April 16 2014

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Chalayan and J Brand, Still Happy Together


When we interviewed Hussein Chalayan over the summer about his three-piece capsule collaboration with J Brand jeans, he was insistent that he’s not solely a conceptual designer. “That’s only the end of the show,” he explained of his past iconic and theatrical fashion moments. “The rest of it is wearable.” It seems that Chalayan enjoyed working within the streetwear construct. The designer is continuing with the denim partnership for Spring 2010, and even secretly included two of the new pieces (pictured above) at Sunday’s show. The new collab is far more expansive than the tiny debut. By popular demand, Fall’s legging style will carry over, but in new lighter fabrics and colors, both bright and neutral. There’s also a boyfriend shirt, loose chinos, a capri pant with an ankle zip, a high-rise city short, and a buttoned, knee-length denim skirt—all of which echo pieces in his main line for Spring. But unlike those, the second incarnation of Hussein Chalayan for J Brand hits stores in December.

Photos: Marcio Madeira

Video: When Jeans Met Genius


As we shot our video last week with Hussein Chalayan and J Brand’s Susie Crippen, it was clear that the designing duo had forged a solid (and jokey-familiar) fashion friendship. That is, of course, along with a trio of jeans that marry the near-fetishistic simplicity of J Brand with Chalayan’s penchant for conceptual and clever cuts. “When things in life that are perceived as avant-garde become much more accessible, I think you’re in a real kind of exciting situation,” said Chalayan, sitting on the eighth floor of Barneys as intrigued customers browsed the merch and even asked Crippen about sizes. (She tried gamely to help, but eventually flagged down a salesperson.) Of course, we still love to watch over and over again highlights from some of Chalayan’s past dramatic show moments. After all, what fashion obsessive can resist those electrifying moments of runway theater? Though the designer is quick to point out, “That’s only the end of the show. There are tons of clothes that come before that.” Click here to see Chalayan and Crippen in action.

Photo: Billy Farrell / Patrick McMullan

Des Kohan’s Wedding Dress Requirements


When fashion folk get married, they don’t exactly head to Kleinfeld’s. Often as not, they’ll ring up a designer to have something semi-original whipped up, with shoes, hair, and makeup all following in the same vein. It’s exactly this insider perk that Des Kohan boutique owner Desiree Kohan is providing for her clientele. “We have the designers themselves come in for fittings,” explains Kohan from her Los Angeles store. “We do what we’d do for a friend.” Those designers include CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist Juan Carlos Obando, Vicente Vallarin, and Kohan herself. Matching shoes are ordered up from Azzedine Alaïa or Hussein Chalayan and jewelry appears from Gabriela Artigas. She’ll even sort out marital minutiae like hairpieces, tights, and lingerie. The designer-retailer recently cemented the service in place with the addition of a private tea salon for fittings and meetings. One caveat: Not everyone gets to achieve insta-VIP girlfriend status. “We do an interview and if we click, we move forward,” she explains. Frothy would-be bridezilla (be honest, girls, you know who you are) need not apply.

Photo: Marcio Madeira

Yea, Nay, or Eh: Amber Rose In Alexander Wang


Truer words were scarcely spoken when Kanye West proclaimed at last night’s Roberto Cavalli party: “It’s not fashion week without me.” Of late he’s been joined by a partner-in-ubiquity: his newish lady love, Amber Rose. The cropped-super-short platinum blonde is a puzzle to some—partly because she doesn’t quite share the unerring panache that has made the Louis Vuitton don an industry obsession. While statement-making, her ensembles—e.g., the strange pairing of Current/Elliott denim track shorts with a sports bra and wire-rimmed glasses she was snapped in recently—don’t quite spark sartorial shivers. But her front-row look at Hussein Chalayan yesterday is another story. The sheer, body-con Alexander Wang spring dress hits just the right notes of ultra-sexy-but-stylish, while those fabulously fantastical Louis Vuitton sandals (and the oversize clutch) spike the high-fashion quotient to more than satisfactory levels. We’re not totally shivering yet, but there’s definitely a chill in the air. We’ll call this a smart move in the right direction for the current First Lady of the Celeb Section. What do you think, Style Filers? Hot or cold?

Photo: Greg Kessler

The Smart Set: Hussein Fêtes His 15-Year Retrospective


Who knew so-called intellectual fashion could be such a crowd-puller? Anyone who thought they were in for a meditative waft around Hussein Chalayan’s exhibition From Fashion and Back at London’s Design Museum was in for a rude awakening at the opening last night. By 7:45, there was a line snaking around the block and a good old-fashioned nineties-style fashion show shouting match was brewing up at the door, while inside, the bar was so besieged that the staff stopped serving at one point. After that, there was another 15-minute line, up a stairway no less, to gain entry to the show itself. “This had better be good,” muttered one disgruntled arrival. Not to worry: The 15-year retrospective provides a surprisingly intimate close-up of Chalayan’s work. Shown on mannequins variously drinking coffee, painting walls, and even polishing the inside of the glass case they’re standing in, the clothes appear charmingly human even while the designs are revealed to be technically accomplished to a degree that can’t ever be appreciated from a runway. Continue Reading “The Smart Set: Hussein Fêtes His 15-Year Retrospective” »