon added, “I tried a little bit of cotton, a little bit of gum. It kept falling out. I ended up using Scotch tape.” Hey, it’s a TV movie.

Director Sara Sugarman attended the same arts school as a child as Naomi Campbell, and considered reaching out. “I wanted to, but they thought it was a bad idea,” she explained. “I think they thought our budget was stretched enough without getting Naomi Campbell to be in one scene.”

House of Versace airs on Lifetime on Saturday, October 5, at 8 p.m.

Photo:Matteo Prandoni/