August 20 2014

styledotcom Diane Kruger's '90s hair accessory made us do a double take:

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Coachella Chronicles: IO Echo’s Ioanna Gika and Designer Henry Holland


Coachella kicked off in full force last weekend, and reporter Alison Baenen has been talking to all the festival’s best-dressed concertgoers about their desert duds, favorite bands, and more. Below, Henry Holland and IO Echo’s Ioanna Gika (who performed at Coachella and stars in Holland’s sunglasses campaign) share their festival secrets.

What she’s wearing: House of Holland shorts and sunglasses, a Nasty Gal top, and a kimono from her kimono collection.

Number of times at Coachella: “I’ve been several times but this was my first time playing it.”

Must-see act: Wu-Tang.

Take it from a musician: “Do prioritize music. That may sound obvious, but get there early, because if you cruise in late, you will miss some great bands. As far as don’ts…never say never. Try things and you may learn something about yourself.”

The craziest thing she’s ever seen at a concert: “The wind on Sunday at Coachella was nuts. Sand whipping through the palm trees, low visibility, the lighting rigs swaying from side to side. It was crazy, and it was also amazing!”

What he’s wearing: Warriors of Radness shirt and matching shorts, and House of Holland sunglasses.

Number of times at Coachella: Four.

Who he came to see: “I was excited to see Blur and The Stone Roses—so English of me!”

Words of wisdom:Do find a good spot near the bar and don’t stray too far! Don’t try to look ‘festival-y’ with your outfits. The result is often embarrassing.”

Outfit inspiration: “I took six different matching shorts and shirts for this year, as I couldn’t be bothered thinking about outfits. And that’s my current obsession—looking like I’m wearing a romper suit.”

The craziest thing he’s ever seen at a concert: “M.I.A. at Coachella a few years ago. She invited people onto the stage to dance with her but then couldn’t get them off! It was chaos!”